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Can't see why anybody would be interested in this, but here it is. Pardon any mistakes, the documents were hard to read.

CPT Thomas M. Molino; 1LT Ford Droegemueller; 1LT James A. Mitchell; 1LT Andrew Ray Stilley; Sp4 Jeffery Backowski; PFC Douglas J. Ball; SP4 Gabriel Beauchman; SP4 Kim Lee Benham; PFC West Boyd Jr; PFC Ricky Branson; SSG Harold R. Britton; SFC Elwood D. Brown; PV2 Gary Brown; PV2 Bret Frank Burrows; PFC Marty Buss; SP5 James A. Cain; SSG Richard Cassidy; SP4 Jerry L. Castor; SP6 Stanley J. Chatman; SP4 Rex Leon Clark; PV2 Charles CL Claxton; SP4 Brian P. Conlon; PFC George W. Cooley; PV2 Marvin Darby; PV2 Robert Delarosa; PFC Robert R. Dionne; SP4 Michael Ervin; PV2 Robert Fitzsimmons; SP4 Floyd E. Flatt; SP4 John Flieman III; SP4 Donley S. French; SP4 Dennis D. French; SP4 Haskyle E. Fugate; SP4 Dennis Fullerton; SP4 Eugene Gainey; SP4 Paul Garcia; SP4 Victor Garcia Jr; SP4 Richard A. Gency; PFC David E. Gettman; PFC Wayne J. Gillard; PFC Johnny Goff; PV2 Terry A. Grennan; SP4 William J. Hayden; PV2 (from PFC) Jerome W. Hess; PFC Ernest E. Hillman; SP4 Scott A. Hippe; SFC Albert Householder; SSG Willie C. Hughes; SP4 Melvin E. Jacobson; PFC Generoso M. Jacob; PV2 Theodore Jaeger; SP4 David A. Jilek; SP4 Stephen R. Johnson; PFC Bruce Johnson; SSG Gerald L. Juneau; SP4 Charles Justus; SP5 Barry C. Kauffman; SGT James Edward Keys; SP5 Lawrence L. Kissel; SP5 Michael H. Klobucar; PFC Craig A. Kowlwaies; SP4 Robert E. Kornegay; PV2 Michael Kurtz; PV2 Vito D. Leonardo; SGT Laverne Lobdell; PFC Willie R. Lofton; PV2 Abraham T. Luera; SGT Raymond J. Malec; PFC William D. Maloney; SP4 Arcadio Martinez; SGT Frederick F. Maule; PV2 Louis McCrae; SP4 James McManis; PV2 Jaime Montano; Sgt Oscar L. Moore; PFC Paul S. Morin; SGT Willie Otis; PFC Byron Ocain; PFC Michael Paige; PFC James Palmer; PFC Brian Parten; SP4 Lester J. Paul; SP4 Daniel T. Petrick; PV2 Vaivad Porotesano; SP4 James E. Pyle; PFC Richard D. Randolph; PFC Richard Reames; PV2 Arthur Reidlinger; SP4 Raymond J.Rex; SP4 Earnest Richardson; SP4 Marvin Richardson; PFC Gary Roderick; SP4 Julian Rodriguez; SP4 Robert J. Ryan; PV2 Mike C. Sanders; Sgt Frank P. Sarro; PFC John T. Shaffer; PV2 William P. Sheldon; SFC Franklin Skipper; PFC Charles V. Smith; PFC Thomas Spillane; PFC Kenneth Steinhaus; SP4 Walter Stoneking; Sp4 Mark W. Summer; PFC Jewel Swinton; PV2 Grady Taylor; PFC Earnest Tippins; PV2 Randall Traylor; SGT Stephen P. Urato; PV2 Jimmy A. Urbina; SSG Clifford E. Vanwey; PV2 Jose Velezdelgado; PV2 Ronald L. Wallace; PV2 Timothy L. Watkins; SP4 Harry Watt; SSG Kenneth A. Webb; SP4 Robert Wilkins; SP4 Eddie L. Williams; PFC Victor Winklepleck; PV2 Curtis Zeller; SP4 Larry R. Zsuzsics.

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Is that Tom Molino, future Regimental Commander?
How the hell did you find that. I posted some old pics Place the names with the picks

Jason Hastings said:
Is that Tom Molino, future Regimental Commander?

Yes, the same Tom Molino. He is currently the President of the 2d Cavalry Association, and a member here at Dragoon Base. This is Tom and I last November at the Stable Call in Vilseck, Germany. (Note the matching ties!)
Bob Ryan said:
How the hell did you find that. I posted some old pics Place the names with the picks

Sent away to the National Archives for the roster a couple years ago. Gave 'em a BS story about looking for witnesses to the C-15 explosion for a VA claim, when I was actually trying to find a German girls dad who was in our troop. She had never met her dad and didn't even know his name, but had an old picture of him and the nickname "Butch".
This is the picture she sent. I recognized the guy right off as being in C Troop, but didn't know his name and he wasn't in the 1975 troop photo.

Somehow we figured out who it was from the roster (can't remember now), and she ended up locating him. What was even crazier was, when I was at the Welcome Home celebration for the Regiment in Vilseck last November, I was pulled aside in the gymnasium to meet someone. It was the husband of the girl I had helped find her father! He was currently in the 2d Cavalry. I had taken his picture drinking with his buddy the night before at the Association's Stable Call at the Angerer Hotel. We had a tearful meeting in the gymnasium, and he informed me that his wife was finally able to meet her father after 33 years.

An update to that story.

I ran into SGM Smith again in 2011 at the Vilseck Fest. He was still with the 2d Cav and gave me his 2d Cav belt buckle.


Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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