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my most memorable memory of amberg was when PFC Conrad and I were returning from the little chicken house, the one that made such good fried chicken and fries. we had a habit of running up that hill that angled off from the main gate, and the night in question we were running up that hill, very drunk, and the gate guards were all cheering us on. little did we know that right behind us was a polizei VW van. we almost made it to the gate when the van pulled aound us, and we had several types of firearms pointed at us. we were thrown in the van, and we thought we were being kidnapped, but they took us to the German military hospital and drew blood, it wasnt till this point and the MPs showed up that we found out that someone had vandalized a BMW in town and they thought it was us. the MPs took us from there, and threw us in the back of their van, and took us back down the hill to be identified. apparently someone couldnt figure out till then it was 2 caucasians that broke the attenae and the owner said it wasnt us. so the MPs threw us back in the van and dumped us at pond barracks. to this day i cant stand MPs. but i still remember that chicken.

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Dave, sounds like you have a chip on your shoulder fowards law enforcement. We are all not that bad as it seems. We are out there to do what everyone wants us to do. what we were hired to do. I was in three different law units. City, Constables, and Sheriffs Department. But now in a wheel chair for the last six year, since I had a spinal core accident.
i love law enforcement. i guess that sentence should have said "those" MPs. they didnt need to be as physically abusive as they were, and they should not have assumed we were guilty prior to proven. the polizei were professional and didnt take any more liberties with our restraint than what was needed. and that has been the case whenever i have been in contact with police agencies, it just happened that we came in contact with 2 who exhibited less than desirable characteristics. please accept my apologies, i certainly do realize that law enforcement is vital, and i do appreciate the risk that officers go to. have a great day
You are right Dave, there are some who over step their AUTHORITY. I agree there. I went thru the police academy at the Age of 64. It was hard competing against those young cadets, but I made it. I started in Law enforcement as a police photographer in Radcliff Kentucky (FORT KNOX). If not for my injury I would still be in Law enforcement. Take Care.
i remember radcliff. we spent a lot of time there when i was back at knox to be a 19E. as far as that goes, i always preferred E-town and radcliff to louisville
I remember the Honefels*sp* mp's were a little abusive. I had one swing his nightstick at me while I was kicking off on some drunk guy from How Battery at the front gate while the german guards were watching this all play out. I told him if he tried that again he'd eat it.. Thank god the mess hall sgt was on staff duty and got me out it. Come to find out that guy from How battery thought I was someone else.. We actually became friends after that..lol And hell yes I remember that chicken from Tony @ the Chicken shack.

Wayne,There are more then a few MP's that take advantage of their powers and like to pump their chest. But you'll find that in any and all occupations!
Was that the chicken house across from MIkes BierHaus or the one in the fussgaengerzone?
uh........yeah. if i had ever been sober when i went there, i would probably know. it was on a flat, and there was a residential area across the street up higher. if you went down hill from the main gate, you took a right at the bottom. all together it was about 2? miles. this is the place the deep fried an entire chicken and served it with some awesome fries and sold it for less the 10marks.
That sounds like the one across from Mikes(on Regensburgerstrasse). I lived in the apartment above the chicken house.
you may have been the one that showed it to conrad and i, since our travels involved the sundown and the EM club. and if it was close to payday maybe Melodies. Is melodies the one that had the gal from texas who was bartending? and speaking of going to clubs, whatever happened to Gabbie, that little gal we hung out with at the sundown? she was a kick to hang out with.
There were quite a few who tended bar at the Melody. It was ........different, to say the least. The owner bragged that every troop in Amberg donated their first paycheck to him. That was until Swoop put it off limits, but I still went there.

You should have went to Mike's Bierhaus,a cross the street from the chicken stand. That place was great, but it was way to close to my apartment. After a meter of beer, I was toasted and didn't dare cross the street.

Which Gabbie? Half the girls in Germany seemed to be named Gabbie, the other half were Siggie. Do you remember Lisa, the little hottie I was going out with? I didn't hang out at the Sundown too much. I always went to the Rock Cafe, Vis-a-Vis and Melody.

I actually married a girl from Amberg. I met her at the Kontakt Club (actually, it was a set up by a mutual friend). We'll celebrate our 20th anniversary on the 5th of July.

Oh, and about the topic of this thread- I got in trouble with the Polezei one day coming from the Fest on the Hill (by the church). I had bought 3 mugs, and had the receipts for them, and they hassled me, thinking that I stole them. They took my drunk a$$ back up the hill to the place I bought them, then made me walk all the way back down.
i do remember lisa. interesting choice of companionship. the gabbie we hung out with had an extensive scar on her face, rumor had it that it was from a GI who wrecked a motorcycle. I think iwas in that bierhaus once or twice, i only ever went to one, and that was after you showed up. a lot of interesting things happened after you got to the troop, now that i think about it. hmmm....well i still have the use of my liver, so it couldnt have been too interesting.
Don't remind me of some of the things I did back then;)

Liver..........don't need no stinking liver!


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