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Since joining this web group I have become reunited with many lost friends from both my military and civilian days. I recieved an Email from Heinz, the owner of the Melody and my former boss. He is well and living in Regensburg and manages a recycling plant.

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Thanks for sharing this info about Heinz. I liked Heinz.... he treated me pretty good at the melody as I am sure he treated everyone the same. Glad to hear he is doing well. I was in touch with Yvonne for awhile but unfortunatly I have not heard from her for a few months.

Heinz Kicked me out of the Melody "for life" about 10 times during my stay in Amberg. I always deserved it and he always let me back in the next night. My freinds and I used to say that the Melody was the only place that you could get laid and into a fight..the same night.

At times there would be so much spilled beer that your shoes would stick to the floor.

Trying to remember what type of car was used to frame the end of the DJ booth, but I remember leaning on it many times.

I have a picture of the night I met my wife..at the Melody...I know, I know, not the place you would think to meet the love of your life, but we have been married for 21 years now, so I guess it worked out ok.

thats funny. i met my wife there as well.we didn't make it 21 years though, but i have lovely and bright daughter though. my wife wound up working there with her girlfriend....until we were stationed in texas and then back in germany but in Gelnhausen this time
Marc, Who was your wife and when did she work there ? 
Anita "The Hun" Eckl. Her GF was Bettina Hoffman (Daughter of "Autohaus Hoffman") She worked there in 84.
I was not working there until 85.  I do not remember meeting her.  BEttina Hoffman rings a bell though.
Any clues as to Bettina Hoffman's whereabouts?
last i heard she had also married some GI, and had moved stateside, only to return back to Amberg several years later. i believe she is still there.
She married Jim Starr, And for their wedding present he gave them that 944. Last I seen them was when they pcs'd to ft hood
Brian,   who did you marry ?   Share pics !
She is from a smallish town-- Neunburg v. Wald-- about 35 km from Amberg. I'll dig out the picture one of these days.
Brian,I'm not 100% positive,but I believe it was the front end from a 1973-74 Chevy Caprice or Impala.



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