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Anyone hear about the underground track park (beneath the parade ground) at 2/2's Kaserne? I heard there was a blocked off entrance in one of the maintenance buildings. After visiting the SS Barracks and Hitler's compound at the Obersalzburg in southern Bavaria I can half-way believe it.

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Eric, that is not a legend it is a fact. I was stationed in 2/2 1976-1978. I didn't hang out with many GI's, but I spent a lot of time with the local German community. One person in partiular, was a car salesman, acrossed the street from the American Express. He verified your comment to me in 1977.

Further more, at Storck Barracks, Hitler had an airstrip that could be drained in 15 minutes. That is how Neuestadt, got it's name. There were serval planes in hot pursuit of some of Hitler's Luftwaffe. The Leader of the American Forces saw the lights from neustadt and they bombed it y mistake.The underground water supply becamed noticed, when a GI raped and killed a 15 year old Girl down there. When that opening was discovered, the MI branch took control of the invesstigation.
Wonder how many other Kasernes were similarly set up. Heard that the owner of the Restaurant Messerschmitt in Bamberg was a relative of the creator of the WW II fighter of the same name - wonder if there were any underground aircraft plants in the area. I know there were underground ball-bearing factories over by Schweinfurt. Guess I'm intrigued by things built underground.
I remember the legend being that the concrete slab with the unit insignia painted on it at the end of the parade field was a sealed entrance to an underground motor pool. I do know for a fact that at the rear of the offices in each maint. bay was a tunnel sustem that was big enough for a grown man to crawl in. A couple of our guys went for a crawl one day and found themselves somewhere on the south side of main post near the px. I think I remember someone saying something about another entrance in one of the other maint. bays too.
Its True.An Old Staircase In HHT Maintenence Shop Led Down To A Sealed Steel Door.I Was Down There A Few Times.I Was Told By A German Worker It Was One Of The Entrances To A WW2 Underground Motor Pool.As Far As He Knew,It Was Half Full Of Water.He Had Been In There A Few Times,And Said There Was Nothing In There Except Some Old Barrells.
Wonder what was in the barrels . . . . . . . .
There was actually an underground ordnance test range out under the ammo dump (can't rmember the name of it anymore), supposedly could handle weapons up to 105mm. This from the old guy who was the E Troop tailor in 66/67 (can't remember his name either!) The rape mentioned below was the event that triggered the song, "Town Without Pity."
As a matter of fact; in the HHT billets, 1st floor there was a series of rooms found where rations were stored along with small arms ammo. Additionally, there were access areas to the track park which were found underneath our main maintenance area. I saw these myself while I was there from 1979 -1981
Bindlach and Nuremberg both had underground structures also. Christensen Barracks at Bindlach was supposed to be honeycombed with underground tank parks and airplane hangars.
My Stinger section office was in there (Bindlach) Ingenius underground Magazine storage served Hanger on one side and lift to tank park on other, but when it much over 80 the mustard residue would gassify so it was off limits. Not to go weird - but it was haunted too. Tanks exited out side of hill, Messerschmidt s taxied out and around to end of strip.
There was also a tunnel entrance in the back of E troop maintenance bay. Just before I left Germay in 1980, a large stock pile of old chemical weapons was discovered in some of the old ammo bunkers outside of the city.
There was also an entrance between Squadron Maintenance and E Troop's motor pool/maintenance bays. It was a fairly small concrete turret that led to the entrance. Only about two or three feet of the turret was above ground, and you could step down inside the turret, but thats as far as it went. Blocked off by a concrete block wall.
When I first got to Merrell Barracks (1963) they were thinking about investigating this legend...Life Magazine was rumored to be interested. The Comrades that worked in the basement, heat, water, steam, etc told me that there were two more levels below them...and that they were booby trapped and partly flooded. There was a escape tunnel to the Strassenbond tunnel out front and one to the Dussendik in the park. Word was they sent some demo guys to look see and they didn't like what they saw....one thing was BIG rats. There is something down there for sure. One Sgt was rumored to have rotated home with German motorcycle...hmmm.


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