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I pulled 1 month guard duty at Site 33 and heard so many rumors

of what was there.What do you troops know about that place?

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That is the site near Nuremberg correct? With the double fences and only two bunkers?

is this the one your talking about?

if it is this is NATO Site #5 near Fliegerhost Kaserne outside of Hanau..  they stored Nukes there.. and if not all the NATO nuke starage sites looked much the same

I was one of the techs inside this sight at Fligerhost Kasern ,iwas stationed at pioneer kasern with A Btry 6/40th Arty ,3rd Armored Divison,icant go into to much but our nuke rounds  were stored >We use to go into the bunkers 2-3 times monthly to change the desacent on all war resv Rounds This  took place 1965- 1967 I left for VietNam <val Oshea>

Also iwas a Tech with HOW BTRY 2/2 ACR BAMBERG  SEPT 68-DEC 69,THEN WENT BACK TO Viet Nam,iwas gun chief,also Nuke weapons Tech
That the place where shots were fired at the guard house every so often..?   I really don't remember much of that place.. I must have pulled guard duty there 2 or 3 times.

No,actually it was in Bamberg.If I remember correctly,it was out past where the Theatre/PX

complex,not Main Post,but I guess for all the units up our way. It had 2 or 3 bunkers inside

a double fence though. If you took alittle extra time and shined your boots for guardmount,

you didn't have to inside the perimeter,but got gate guard(nightime hours) or outside

perimeter guard(alittle hooch out in the woods.),which is what I got all but 1 time I had to go

inside.I was there when the Israelis were killed at the Olympics.We were on high alert then.

I think we are talkng about two different sites. The one I think he means was located, I believe in Furth. It was a NATO site with 3 towers and only 2 bunkers. We were only allowed inside the first fence. There were two individuals on duty who had access into the 2nd fence. That area had a two man rule. Along side of site was an old WWII ammo storage area with small bunkers. By truck it was a good 1/2 hour to Merrell Barracks where we could take a shower.

We sure went by truck,but we had guys from all different units guarding there. Nickel and Dime arty.54th Inf.,

even had 3 guys from 1/2 Cav.How they got there is by me. The Guard bldg had trees and vegetation growing on top, so from the air it couldn't be seen. There were 6 little guard shacks inside the perimeter, and 1 guy

in each. 2 roving NCOs walked between the fences checking to see that noone was asleep. We did 24 hours on and then were transported back to our regular barracks for 24 off. That continued for a month.

When I was at Amberg,69-71 I did a week of guard duty near Nurnberg called NATO  23.It had double fence ,guard towers and bunkers.
 We also showered at Merrell Barracks,got there by truck.
That is the one I was referring to...NATO 23.... Sorry Randy...I thought you were talking about that site.
the sites you guys are refering to was How Btrys  Nuke weapons storage sites Bunkers ! I KNOW AS I WAS A TECH with HOW BTRY 9/68-12/69 ,155howitzer M109 we had  nuke capability




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