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Had an Audi Fox just recently purchased in the States before I left for Germany. Drove it around Europe for about 3 years, and brought it home with me - it had crossed the Atlantic 3 times at that point. Also bought a 250cc Harley Enduro bike at the exchange in Mannheim. Enjoyed taking it on back trails in the various forest-parks around Bamberg and on hill-climbs to visit small castles nearby. Even though it was a relatively small motorcycle, it sure drew the attention from all the local moped owners!

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Well we had a Ford Escort station wagon we picke up outside of Knox in 82. The damned thing would never start on those foggy Bindlach mornings but after the sun came up it ran like a charm. We had to plan our shopping trips for sunny afternoons. Got rid of the damned thing in Huntsville Alabama in 92. Pretty good car though. Good luck to you...Mike Sawick...
Sunny afternoons? You must not have gone shopping much...unless the weather got a whole lot better after I rotated
Global Warming maybe.
Just kiddin' but I really don't remember too many sunny anytimes in The Fatherland.
I had a sweet m113 Echo32 ran like a charm and was even better once we got a working heater for it only had to replace fan tower (reforger 86) gearcase (graf 86) right rear sprocket wheel wildflicken with mike troop .Loved ole girl aka irresitable bitch
HA ha had to laugh at this, as I was reading about the cars I was thinking of my ride, same as yours m113 inside was fixed up to carry that old Davey Crocktett Weapon AND had the same deal with the heat, Also had to fix rear drivers side sprocket in Graf. Loved mine too.
During my tour at Pond baracks 78 to 80 you had to be a E-5 or above to have a p.o.v. unless you were married, my authorized wheels were a M60A1 M-12 to be exact but my unauthorized wheels were a vw bug I bought for $50.00 from a guy who was going home it had no paperwork and all I had was my California drivers licence and that is all I had to show the Polizei when that German guy ran into us downtown.But that is another story.The Polizei were nice enough to give me a ride back to the barracks I sure am glad we did not have any M.P's..

right? i remember wrecking my then girlfriends 78 Polo the night of an alert. ran into the chick that ran the Class VI's Ford pick up and ran. parked it by the side gate, loaded up the track and road out. the polizei pegged it pretty quick.


that was my second article 15. wound up marrying the girl. one of those days i should NOT have gotten up.....

I had a 2-1/2 ton deuce and a half, two of them Hq14 supply truck and Hq15 the Mess truck. At various times worked in supply and the mess hall . Never bought a car over theire if I had I would've been buried over there. Had a bad enough time with the MP's let alone getting a car. Several of my buddies did though and they did o.k. more on this later.
I had a 1976 fiat , a 1980 chevy citation , a 1978 ford taunus, and last but not least was my 1978 BMW 528. if you have not figured it out...... i was rough on my cars.............LOL My taunus was totaled in the post office parking lot by the BAQ in Amberg.
My 79 Chevette and an old blue mazda 626
my ride was a M88A1 we called her Heavy Metal it had a V12 twin turbo chargers and a nice James Bond style smoke generator we used to loose the polizie. she wasent the fastest thing on the autobon but it would crush most of the super cars of the day.
my other car was the Bayretuh taxi.
hey what year were you on the rock or were you at the sub post across the street from main polizie station
Three wheels between April 1981 - December 1983:

1 > A ratty piece of sh*t 1978 Dodge Aspen I bought from SP/5 Duncan Hurst for 1800 USD. Never ran well. I sold it to SP/4 Martin Wiley from Tyler, Texas. Martin, wherever you are, you still owe me 500 USD which - with compound interest since 1983 - comes to approximately USD 49,500.

2 > a BEAUTY of a 1977 318i I bought from AutoHaus Panzer (the name is no joke!) in Gräfing near Nürnberg. It ran well and it's demise will be the topic of another post (hint, hint to the other party involved!) Let's just say the MPs down at Bayreuth SubPost were BUNGHOLES !

3 > I extended and bought another BEAUTY of a 1971 2002 tii - but sad to say, my extension was rescinded and I was told I'd DEROS 30 days after I bought it. I sold it to a fellow Philadelphian William Barr.





This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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