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John G, I remember my dad used to love to eat green pickled tomatoes!

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Green tomato pickeles are the best.  My dad use to make them.

Really, I never tried them "pickled." But when I lived outside of Joplin Missouri, I always had a stand  of tomatoes and at least a row or two of Okra. My wife at the time was the youngest of six kids and always got the chores in the kitchen.

This made her a terrific cook at a very young age, I think she was 19 and I was 20 when we got married.

She would often make diced green tomatoes, mix with diced okries lightly floured and seasoned and deep fried; with fried chicken, chicken-fried steak or tongue sandwiches this was a terrific side dish. we were young and skinny then so we had no concern for calories or cholesterol, and our St. Bernard got quite used to leftovers from our bountyful kitchen as she did not know how to cook for 2. 6 -- 8 maybe, but not 2.

Over the years I have learned to ask for the green tomatoes "from the back" in these Southwestern grocery stores, where green t-maters are considered non-saleable.

I have come to grill slices of green tomatoe with a little sprinkle of cornmeal to coat the slices lightly and provide a blackening base to hold the 'tmater together.

Goes great with pork, ribs, chicken, anything you can dream up on the grill, and suprises most novices.

I have also done the same grilling processes with Italian and Yellow squash, they too, grill up great, grill up quick and make a complimentary dish with the green tomatoes.




Fried green tomatoes were part of every Saturdays Breakfast in our house growing up in Maryland, sliced thin, dredged in seasoned flower and slow fried in butter. Man! I can still taste them.


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