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Did some training out there, but pulled many hours of gate guard there when I was in the Unit Police in '88. I know it was outside Amberg near the German's Schweppermann Kaserne. It is still there--I looked when I visited in '06. I remember being told it was an old Hawk Missle site. Does anyone have any memories of this place?

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I remember guys walking out to the sand pit with a sleeping bag and a case of beer in their rucks in the summer.

Eric,were you 4/7 Cav Jong Ju Gol 84-85? U.P.

I pulled every other day and night at that Hawk Missile site. During the winter, it was one of the coldest places that I have ever been. If it wasn't for a heater in the guard shack, I believe we all would have frozen to death doing guard duty. We also had to walk the perimeter of the site and that was no fun either.

The site was right next to the German training area and it was amazing to see the trucks traversing the muddy hills as if it was a drive through the park. Also remember the jets flying below our site and then exiting out the other side. Just glad that there never was an accidental crash on that site.

I think I told this story on the old site, but its worth repeating even though it has nothing to do with the LTA . Oh, but the sand pits across the street.

One summer afternoon, Ted Schade, Doc Baily, Randy Duncan, myself, and a buxom female medic whose name escapes me (but Doc had the hots for) were lounging around the "beach" with some adult beverages   Out of nowhere a local gal paddles up, topless, in an inflatable raft.  Being the opportunist, Randy jumps in the raft & they paddle off.  While they were out tanning their collective backsides, Randy's wife pulled up. Some time later they paddled back with sun-burnt butts & grinning. When Randy jumped out of the raft & saw his wife, his smile faded faster than you could say gunner; heat; tank! 

Out of personal interest - does anyone remember which unit the Hawks belonged to? Were they part of the 3/2 ACR like the Pond Barracks or were they part of a dedicated air defense unit?

Was anyone of you stationed there between '70 and '73?

I was in the Hawk unit from Aug. 1968 to Jan 1970. We were part of the 32d AAdcom- air defense artillery. Our unit was D battery 4th Battalion 57th Artillery and we had our barracks to the left of the Cav HQ building and on the second floor. Seems like we had the right half of the building. Our site was outside Amberg and I believe it was on a German training site because we would have German troops practicing going through the muddy hills and valleys there. Also can remember jets flying below the hill where we had our launchers and equipment. Expected a crash at any time, but luckily they all made it ok.

Thank you, I am sure that will help me a lot. I shall get back to you for a few more questions later, if I may.

That area indeed was a local training area for the Bundeswehr.

PS - the place should be somewhere here:


That's the area of the Freihölser Forst.

Thank you so much for the information. It really helped a lot.

Also, I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have if  I am able.

Went there once in June/July of 1974, we were so undermanned that most tracks had three people at most and many had only 2....here I was, a PV2, only in K Trp a month, and I was the TC for the road march out and back the following day. Radio watch that night was a bitch....

those who want to google map the location:

92269 Ebermannsdorf, Germany 27 m SE

or by Lat and Long


I was a Hawk Missile Crewman stationed at Pond Barracks from August 1968 until Jan. 27, 1970. Our missile site was next to the German Army's training site outside of Amberg. We were on 24 and off 24 for the year and a half that I was there. I know that the winters were terrible due to the cold and snow, and the summers were not that hot.

I have tried to find the site on Google, but haven't had any luck in finding where it is at. There was someone that had the coordinates, but I could never get them to find where it was located. Had a hard time finding that there was a missile site at Amberg.

I do know that Pond Barracks was torn down to make public housing.

Edward, I was in a Hawk missile outfit for a minute in late 1973. HHB 3/59th ADA out of Hanau. Somehow when I got booted out of the MP's I ended up with an MOS for an Advanced Hawk Missile Radar Guidance System Mechanic. When they found out I'd never even heard of a Hawk missile, they decided to make me a gate guard on a remote mountain-top missile site somewhere. Before they could transfer me I went AWOL, so they sent me to the 2d Cavalry on the border instead.



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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