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who else wore US tanker or Germany military (grey leather) jackets?

Greetings fellow Troopers -

Some of you from might remember the extremely unauthorized but occasionally worn grey leather Germany flight jackets. In 1982 I was in 1st Platoon, Delta Company, and I recall some fellow tankers wore them in Graf, Vilseck or on Reforger, but of course never in garrison. Gus the tailor would sew on the regimental crests, the 2ACR patch, both nametages and I recall two of our platoon leaders their Subaltern Shoot patches. Here's a link to a German company that sells them used for 50 EUR (that's about 65 USD).


Does anyone else remember this? Or other tanker jackets? It might have been a leftover phenomenon from the sixties and seventies, and the guys who had them were for the most part old timers. I had one but in my many moves it went missing, and may "recreate" one.

Thanks for any advice / feedback.

Toujours Prêt,

John M Walker / 1981-1984

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I forgot one important detail: of course the German flags were unceremoniously removed and replaced with a US flag on the right arm, and the 2ACR patch on the left...

Still have my OD Green Tankers Jacket from the mid 70's. It is somewhat insulated, has 2 front slit-pockets and an inner pocket, and epaulets; similar to an Ike jacket without the pocket flaps and lapels. Used it in the field exclusively.

Some of us in Mco 75-78, had Eddie Bauer down filled tankers jackets, very warm, in '76' it cost me $58, I have mine on in the Pic. 


I still have the Grey flight Jacket that I wore when flying the DDR Border between 1978-81. They should put a label in all Military Clothing that says " Caution these garments shrink in the closet".  Tim Wanke




  Of course I remember them, I had at least 2 tanker jackets with all the patches needed to look correct. You did forget something tho.. the german tanker boots which alot of us had. I had about 4 pairs of them, one pair of jump boots for when you had guard duty and you tried to be the man! so you would not have to walk a post. When I PCS'ed to Fort Hood I was instructed by my new platoon leader 1st LT dumbf*** from Rutgers University that I needed to get the proper boots ASAP Troop!! So it took about a good 2 weeks to find my size. LOL

Before camo gore-tex, blankets or poncho liners sewn into wet weather tops were pretty sweet!  Anybody still got one of those?

I wore my Tankers Jacket every day when it got cold. My first CO, Capt. Molino wore one. Hell most of us wore one in garison ,Graf, patrol, everywhere. Hell, they should have been issued for anyone that spent most of his life in the Cav. inside a tracked vehicle, especially a Sheridan, Field jackets were too bulky. I sure wish I had mine.

1964-66. We wore OD green tanker jackets in the field. They were very practical in the tanks as they did not catch on things. Also tanker boots but some CO's didn't like it. We also violated all kinds of regs by having our troop tailor sew army blanket material to the inside of our field rain jackets. 

Heck Rob, any Army prides itself on being able to adapt to changing conditions. Should it expect anything less from its Soldiers? Sure wish I had wool blanket in MY rain jacket!

I've still got mine, although it its showing wear on the cuffs now. 2nd ACR patch sewed on left side but all the other name tapes and patches are off of it.  I can get it on....but it's a bit snug in the fit now.  LOL

I've been trying to recall if I got it in Amberg or at Ft Carson....the memory is foggy on that point. I left the Army in Dec of 71.



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This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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