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Did some training out there, but pulled many hours of gate guard there when I was in the Unit Police in '88. I know it was outside Amberg near the German's Schweppermann Kaserne. It is still there--I looked when I visited in '06. I remember being told it was an old Hawk Missle site. Does anyone have any memories of this place?

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It's surprising how many missile sites were around in the ’60's. My last duty station prior to being sent to Amberg was a Nike Base in Danvers, Mass. Early part of 1962. CO was Captain Winters. Funny how some things stay with you, other times CRS.

Harry, my dad was with a missile outfit for a year in Massachusetts 1956-57. HQ, 15th AAA Group at Ft, Banks. When he got out of the Army (briefly) in November 1957, it was at Ft. Devens, Mass.

When I would mention Danvers, I would always hear "oh, you mean Devens?" And I would say, " No, I mean Danvers." Guess ya had to be there. Anyway, great duty. Got a part time job at Sears in auto dept. Learned all about ginger brandy and gin & Coke. Yes, I mean gin & Coke. :)

You had me at ginger brandy, Harry. YUK!

Something happened while we were in Massachusetts and dad got out of the Army after just a year there. He was a CWO-2 and we had just returned from Germany. He bought a car and we drove back across the US. When we got back to Tacoma, he enlisted in the Army again, as a M/SGT, and took off for Ft. Ord.

Seems like my taste changed when I got to Germany.  Discovered flip-tops!







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