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my most memorable memory of amberg was when PFC Conrad and I were returning from the little chicken house, the one that made such good fried chicken and fries. we had a habit of running up that hill that angled off from the main gate, and the night in question we were running up that hill, very drunk, and the gate guards were all cheering us on. little did we know that right behind us was a polizei VW van. we almost made it to the gate when the van pulled aound us, and we had several types of firearms pointed at us. we were thrown in the van, and we thought we were being kidnapped, but they took us to the German military hospital and drew blood, it wasnt till this point and the MPs showed up that we found out that someone had vandalized a BMW in town and they thought it was us. the MPs took us from there, and threw us in the back of their van, and took us back down the hill to be identified. apparently someone couldnt figure out till then it was 2 caucasians that broke the attenae and the owner said it wasnt us. so the MPs threw us back in the van and dumped us at pond barracks. to this day i cant stand MPs. but i still remember that chicken.

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I remember the girl with the scar on her face.. She was always nice as hell to me.. I think the blonde bartender from melodies was Lisa.. She split with her hubby,stayed there and hooked up with micmershizen (sp) He had a fine ass lil sister in law that I dated for awhile. Til I met SGM Dallas's daughter Andrea. All in all this was one of the better units I spent time with.

I had an incident one night. It was one of those nights where it began to get light in the sky around 3am. Myself and two other guys were walking on some street near the old mote park. We were blasted, as it was a weekend. We heard a crash and saw some guy (GI) running away from a phone booth that he had just busted the glass out of with the hand piece. As I glanced at one of the homes nearby I saw the windows go up as the locals stuck their heads out to see what the crash was. Since the perp took off, we were the ones who must have done it , right? The Polz must have been around the corner because they were there in an instant it seemed. The three of us got cuffed and stuffed into the car and hauled off. All I really remember is them leaving me alone in an office for hours and me standing at parade rest for all that time, eyes ahead. Cops kept coming by and looking at me to see if I had moved an eyelash. I didn't. Then at some point the MPs took us out of there and we might have gone to Vilsek? Not sure of that part. Nothing happened to us because we didn't do it.

Been a while since I visited this page.So...encounters with the cops?No real issue with the Polizei.I was the guy had that white 1976 Corvette Stingray(after the Gulf War)and always had Polizei stopping me just to look at the car.I guess to them it was exotic.I got out and stayed in Amberg as a civilian,working at Chi-Chi's Mexican Restaurant on Graf main post.Didn't really deal with them much except for the time a drunk driver backed into my car.They took the report.
My only bad experience was with the MP sergeant there on post,in the same building as HOW Battery.He always was taking the plates off my other car,a blue 1978 Camaro,for some rule violation.It'd be things like my hood scoop was too high,and once he tripped over the wheelie bars(he was drunk).


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