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SGT Harlow was the senior scout in K Troop when I arrived in Nov 1962. He was probably the finest soldier I have ever known, and it kills me that I can not remember his full name and do not know what became of him. I hope that someone here can help me out.

A book could be written about him.  The Bavarian Border Police sure held him in high regard. I remember the awards the German and French governments gave him for discovering a complex on the Czech Border that was used to smuggle political kidnapees out of Germany (to include those grabbed in France). Beyond all his skills as a scout. he was one of the several sergeants in the Squadron used as a last try in salvaging problem soldiers.  Always calm, the most I ever saw him do with one of these soldiers was to put his hand on the soldier's shoulder and say, "Young Trooper. I never want to see you do that again."  And they didn't . . . and I never saw bruises, stiffness, etc.  The last I heard of him was from another K Troop sergeant in 1983, who said Harlow had been badly wounded in Viet-Nam, got the Silver Star, spent a long rehab at Walter Reed, and was a first sergeant at Fort Hood.

Anyone have his full name, where he went after 2ACR, and/or current status?

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I was in K troop, 1983.  What sergeant did you hear from?


Sorry, my comment was confusing. I talked to him in 1983, but he was with K Troop in 1962-64.  Can't recall his name, but interesting guy: former wrestler, silver plate in his head to repair a wrestling injury; wicked with a blow gun  . . . there was a 1:100,000 map on the Supply Room wall and he could hit a city like Nurnberg from the center of the room.  When he, Harlow, and Sergeant Torrey went outside Camp Gates some nights, he carried his blowgun, Harlow a bow, and Torrey a baseball bat flat on two sides - quite a trio. I never asked, but thought they were the source of a nice package of venison that was found one morning on the Mess Hall steps.

I'm pretty good with a blowgun myself, having pinned several flies to the ceiling and walls during one particular all-night drinking escapade with a couple old friends (I think they were attracting the flies); and have bagged several deer, an elk, and numerous rabbits, grouse, squirrels and such with a bow, I've yet to bat one, but the thought has crossed my mind many times.

I've got hard plastic 3/8" beads I shoot out of the blowgun when I want to just sting something. Buddy of mine was standing across my back yard, about 20 yards, with his back to me, talking on the phone. I'm in the dining room, shooting through the patio door. Popped him in the kidney. Without even looking around, he bent over to pick up the orange bead. Second one got him in the left temple and bounced about 15 feet straight up in the air. He had two pretty good welts for awhile and the side of his head was still sore the next day.

Not one to let a good prank die easy, I got him a couple days later at close range. He thought he got stung by a hornet at first until I started laughing.



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