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I'm really curious to know if anyone else ever saw any "unexplained" or really weird stuff while on Border Patrol. I am relatively sure I am not the only Trooper who encountered something totally bizarre that has yet to be explained to this day. I also posted this thread on the Forum site, under general topics.
Don't be shy Brothers....Lets hear the stories!


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I started out in the Starlight (Start a fight) Bar one Saturday evening. Next thing I know I'm in Hof in a car, out of gas with 5 fraulein's at 0200 hours. Can't explain that one!

DUDE U 2!!!???
I was standing outside of OP-51 one winter nite in a snowfall so heavy the snowflakes looked as big as softballs. I swear you could hear them land on your head and ears.
yes but it was the grenz & it was under surveillance by both sides the only ufo I ever saw was the bunnies on the border in attenuated moon light, we could see flashing bolts of light in the cavnavs but couldn't figure out the deal until we stopped the jeep slid the window open & got a good look at the bastards running around in the dark. I though I was hallucinating, Malone was about to piss his pants!
I recall one night sometime around midnight, I was on the boeselager team practising a night land navigation outside of Amberg. We were a four man team trekking thru an open field in a very dense fog you could barely see your hand. All of a sudden the whole ground is lit up every couple of feet, a little light shining thru the grass. We got down on our hands and knees and its little glow worms, everywhere. I never heard of them before and not since. It almost seems like a dream but it's true.

Back during my 73-76 tour, while on rear guard duty outside of OP-70 one very foggy spooky night, I was sitting on the ground leaning up against one of the Gama-goat's six wheels checking my eyelids for pin holes, when all of a sudden I see this figure coming out of the fog walking up the roadway towards me with a flowing cape.  I mean right out of a Hollywood spook show. 


I snapped the safety off of my M-16 half asleep and started to feel the adrenalin rush come on, when I sense that there was something beside me, very large and furry sniffing my ear. Talk about shear terror developing in milliseconds.  Was it a Vampire and his Werewolf friend I though?  Noooo, it turns out it was a Zoll on foot patrol with his patrol dog.  Man my heart was beating so fast.  He stopped and in a very pleasant voice said, "Hello", then he and his dog went inside the OP for a warm-up.  I never forgot that, and still laugh about it today
Great story Denny. Funniest part of the whole thing was that you had a GAMMA GOAT!!!!
Yeah, Gamma Goats.  Do they still use them?  I live in a rural area with lots of woods and open fields.  A Gamma Goat would be a really bad-ass off road toy to run around in!
I don't think they lasted long. Only time I ever saw one used was to haul the garbage cans out of Camp Pitman every couple weeks.
Pawn shop up the road from where I work has a duece & a-half for sale, great condition too. Keep trying to get the wife to let me at least ask how much.


There was this old house in the forest. It was right on the border, something was going on in the house, we were on a night patrol. We didn't stick around.  Mike on my very first border duty,(I was 18,) at an op I remember the snow just like that. It was dark, cold, I was standing near a big tree trying to get out of the snow, I also thought you could hear the snow. It could really come down out there.

Where was the house at?  I vaguely remember you talking about this house back then.




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