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For those who remember or want to share with others who also served at Pond barracks. Pleasepost lotsof pics. We love them.

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Comment by Oliver Talbert on February 3, 2014 at 11:49am

I was wondering if anybody else noticed that. Unless I missed something I believe that was the only shot of any US military besides the Honor Guard during the national anthem.

Comment by David R. Swarts on February 3, 2014 at 10:03am

I was so proud to see the 2nd Cav during the Super Bowl.  We continue to be recognized for our outstanding efforts. 
Congratulations to all of us for our service.


Comment by Bill Morris on February 2, 2014 at 7:28pm

Hey anybody see the TV feed during the Superbowl from Afghanistan?  2nd ACR Troopers standing during the American Anthem!

Comment by James Capp on January 31, 2014 at 2:41pm
When I was there had 2 incidents with the polizei one time it was 3 walking down the street at like 1am said we had been busting up cars on the other side of town wasn't us but the CO had to come pick us up didn't hear any more about that.
The next time we were out in the field I had just pulled my 5 ton out on the road when a German car ran into the side of my truck they tried saying I pulled out in front of them. When the polizei got there I had the company Chaplin and Co as witnesses a long with others that saw the car come around the corner and floored it to hit the truck. At that time it happened a lot if the hit a army vehicle they could collect a lot of money.
Comment by Tony Fowler on January 30, 2014 at 9:09pm
That should be SDO not STO by the way.
Comment by Tony Fowler on January 30, 2014 at 9:07pm
O yes the polizei were brutal. I was on CQ once and the Sqdn. STO came by and grabbed me to drive him downtown to pick up a troop thatgot his ass in trouble. We walked iinto a room with a desk in the corner and a chair in the center of the room with the troop in it. When he saw us he jumped up and walked toward us. The polizei jumped up and beat the shit out of him with those clubs they carry. The Lt. told him to sit down he was their property until we signed for him.
Comment by W,Graham on January 30, 2014 at 8:44pm

As a support trooper we wear in a unique position to witness  some of the good Times(Col Wagner standing in the door of his Huey  arms out stretched   and circling the squadron before landing on the Quad talked about pumped up!!.)   

 And the bad times in the squadron,  I had been in the unit for less than a few

Month’s when my roommate passed away due to a drug over does he was a nice guy who would let my use his stereo and Eric Clapton records so when I

Hear one his songs I think back to that time.  I remember the K troop suicide When the body came back from the border, tank rollover, the mayhem the  squadron Co driver caused.   

and who can forget the line soldier who place a Hoffman charge under a steel pot helmet and set it off while standing on it and shattering his leg and the 15-6 investigation recommend

He pay for the medical bill and received a Article 15, and the accident when another Hoffman charge discharge in the face of SSG. TG.,  I did not drink at that time and would pull CQ ( armed with .45 and night stick) on the weekend for people how want to go out, one night  a trooper runs in the bldg .with the Polizel  in hot pursuit they drags him right out while hitting him with the spring loaded night stick!.  When we would go to Monday morning PT formation it looked like

a battle zone with all the injury guys form the weekend letting off steam LOL.  


Some time we were our own worst enemy.

Damm am I rambling?



Comment by carl kreitzer on January 30, 2014 at 8:09pm

Steve, I talked to Felix Martinez a few days ago ad we were talking about Dennis and snowlind.I have one of their albums and its dedicated to Dennis.

Comment by Steve McKee on January 30, 2014 at 6:11pm

Private First Class Dennis Raoul Beauvais, born on Christmas day 1961 in Newport, VT. My roommate, Howitzer Battery FIST. He was the the driver/rto on SSg Tulls' 113, supporting Mike Company. He came back from leave while we were in the field. I heard a rumor that someone  from How Btry died while we were on maneuvers. Found out it was Dennis at the railhead and power slided my 113 all the way to the main gate. He died 10 Dec 81. Memorial service was 14 Dec. We, four of his best friends, formally dropped the garrison flag and raised it back to half mast the morning of his service. 

   Dennis was a founding member and bass player for Snowblind. I did the lights for their only performance at a venue in downtown Amberg. 

His death is still a mystery to me. Something about his body being found just outside the main gate...Thats what CID told us.

Comment by Charles Lynn on January 30, 2014 at 5:40pm

Tony, I think the E5 you are speaking of was "Mad Dog" Sgt. Mc Crain of I troop. If I remember correctly, they were heading back to Camp May when they hit the black ice. He was a real nice guy. We had a service for him I remember attending.

I remember there was the murder that happened downtown around the moat area of the old city. A German mother was bludgeoned and raped. The murder weapon was a 3/4 drive mechanic's breaker bar. The murderer's blood type was said to be a relatively rare ab pos bloodtype, determined from the semen sample.

So who did they head to? The mechanics on post of course. We had to go to HQ and submit a saliva sample. I almost soiled my shorts because I have ab pos blood type, plus being a mechanic! Making matters worse was the fact that me and the guys were out bar hopping and I could not recall where I was that night. Then, someone had mentioned that there was bloody clothing found upstairs in one of the bathrooms of I troop, stuffed behind a toilet. I was with other people all night so my story checked out. I do remember them zeroing in on a certain black fella. You could tell the poor guy was innocent but he was having a tough time handling the stress of it all with the focus of the investigation being on him. I was never interviewed again and I never did hear what the outcome was or any other details.

I also remember a guy from another troop losing four fingers 5 feet away from me at Graf while getting his fingers pulled into an M578 block and tackle. Heard the bones popping and looked over at the disbelief on the poor guys face while he was going down on his knees at the same time.

Then there was the convoy story of the TC who pulled his antenna down too late when approaching the electric train tracks.


I also remember the Sheridans that bumped on a range at Graf. One had a round chambered and it entered the other vehicle at turret ring level. Heard that tragedy was gruesome.

I almost got crushed between two 60's while checking the air cleaner blower motors during a charging system diagnosis. Told the driver to fire it up. He started the engine in neutral with the T handle slightly pushed to the side. It did a neutral steer with me in between the two tanks parked on line. I quickly ducked down and lay on the road wheels. That was interesting.


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