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Hy my name is Thorsten Löster and I got a proplem and I need Your old ons to fix it.Im serching for a vey long time for an old brother of U his name is Paul T Hill and served at the Rock in the jear 1972,cant remamber the troop he served at B? C? D? he cam from KY and went back to  staates beginning 1973 today his age is between 62 -64.So it someboby out there can help me,so P L E A  S E  contekt me !!!!!!!!!

So why am I serching about him?I lost my step Vater very early and I was on the ground and Im still down there somewere out there is my dad Paul T Hill and he dosent know,that I exist and I think that he has a right to know me.I grow up like a Army child were in Savana/Georgia than up to Indianapolis went back to Baumholder iknow what it is to be the son of an Amrican GI cant forget this time when I go to the Rock with Dad to his tank M1 was so proud..............!Ok time to go wish U a nice time out there wereever U are Greetings from near tha Rock Löster Thorsten

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Thorsten Löster:  This is a good idea. I did a search for Paul T. Hill in Kentucky and did not find anyone in the 62-64 age group. I checked four search sites.  I live in Texas and was at Bindlach from 1958-1960.  Perhaps if you had any more specific information regarding your father's rank, serial number, or social security number I could look at some military records sites.  On the other hand, I wish I had someone over in that area to help me locate my Fräulein. She lived in Gefrees, but married and moved.  Anyway, if I can help you more, please provide more information as it becomes available. Robert


Hy Mr Currrie and Mr Burns Wadley thanks for Your answers at my post THX a lot I try everithing to find my dad its very hard so I will keep on going to make the anposiple posiple I know the "Rock" very good and I still spend sometimes time on it the good mamories I had Up there .I thougt that Base wasent big and my Idea was,that maby someone from Your old ons maby know him to get some more Information about my dad.I dont have any specific information the only what I know he was a SPC 4 if  i would I would found him Perhaps U know some others Vets who served there at the same time .Mr Burns Wadley I live in Zell its not far away from Gefrees :-) ! So I would be very habby to get more Information and THX a lot Greetings from Germany Löster Thorsten



Check out this website www.switchboard.com


Type in your father's name and state there are several hits for a Paul Hill, perhaps just print out the ones that might be your dad and start calling?  Good luck



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