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Anyone hear about the underground track park (beneath the parade ground) at 2/2's Kaserne? I heard there was a blocked off entrance in one of the maintenance buildings. After visiting the SS Barracks and Hitler's compound at the Obersalzburg in southern Bavaria I can half-way believe it.

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 This legend is a subject I have wondered about. A friend-of-a-friend was an Echo trooper who allegedly entered the underground track park. "Track Park" is how it was described by my this Echo trooper. He told my friend that him and 2 other Echo troopers (maintenance) successfully entered using a maintenance bay stairwell and broke through a sealed door. 

 The maint bay access is located at the north corner of the parade ground inside the bay at it's south side. I saw this entrance myself after it was concreted over. 

 At the time I heard this "rumour" I was MOS 19e10 M60-A1 and A3 transition crewmember (loader/driver/gunner) in 1979 -81 there in Golf Troop.

 The infiltration occurred shortly before I arrived since these three individuals were still there at the time. They were not caught. But their damage was noticed and immediately sealed the following week. It was simply filled with concrete and the stairwell does not exist anymore.

 According to this friend-of-a-friend the track park has 3 levels interconnected by stairwells. The lowest level being nearly flooded and unable to walk into. The water is too deep in the stairwell there on the third level down. There was something down there on the two upper levels (not sure which level) that they saw which is very hard to believe, but they brought back "proof". I cannot say here in this forum what it was though, I apologize. But they brought other friends down there on  following nights to show them what they found down there. 

 I have a hard time believing this rumor, but it was difficult to ask around to get more information. The names were impossible to get. Trespass investigation unsolved. I was told they were paranoid and it was all an insider's-only story. And the only proof I saw was the spot where the stairs were supposedly sealed. Yes, that looked like a freshly sealed rectangular concrete floor patch in 1980.

 The "proof" that I heard they brought back were pictures, (which I never saw), and a pair of German officer field binoculars. 



BINDLACH was home in early 80's. My STINGER SEC. worked out of underground barracks there. We still went exploring from time to time. You could see the top of props and tails in the 3rd level. It appeared to me that the ammo magazines were set up to service Messr. on one side and Lifts to the Tanks on the other, and sealed access that came on on Bad Berneck side and Tank entrance/exit on the other. Had a problem on warm days with mustart residue turning to gas.Always had construction crews turning up German ammo around motorpool. My NCO's swore it was haunted. Can't disagree. One tunnel poped up in Barn 1/4 click past fence, and we left it open for egress for Patrol when Terrorists came around. Farmer was ex- S.S. and on the payroll.

Ever wonder why the Track Park was almost level with the top sto0ries of the Barracks, even though there was no incoming slope from downtown Bamberg?

well, I thought it was because it was an airfield, nothing for a wounded bird to clip on the way in, and allowed for tunnels that ran to the hangers and magazines that had lifts to the field for loading the Aircraft. Why, what have you found out?

I was stationed in Bamberg 66-68, and honestly I never heard of any underground complex.  But, that doesn't mean that it didn't exist.  I found this conversation interesting.  By the way, the SAT image that was provided by John Holbrook showed the following barracks incorrectly, what he labels as Golf Troop was actually Golf and Fox, sharing the same building.  What was labeled as Fox was Echo, the HQ was HQ, Echo was H Troop (Tank) and Delta was Howitzer Battery.  At least that was where they were when I was there.  I was back in Bamberg in 1984-86 as Commander of 3-35 Armor, but never actually knew if things had changed at the Artillery Kasserne.  By the way, the sand box range that was up by the 3-35 Armor Motor Pool, which we used in 1967 to prepare for tank gunnery, had been rebuilt as the Mini-tank Range and was used constantly by both 3-35 Ar and 2/2 Cav.  We no longer used M16's as the firing weapon, but boresighted the Coax MG as the firing weapon.  Really worked well.

Not a legend.  One entrance had a red door on it and was located in the Squadron headshed.  Another was behind Squadron Maintenance and there was also a small, trap-door entrance in the Maint. Officers office in one of the Troop maint buildings but, I don't recall which Troop it was anymore.

In 1969 a friend of mine and I found one of the entrances to that underground facility. It was behind H troop several feet and looked like a small well house. The door was metal and welded shut. Italso hadanold padlock on it. Our supply Sgt. told us what it was and advised us not to get caught messing around with it. Apparently, according to him, there was several vehicles including tanks and other military stuff that was flooded down there to keep people out . Supposedly the whoe underground complex was mined by the germans when the was was lost. I didn't know if the storywas real or not until the German authorities found a mega ton bomb under the autobaun that was still live.



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