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Is there anyone on this site that was at Christensen Barracks in the years 1961, 1962, and 1963?  At that time we were called the 2nd Armored Cavalry.  I did patrol on the Czech. and E. German borders in open air jeeps with no heaters allowed at that time, the reason for no heaters was so that one didn't fall asleep while on patrol.  At that time Russian troops [Volpo's] patroled in conjunction with the E.German Border Police.  

     It appears that all of the buildings from that era are gone now.  In the early 60's there were still bombed out ruins on the base.  The Barracks we used and other buildings were left from the German Luftwaffe Base that had occupied the site during WWII.  I am curious when the Dragoon name began to be used?  Does anyone remember "Pete's" Taxi Cab that was stationed just across the street from the Main Gate?

Phil Greaves

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In the motor pool right next to the shops was the small 'commo' room where we worked on radios as part of 1/2 AC HQ Company.   This gave us special privileges in the PX (sometimes) but mostly special treatment from the populace who figured you had been at sea or something and not been paid for weeks or months .


Any of you that were there then (end of 1969 till June 1971;  what were you doing during this time?


Still same hardware model 19 AM monsters, dinosauers, still prc-25's (well, they have been upgraded a tad) where base communications can be established but are not secure at all ?  Why would you need AM?


Happy holidays,  Dan

I was in the 1st Platoon, 53rd Ordnance from Mid 62 to mid 64. We were in A troop billets and then moved to Hq troop billets. Our shop was across from Sq Maintenance. I was there when the M-60's and M114's wee issued.

Yes indeed many a times he saved us from missing bedcheck and the laundry too. Gus the tailor was a funny interesting fellow also.


New to this site so don't know if you got an answer. I was stationed at Christensen Barracks, 1st Recon Sqdn, 2nd Armored Cav in Bindlach, West Germany from December 1965 to June 1967. I was in Personnel-Headquarters Troop. I think it was "Fritz's Taxi".

You had to be an E-5 or above or married I believe to get a car back then. A bunch of us in Headquarters were not but we bought an Opel from some guy in Bayreuth and parked it next to a small restaurant next to Fritz's Taxi. Don't ask me where we got the US license plates!!! One night a bunch of us were coming back from Nuremberg and the head gasket blew. We had it towed back and parked it next to the restaurant. It would have cost too much to fix so we just left it there. To this day I don't know what ever happened to that car.


Re: 1st Lt Gerald Werner. This from Ft. Snelling  (Minn.) Military Cemetery roster.

WERNER GERALD MAURICE 07/14/1937 03/18/1999 US ARMY  1ST LT   6-C  0   747   04/14/1999

I was at Christensen Barracks from Feb 1962 through Aug 1964.  I started as a PFC loader on an M48 in C Troop.  When my 1st Sgt (Richardson) was promoted to S2 Sgt in April 1962 he asked to go with him an be the S2 Clerk.  I kept this job until June 1964 when I requested to return to C Troop and be a driver on the new M60s.  I served under 1st Lt Joesph Coreth until he left Germany.  He was replaced by the infamous Gerald M Werner.  Werner was an OCS grad.  I worked closely with Werner until he was taken away by the CID.  As you all know he killed his "girlfriend", cut her up and distributed her body parts at various park platzes on the autobahn.  I recall the day after he did this coming into the office and telling me that he broke a torsion bar on his DeSoto.  I said I would help him replace it but later in the morning the CID arrived and took him away.  I was questioned at length about him and was assigned a guard (who the hell knows why) for several days.  During this period I got to read his confession.

I always knew he was OCD as he had really strange habits needing to always be clean and not touch anything "dirty".  In his confession, he found out his "girlfriend" (who was a prostatute) was pregnant and thought to himself he needed to clean her.  He proceeded to cut her up in the bathtub and drain away the "dirt".

A couple of years ago while in Germany on vacation I drove up to Bindlach to see if anything was left of Christensen Barracks.  The gate had been removed, the EM club was under some sort of remodel.  All the barracks were gone as were the military housing.  The PX building was also undergoing some sort of conversion.  In place of the barracks, there are now houses.  I drove down to the parking lot (I forget what it was called) where we parked the tanks, 113s, etc and it had not been touched.  I then went to the Hqtrs building where I spent most of my time working there and found it had been turned into an old folks home!

I drove down the hill in hopes of seeing Yetta's gasthaus but it was now a farm house.

Mark Maher

Thanks for the interesting story, Mark Maher. I served in First Squadron a decade after you (How Battery Jan. 1974-Sep. '77) and guys were still talking about that crime after I got to Bayreuth, although names and some details had been long forgotten.

I reported to HHT Medic Plt, 1/2ACR in Jan '75 and that story was still being told in the EM club on The Rock.And, Jim, I think you still owe me 5DM for a beer at the Old Bailey. ;^)

lol, I remember old Bailys...went there quite often...was at the rock from 76-79...remember their main song was steve miller bands Fly like an eagle...I can still hear the lyrics in my head...time keeps on slippin slipping slipping into the future...lol

I was also at the rock from 76-79 and hung out at Old Bailys. I was assigned to the Mess Hall on the rock. I miss the days and the friends I made.

I was their from 76-79. I bought a lot of GOOD BEER from the old taxi stand.



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8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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