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I am working on a book capturing the history of the Regiment as a U.S. force and military presence and need your help. I need your input on the structure of the platoons, troops, squadron, Regiment during your time in service. I know a lot of changes in equipment; especially weapons and vehicles, occurred during the Cold War period. By way of example;

1982 – 1984 1st Plt Fox Troop 2/2 ACR
4 – M60A3 (Transitioned to M1’s in August 1984)
2 – M901 ITV with M60 GPMG
2 – M113A2 with Dragons and M2 Browning
1 – M113A2 with M2 Browning

Fox Troop =
3 Identical Platoons
HQ Platoon =
HQ Section consisting of maintenance, communications, medics, arms room, orderly room
Mortar Section = 3 – M106 Mortar Carriers with 4.2 in mortar and M2 Browning

Your knowledge and help is greatly appreciated.

Always Ready
Mad Matt

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Don't forget that each line troop during that period also had a stinger section in HQ as well.
Thanks Glen.
How Battery '79-81
6- M109A1 155mm SP Howitzer
4- M-113A1 FIST APC's w/ M-2 .50
1-M577 FDC Track

3 Platoons
4 Sections FIST
1Commo(Gamma Goat and M151)
1 Survey Section(Gamma Goat and M-151)
1 Redeye AA Missile Section (transitioned to Stinger 1980)
Maintenence,Medic,Armorer Supply
2 PLT each with 3 M109A1's
you nailed it steve-o
Thanks Steve-O for the help. Always Ready
B Troop '71-'74
3 Cav. platoons consisting of 5 M-114 scout tracks
3 M-551 Sheridan's
1 M-113 APC Infantry track
1 M-106 Mortar track 4.2 inch mortar
Either late 72 or early 73 each platoon traded in their -114's and recieved 3 M-551's in return.
HQ. platoon consisted of jeeps for the CO, XO, Top and Plt Sgt. Plus at least 3 M-577 CP tracks and deuce-and-a-halfs with trailers and M-113's and 1 M-88 VTR
Fighting Fox 2/2 ACR was the same thru '76 when I left.
my unit prior to 2/2ACR was profiled with Scout plt, a mortar plt, redeye plt, gsr plt (ground servallience radar)

not related to regimental history, just a fyi, we had m114's equipped 20mm cannon and some had the .50 cals.
we gave up the m114's for gun jeeps with m60'sand 5 scout bikes (suzuki 185) too friggin loud for scouting. I liked the bush
Thanks Bo. Happy Holidays
Thanks for the intel Mike.

Always Ready
I got to B Troop in March 1974. I took over 1st Plt which had six M551A1 Sheridans, a M-113 rifle squad vehicle and an M-106 Mortar carrier with 4.2" Mortar. All vehicles mounted the M-2 .50 cal machinegun and all the Sheridans also mounted an M-249 Coax machinegun 7.62. Tankers all carried M1911A1 pistols, one or two M-3 Grease Guns per vehicle, rifle and mortar squads carried M-16s. This was the 3x5 exchange TOE. The 5 M-114's were gone by the time I got there, replaced by 3 M551A1's.

I got to D Co in Jun 1976 where we had 17 M60A1's, 5ea per Plt and two in HQ section. In June 1977 we exchanged them for M60A1 AOS (add on stabilization) systems, which also had early night sights at gunner and TC stations. All M60 variants mounted the M-85 machinegun.
Warren, Can you tell me how the platoon deployed/used the M113?




This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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