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Comment by James F. Burgos on January 24, 2011 at 10:11am
Re: the American dream.  Instructive, instructive indeed.  I have already known about " the beast from Jekyl Island. "
Comment by Michael Asahina on January 23, 2011 at 6:58pm
Comment by Robert M. Lavoie on January 23, 2011 at 10:50am

Thank you James, You are a gentleman.  I will read more on the subject as most of my reading now is geared toward theology.  I do not blame you for being cynical, bitter and angry. The fact is that I feel the same along with a sincere desire for justice. Looking back in history makes one wonder what is happening now in this generation (Irac, Afganistan, 911 etc.). 

I dream that we as vets could organize our own party - one based on peace and justice without war. Call it "The American Veteran's Party". It seems to me that in this Century of Communication "what we have here is a failure to communicate." I truely believe productive and constructive communication is the means toward world peace. Greed and apathy are going to do us in.

Have you ever read Howard Zinn's "The People's History . . ."? My wife always wonders why I read books that get me upset?

It's always a pleasure.  Sincerely, Bob L.

Comment by James F. Burgos on January 23, 2011 at 10:04am
Robert, is it any wonder that the " Vietnam Generation "  grew to be so cynical and bitter as they worked their lives away and began to realize what was REALLY going on ?  As for Jim Garrison's book, I am sure that Amazon has it.  If you don't have the time to read it, get the Oliver Stone film ( a Vietnam Vet )  " JFK " starring Kevin Costner.  Some " creative license "  was taken but the physical facts are well demonstrated in the scene of his presentation to the Dallas Grand Jury. As for Vietnam, it all started with the " Gulf of Tonkin Incident ".  It was claimed that North Vietnamese torpedo boats attacked a U.S. Navy destroyer.  TWO Naval Aviators, flying the F4 Phantom, were scrambled and went supersonic ASAP. They found the destroyer AND NOTHING ELSE. They did a search in a 200 mile radius and found nothing.  These pilots were told to keep silent, under threat of life in Leavenworth, but now in their eighties, they don't give a hoot.  They spilled the beans about 5 years ago.  About two years ago the Government admitted to the truth.  Over 58 thousand American Dead and only God knows how many Vietnamese died, AND FOR WHAT ?  As for Progressive dictators, just look at President Woodrow Wilson.  He imprisoned THOUSANDS of people, just for criticizing his policies.  Am I wiser and better informed than I was 40 years ago ?  I HOPE so.  Am I bitter and cynical ?  YOU BETCHA !
Comment by Robert M. Lavoie on January 22, 2011 at 2:11pm


I was in junior high when Kennedy was assassinated and I will never forget the over all feeling of grief and anger that stayed with our community for weeks. 

When I went to school on the GI bill in the mid 70s I had a political science teacher who was a leading expert on the Kennedy assassination.  Now he never conveyed his theories to us but we did get a good look at "bootlegged" films of the assassination along with other investigative material.

After Dean Jr. College, I went on to Stonehill where I had the opportunity to look at Liberation Theology. Here I was introduced to the writings of Noam Chomsky.  I must say I was totally devastated to learn about "the Washington Connection and Third Fascism".  I guess I was just naive, but I never thought our great Country would play such a horrendous part in the murder of millions to protect the interests of big business.  Basically we worked to keep oppressive dictatorships in power so they could continue to profit off of the worlds natural resources. When it comes to BIG business, it DOES NOT MATTER WHO GETS KILLED, including JFK.

You brought up some great points James and I will read Jim Garrison when I get a chance.  Nothing surprises me anymore. Actually it's too close to home - read my comment about my Uncle Richard Lavoie. He obviously knew too much and was expendable.

What you say James makes perfect sense.

Comment by James F. Burgos on January 22, 2011 at 12:37pm
To expand on the MAFIA theory.  The " Consigliari " ( Legal advisor )  to the New Orleans Mob explained years later that the National Crime Families had met and discussed what to do about Bobby Kennedy.  Some wanted to " whack "  him but it was pointed out that his brother, the President, would come after them with the Army and the Marines !  They knew that LBJ HATED BOBBIES GUTS and also knew that if LBJ was President, he would get rid of Bobby for them.  Make sense ?
Comment by James F. Burgos on January 22, 2011 at 9:59am
At the time of the Kennedy assassination I was a Junior in high school.  Naturally, for days I read as many newspapers and watched as many TV new shows as I could.  There were SO MANY questions that were never answered.  The " single bullet "  theory NEVER made any sense to anyone who had ever fired a high powered rifle.  One bullet going through, turning around, and then coming back.  The pristine rifle bullet ( a SOFT POINT )  that was " found "  on the stretcher at Parkland Hospital was in perfect condition, no deforming, the soft lead point in perfect shape.  I know that many of you have hunted deer, etc. and you know that soft points flatten out or splatter in soft tissue.  Didn't makie sense to me.  THEN, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, was appointed head of the Investigative Commission .  He stated, and I QUOTE, " The American People will be told the truth when everyone who lives today IS SAFELY DEAD ! "  To this day, I still believe that Jim Garrison, the Dallas D.A. was right when he wrote the book " BEST EVIDENCE "  that claimed that at least THREE SHOOTERS were involved.  The evidence is in the book. I suggest that you read it. Three things to consider about WHO would want to get rid of Kennedy. Kennedy was going to pull our Green Berets out of Vietnam and was NOT going to fight a War there. ( no war profits ) .  He also was going to get rid of the FEDERAL RESERVE and was already producing REAL U.S. CURRENCY.  ( no more cash cow for the private bankers who OWN the Federal Reserve )  and Bobby was going after the MAFIA. Take your pick. Even the Soviet KGB and the Israeli MOSSAD concluded that a " lone gunman "  couldn't have done it.   
Comment by Robert M. Lavoie on January 19, 2011 at 4:16pm

Michael, For a "blockhead" you are certainly a wise man.

 I have one hundred and one questions regarding your philosophy (theology) but I cannot list one as I digest what you have said.  I agree that we should be one with God, but it seems to me, one who is called to do his work should work toward peace and to free those "enslaved".  "Let my people go"

I think I would like to know you better. You are a wise man.

Comment by Michael Asahina on January 19, 2011 at 3:30pm

Life is Great. Plus and minus to everything: Learning more seems complicated at first, but for this blockhead, the longer I live it is easier to remember that life basically, is very simple. The higher authority, makes it clear to me that we are individuals together on this planet, all trying our best to enjoy our time here.

        Knowing too much presents a moral dilemma; the answer is there is always more to know. The idea behind the Federal Reserve seems to have existed even before the time of Christ. The creation of a system that enslaves people is nothing new, but more to the point, our country needed a way to be in a perpetual wartime economy.

        The Minus is that when there is a war, there are dead bodies turning up somewhere. Sure we have abundant and cheap food to feed many, sure it is not as healthy as food use to be. Well, fortunately we have a termination program just around retirement age—prescriptions and medical procedures, all under the control of Big Government Corporate Interest. (I am facetious when fatigued, ignore that, but encourage you to keep your cool when finding out what is going on, we are adults and have the choice to plan our position to keep our clans from succumbing to the short end of corporate greed, even benefiting from it.)  Allow the Lord to be with you, keep your soul.

       The Plus, I am grateful to have served with the Second Dragoons, the people I served with and those I’ve come to know before and after my time. I know when I look for an enemy it always turns out to be me, or in the larger sense “we”. Freedom is the greatest gift to mankind, and that is what we are all about. Food freedom is right up there at the top, Good Health is essential, @ James, I’ll get back to you on the evil artificial sweeteners.

       Always Ready, means a lot to us. The symbols on our unit crest are forged in blood, lest we forget what individual freedom really means, and our role as private citizens and active military.

        If you are doing your best, you can rest easy every night. Waking up each day, fresh again, to meet the challenges of the day.

       Toujours Pret!

Comment by Sigmund Fertig on January 19, 2011 at 11:59am
Gettin old beats the alternative, luvin old age and enjoyin it and retirement!!!

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