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Anyone here remember going to Little Switzerland? We were at Graf,summer

of 72 and we got on a truck in our fatigues,and wen t to this place.It had a restaurant.We were passing jugs of spirits around in the back of the Deuce

and were pretty bombed till we got there.They had 2 entrees. Schnitzel,or

fish with the heads on. I got the schnitzel. After we ate we walked up this trail

and I don't remember much after that,except that Komrade didn't like the

idea of a bunch of dirty GI's eating with them. I think the Troop fund paid for

the meals. Anyone remember this place?

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The 4th of July Weekend HOW Battery actually loaned a bunch of us a Deuce and a Half,took us down there and picked us up. We camped out(Kinda' friggin' crazy,considering all the time we spent in the Field!),rappelled and drank a bunch of beer! The Polezi showed up made us put out our campfire,until we paid a 140 Mark fine-then they let us start it up again! beautiful place,we coullook down into thode blue streams and ponds and see the fish in them.
Been through it a couple of times but never had the chance to stop
Drove through it a couple of times on a day off. Remember it as a part of Bavaria with a river gorge and steep hillsides about 20 to 30 miles in length, with the occasional small town and hilltop castle. Think the area was called Frankische-Schweiz.

Little Switzerland (Frankische Schweiz) was and still is a beautiful area to visit on a weekend drive...Very good sights,good food with some awesome views at an outdoor table.  It was a nice drive from Bamberg during the summer. Lots of good memories from that area. 

Yeah I sure do. the first time we went through "Little Swiss" it was at night , and we were in convoy when one of our "goats" had a flat.  Sgt Palmer, and I were tasked with staying with the vehicle untill one of the other vehicles came back with a spare tire. Negotiating Little swiss at night, at 01:00 hundred hours was pretty mean, especially when your dead tired. Well Sgt Palmer miss judged one of the turns and almost drove us over the side. I almost had a heart attack. Well needless to say that I lived through that one with a pretty good adrenilin rush. We were wide awake after that. I loved going through there during the day time, it was so beautiful.  

i remember it ... when I went back to germany on my 2nd tour, I had a kawasaki gpz 1100... what a blast bustin through little switzerland at about a buck-40 ....and no I never hit that giant rock out cropping at the end of that one long straighway...!!! but I did leave more that a few foot peg marks on that road,,,


2/2 was my 2nd tour to b-berg. 1st was with 1/75th FA. Was in S-4 and we (about 15 of us) went to camp and relax in Lil Swiss.  Our chief Mr. Rosewald,  actually got it put on the training schedule as "Adventure Training".  We were supported by Bn mess with steaks and ribs and of course we had lots of flippy's and stuff. Can't remember a more enjoyable Military Outing?  We stayed ripped the whole 3 days. What a beautiful area. 

I finally got around to uploading some pictures to my page. Includes 3 photos taken in the Little Switzerland area in 1965-66 period.


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