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Border Plaque, crossings, or just things you threw across the fence!!!

I was getting close to being short and wanted one of the plaques, you know the ones on the red,black and yellow pole.

I wonder what one would be worth now days, too bad I lost it(5th Amendment), lol.
We use to shoot bottle rockets and throw glow in the dark Frisbee's over the fence, and rocks between the two fences to see if we could set-off a land mine.
Yep guard duty can be pretty boring.

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Hubba Bubble Bubble gum, my belt buckle they( threw it back) and my beret when they were taken away from us.
At one point Penthouse or Hustler or some other rag featured this obese pig as their centerfold. We went down by the Pink Kaserne, stood on the hood of the jeep ans flashed this sow to the guys in the tower. You should've seen thenm scrambling up the ladder & fighting over the scope. It was hilarious. You could get alot more creative up north on the DDR border because the fences were right there. We'd throw snowballs, apples, oranges, or anything we had to try to trip the sensors in the fence. A glow in the dark frisbee? That's creative!
Do Radboros count?

What would be fun is a story about your coolest border invention. Like mortar tube carrier super binoculars fixed up with jeep mirrors and the like.
How about a head set "plugged" into a PVS-5 box. It was used (in plain view of DDR towers) to locate a previously emplaced "device". The device was observed by GAKs who had been trucked & humped into location. I think they eyeballed the device for about 2-3 days. The device consisted of the inner foil wrapper of a Kit-Kat bar with 2 paperclips topped by pencil erasers to serve as antennae. Upon locating the device, it would promptly be picked up and eaten- in plain view.

If you ever find out what its worth, please let me know....I also have a 1KM Zone sign in the garage, as well as a DDR Flag I "aquired" shortly after the wall went down in 1989.
I also have a 1K sign and a HALT HEIR GRENZE sign in my posession! Gather while on patrol when the wall was coming down..
If I can sell these items I will!.

Hey Anthony,if you still have your signs & want to sell them let me know.They would look good next to my yellow Delta Co. barracks sign (before they replaced it with the red & white cav sign.Joseph Auger

Hey david,If you decide you'd like to sell your 1K sign let me know,i've been looking for one.

One night, I believe it was our last night that E Troop had, the radar team went out with a jeep and trailer, and for shits and giggles we took our flash units and cameras. Well about 11.30 or thereabouts we got happy with the towers and flashed the border RIGHT after the Robur patrol departed the 'visual' AO. (We were at The Slab and had a long wide field, while the other side had some treed areas. With five of the damned flashes going off, sometimes in sequence, sometimes all-to-gether, we had the border guards going freaking crazy. The damned Robur and then one of the WarPact trucks (2 1/2t or 3t roughly) would rush back and out would boil a platoon, run about doing 'army shit', then drive off. We would wait 1 to 5 minutes then pop the flashes and the towers would pop flares and the trucks would rush back.

We got bored/tired of playing with them about 2AM.

Any E Troopers remember Clavijo the Columbian and the UFO? Bloo and Jello lights!
Pulled a Joint Night Patrol w/the BGS in one of their nice HEATED VW vans. We pulled into a nice overlook position, cut the lights and crept up to the Border and threw some smokes and a couple of skin-mags over and went back to wait. About an hour later we saw a foot patrol coming up on the goodies.(We were using NVG's) Right when the patrol started to grab the stuff, the Rad Lt in charge hits his Spotlight,Siren, and Friggin'Blue dome Light! He got on his bullhorn yelled something -Talk about deer in the headlights!! We spent the rest of the patrol at this little Gasthaus laughing and drinking bier und apfelkorn!! Gotta love those Guys!! That was the first time I saw an HK MP-5 or the VP-70.

BGS patrol was a fun thing got the chance to walk the grenze with them ny radio didnt work so no como check next to a cliff the yelled at the gaks  flipped them off loved the patrol

When inspecting the border markers, special orders said" Do not under any circumstances set foot across the border" With toes on our side, pissing on the other side was a hoot!



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9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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