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There was mention of the Student Uprising in the Czech Republic, the gist of it was that a recon patrol was in the hills watching as the Russian Tanks streamed in and broke radio silence (with a hand cranked transmitter no less) to send in a SITREP Lima Bravo when they thought they were being pursued and broke contact to make for home. In the course of doing so (according to the after action) they decided that what was really happening was that a lot of tankers got lost and kept heading east , resulting in multiple incursions and a couple of incidents.l was wondering if anyone wanted to elaborate on the story or verify that patrol etc.

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My dad told a story of coming up on a rusian tank at night on our side of the border and had him in his sights with spot light on
Would have fiered on him if he moved his barel his way fallowed him back across boarder
AS I READ IT , and the after action report was chilling, we had a LRRP Patrol on routine patrol near Prague when the Russians rolled in, only about 1 in 5 had radios and if they lost the vehicle in front they would get lost. They called in to report and then thought they were being searched for so we rolled to the border to get them across when we started getting reports of tanks every where. What was happening was several Motorized Rifle Regiments were sent to cut us off if we came across. Realizing that the LOST TANKS were just that and that our patrol had not been discovered, they were told to stay in place and they lived off the land till the MRR pulled pack and they could pass back through. THEN the Czechs finished their portion of the Border fence.


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