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Many of us experienced a unique part of history patrolling the East German & Czechoslovakian Borders during the Cold war. Share those stories here with those who served on the border.

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Comment by Jesse Kelley on February 5, 2009 at 6:44am
OK, Guys, I put the comment box back in, and I'll let ning worry the rules of content.
Comment by Wayne Dixon on December 7, 2008 at 7:32pm
I served two tours with "I" Troop, same platoon and section both time. I worked the border when we were station in Weiden and Marktredwitz (camp Gates) Memories come back those were some fine times for me. I worked with the German Army taking their Officers up on the Border, at that time they were like us forbidden from the border zone area. They needed to enter the area to prepare their defence and battle plans. During my time I also was escort patrol for a Five Star and Four Star General from the British Army to go up on the Border. I also had taken a platoon down to Bad Tolz to train with the 10 Special Forces. I have a album of photos from there. I was on the Border the day that President Kennedy was killed we received the word at the weiden border station we were placed on full stand by but only the normal patrol and OP's went out. They did not want the local and people at border to get all stirred up. We sent jeeps into weiden to notifiy all military person on pass to return to their units. During my last tour I was sent down to the Intelligence School at Oberammergau. All together I have spent five tours in Germany. I have had some wonderful time over there, loved it down in Bavaria. I have six Albums stop by and check them out.
Comment by Tommy E. Nester on December 7, 2008 at 1:40pm
1971 November I was sent to Camp rotz as a new member of the 4th Armored Division 2nd Squadron 4th Cavalry. I was assigned as a mechanic even though I was a Sheridan trained Armor Creman. I had to work on 12 worn out M151A1 Jeeps and keep them on the road for the Border Patrol. I remeber helping run the canteen at night, running the movies and acting as a bartender. One of the Scout Platon Sergeants put me on the OP and Patrol roster and I ended up doing double duty the norm of the Cavalry. It set me on my course to become a better trooper the rest of my career. I remeber today SHOP, Self Defense, Hostile Act, On Order, or to Prevent illegal Arrest or Capture. SALUTE; Saize, Activity, Location, Unit, Time and Equipment. I remember what a UAZ 69A looks like, Reaction Force, Reaction Platoon, Handicap Blacks and almost everything drilled into my head by those Border Operations Guys.
Comment by Kenneth Morrow on December 6, 2008 at 5:47pm
Anyone station at Bad Kissingen, 14th Armored Cav Regiment, 2nd Squadron.
Thanks, Ken Morrow
Comment by James Bigbie on December 5, 2008 at 3:15pm
I did Border Tours at Camp Reed and May from 1987-1990, was Border Operations Team Leader for 1 year also.
Comment by Wayne Nimmo on December 4, 2008 at 10:53pm
One of my memories that sticks with me is going out to do a patrol, during the winter. Drove our jeep up to a vantagepoint where we could see them, they could see us, yet everybody kept their cool, or so they thought. After we parked our jeep, the Sgt. I was with (cant remember which one was involved in this story) and I stayed out in front of the jeep for a few minutes after the East German patrol came up, saw us, and stopped to take their customary pictures. Sarge decided that was enough time, and told me to go get a canister out from the passenger side of the jeep. I got it, walked back to the front, and put it on the hood. Cylindrical, silver, about a foot long, with a 2.5 inch black cap on top and a handle on the side. They saw it in their binos, grabbed their cameras, and rattled off at least 2 full rolls of film, trying to figure out what this was. After a few minutes, we decided it was time to remove the cap, pop the pour spout, and enjoy some of the coffee from the thermos. A whole lot of german, probably profanity laden, insued, followed by the East Germans climbing in their vehicle and leaving in a big hurry. We had a good laugh over that one, and ended up having an uneventful night after that.
Comment by Kenneth Morrow on December 2, 2008 at 7:08pm
My border duty was in Hof and Kronack from 60 to 63 and it was always very good duty. We relieved the 14th at Bad Kissingen Jan. thru Feb. 1963 this was not very good duty, it was soooo cold and everything was new. I don't think I every saw much sunshine during this tour.
The only thing good I can remember is I turned 22 while I was there.
Border duty was a very good job to have, better than playing army.
Best Regards, Ken Morrow

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