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Operation Cowboy - 2d Cavalry 1945


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Comment by George H Crump (Chief) on October 9, 2019 at 7:55pm

sorry I forgot to attach the letter - Chief

Comment by George H Crump (Chief) on October 9, 2019 at 7:51pm

To Dave - enjoy reading your father's records, I have one comment WOW - he really loved the Army. and he must had connections to, but maybe it was common back then, I know when I first joined a Sgt. had a lot of power, and a officer was like a god, as a private I was not even allowed without permission to talk to an officer. Case in point, I was working in the tank Park and was formed by my tank commander that the company commander wanted to see me after lunch, oh no what have I done. So up to the barracks I went, change my fatigues and put on my highly polished guard boots, spent my lunch hour getting ready to see the old man. after formation my tank commander checked out by uniform, then my Plt Sgt. check me out, went to the orderly room and informed the 1st Sgt.that was there to report to the commander, and then he check me out, and each step of the way I keep asking what did I do wrong and why did he want to see me, with the response from all of them, you'll see. so I knocked on the door and reported, PFC. Crump reporting as ordered Sir with a smart salute, he handed me a letter and a handshake wishing me a Happy Birthday, and if my Plt Sgt. said it was okay I can have the rest of day off, I never forgot that day. attached is the letter - Dragoon for life -Chief

Comment by Robert Burns Wadley on October 8, 2019 at 11:52pm

To Harold Goldstein:  My memory for names is long gone and I do not recall anything from your photograph.  My travels were to Bindlach, Hof, Nurnberg, Grafenwoer, Bayreuth, et cetera for border duty and war games. If you ever pumped gas into one of my vehicles, on a dark night, in the middle of nowhere, you will always be my hero.

Comment by Dave Gettman on October 8, 2019 at 6:24pm

Harold, dad and mom wanted to stay in Europe when the 2d went to Ft. Meade so in 1955 he transferred from 2ACR in Bindlach to 507th Ordnance Co in Hanau. I did just the opposite when I was in the Army, got transferred from Hanau to 2ACR in Bindlach.

Latter part of 1956 through most of 1957 we were at Ft. Banks with 15th AAA Group. Dad was the motor officer.

He was relieved from active duty at Ft. Devons, Mass on 15 Nov 1957 and reenlisted at Seattle 17 days later after driving our new '56 Plymouth Belvedere across the US. That car made many trips to and from Ft. Ord too. He spent December at Ft. Ord before being assigned to 701st Ordnance Battalion at Ft. Riley for all of 1958. January 1959 he went to 704th Ordnance Battalion at Ft. Lewis.

He was in the 1954 2ACR yearbook.

This shows all his time as a warrant officer after coming back from Korea in 1951. For 10 months in Korea and 6 months prior to that at Ft. Lewis he had been a M/Sgt in a WO slot.

Comment by harold goldstein on October 8, 2019 at 3:00pm

Where was he in 57 or 58?

I bet you, (NOT FOR MONEY) that that is his picture in the 58 yr book.

Comment by harold goldstein on October 8, 2019 at 2:58pm

Dave, did he Gyro back when the 2nd went to FT Meade?

Comment by Dave Gettman on October 8, 2019 at 2:11pm

After we got back from Germany we spent a short time in Massachusetts and then mom made dad get out of the Army, a WO-2 at the time.

He bought a car and drove us back to Tacoma, went up to Seattle and enlisted again (MSGT), then took off for Fort Ord. We stayed in Tacoma from then on and rarely saw him until he retired.

Comment by Dave Gettman on October 8, 2019 at 2:00pm

Never been there, Chief. Rest of the family stayed up here in Tacoma while dad tripped around the world.

I was conceived at Ft. Hood and born at Ft. Lewis. Dad bought the house I'm living in now just days before I was born. Five weeks later (1 Sep 1953) he was in Germany with 2ACR and we followed in June.

Just the other day on Ancestry I found the passenger list from when my mom, brother Ken and I sailed to Germany on the USNS General Maurice Rose. I know some of you guys have spent time on the Rose.

Comment by George H Crump (Chief) on October 8, 2019 at 1:06pm

Hi Dave - you're right Ft.Ord definitely was home to your Dad, what of anything do you remember. I wanted to clear up the pictures of FT. Ord, the first 3pic is of the soldiers club it's being torn down, and the last 3pic when FT. Ord was up and running, it's a shame how the Fed.Gov..just walked away in 1992 after investing big bucks building and maintaining the base, at one time it had 50,000 troops stationed there along with 10,000 civilians you can imagine the impact it had on the civilian forces and on the cities surrounding the Fort.  They gave part of the land to Seaside City and the other part to Monterey City both cities had big plans till they realize the did not have the funds to do anything, later Monterey  did build a small college campus, so through the years, time and vandalism has  destroyed the base. even with the Army's two years preparation before turning over, they're still thousand of acres off-limits due to unknown dangers from areas that were once bombing ranges. Before it was Ft. Ord in the late 1800s and early 1900s before World War I it was a naval gunnery range. But One thing is coming out of it for the good they are finding plants, trees and animals they thought were distinct, Also president Obama saved part of the land by making it a national park. And there's now an effort to stop the destruction of the buildings and remodeling the Holmes that one time were Gov. quarters. No I knew nothing about the lucky 16 but I enjoyed the article from Harold. attached a few more pictures from Fort Ord - Dragoon for life - Chief

Comment by Dave Gettman on October 8, 2019 at 10:23am

Harold, that's not the article I was looking for. That meeting was at the NTC and didn't include the 2d Cav. The article I was talking about was from Iraq or Afghanistan and included all three regiments. First and only time they have all met in a war zone since the forming of the Lucky 16. I had the article posted on the 2d Cavalry News Center before the site was taken down.


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