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I'm really curious to know if anyone else ever saw any "unexplained" or really weird stuff while on Border Patrol. I am relatively sure I am not the only Trooper who encountered something totally bizarre that has yet to be explained to this day. I also posted this thread on the Forum site, under general topics.
Don't be shy Brothers....Lets hear the stories!


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I was on OP one night overlooking the Pink Kaserne with Robbie Roberson. He had brought a bag of cookies that we munched on until late at night. Well, I was on watch, and Robbie was asleep in the jeep. The BBP show up with his HUGE dog, and the dog wanted some of those cookies. Robbie was half asleep, so I gently opened the passenger door of the Jeep and the dog jumped in. Next thing we heard was a scream, and Robbie jumped out the drivers door and hightailed it for the woods. I never could figure out how he got over that stick shift and around the steering wheel so fast, especially since he was wrapped up in his poncho blanket.

That's funny as hell!

I got stuck on radar at the OP's. It was a hot potato no one wanted but being low man I got it. Had to stand on top of the OP all night listening to static on headphones. It drove me nuts. One dark night I felt someone behind me and turned to find it was Dracula and a big German Shepard! After calming down I realized it was one of the BGS guys who seemed to appear out of the woods.

Ha! I guess Dracula was popular. I did not see the other stories before I posted. Yes a Zoll guy. Long nights on OP duty.

I thought you were going to say Hayes had got a dog , he was big enough to be a monster in the dark . For some reason I can not remember his first name this morning .

Speaking of Drakler ( Southern for Dracula or Dracula from South Transylvania), the Hohenburg (sp?) Castle was the creepiest OP I remember. Right out of Brahms Stoker. I spent a week there one night. Hell, I still get goose bumps thinkin' about that place. I think that was the OP where the Czech Border camp was close enough for them to turn on a spot light to wash out our starlight scopes at night. ya'll remember that place doncha?

I have seen some things Jeff and I am a believer, but, no nothing I can recall there.





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