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Comment by Harry Warner on July 17, 2010 at 12:26pm
My view on the issue is that "they" are fighting a war based on religious ideology and we are basing it on trying to change their minds. Can't be done! They have no qualms about blowing themselves up and everyone else because of a religious belief. The only way that can be accomplished is if we did them all a favor and helped them on their journey. I believe if you have a bully who hits you with his fist, you have to retaliate with 2x4. I fully agree that our guys are fighting with one hand tied behind their backs. How can you fight a coward who hides behind innocent civilians, and then be told you can't shoot anybody who doesn't have a weapon in their hands, even though you just saw them firing at you?
Comment by Stephen (STEVE-O) Bowen on July 17, 2010 at 12:25pm
I think we are seeing too much Political involvement,and too many officers wanting to have their "Dance Card" stamped. There have been Patrols going out with orders NOT to have their weapons Locked and Loaded, to expand the ROE and not to piss off Higher Up. We have an EXTREMELY corrupt Government(10 including the President's brother just bought property in a Golf Community in Dubai-$2million minimum buy-in) that the people don't trust, even when they bother to show up. Then, to get anything done,the inevitable bribe must be paid.
History and Tribal Factions/Clans are a nightmare. A buddy of mine with 33yrs-most of them in Spec Ops retired last year.he was on his 3rd Tour as a SGM with an Airborne brigade and explained it:
Billy Bob and his goat herders live out in the middle of Bumfuck,like they have for 1000 years. 5 miles away on another hill in Bumfuck, Bobby Joe and his goat herders live,like they have for 1000 years. Now, Billy Bob and his people have been fighting with Bobby Joe and his people for since someone insulted the other about 200 years ago. They are illiterate and follow a Religion that hasn't changed to keep up with the World for 2000 years-it's all they know. Then you get some guy from across the Planet with all this stuff you've never seen with a guy from the Government,whom you have never seen,and don't trust telling you that they are here to help you and make everything safe,if you help them,if you do what they ask. Most of these people don't give a shit about Kabul or the Taliban, they just want to be left alone.
So, we are trying to Win Hearts and Minds,with a barely Legitimate Corrupt Government, with severe Cultural schisms,a lack of infrastructure,severely restricted ROE's,REMF's on large bases with Starbucks and Subway, Political interference and a growing unpopularity back home- can anyone say VIET-NAM??
Comment by MAC on July 17, 2010 at 12:08pm
just reviewed a you tube video on an arab fest in Deerborn Michigan.Looks like these Arab immigrants dont like the U.S.A. and are attempting to enforce sharia law. Why do we go around the world to fight our enemies and then give them green cards? Also why is the new mission of NASA to build up the self esteem and worth of Arabs and give them the credit for our achievements in space?landing on the moon calculations werent done with a damn abacus.
Comment by James F. Burgos on July 17, 2010 at 12:01pm
Hoooo boy, Harry. You just opened up a HUGE can of worms ! I'll start with a news story I read on line, just before Gen. McCrystal was canned. This story was leaked out of Afghanistan. Our Infantry Troopers were under mortar fire and could clearly SEE the Hajis dropping the mortar bombs down the tube. They called in for permission to return fire ( WTF ????? ) PERMISSION DENIED ! My generation saw this same crap in Vietnam ! War micro managed by Politicians in Washington, all nice and safe there. " We know that the Enemy is here, but you can't Kill him!" " We know that the NVA has a huge ammo dump there, but you can't bomb it. " " We know that Hanoi is on the verge of surrender ( during Nixon's Christmas bombing, when John McCain was still in the Hanoi Hilton ) but that might anger the Russians. " The same BS is going on NOW ! I believe that if we commit ourselves to WAR, we go in with everything we have or STAY THE HELL OUT ! My Grand Daughter's husband it over there NOW and what is he fighting for ? REALLY??? Quit playing Political Games with the lives of our fine youth. Either go in and blow the crap out of the place or COME HOME ! To me, Afghanistan and Iraq are not worth ONE AMERICAN LIFE. I know the argument against my thinking. " If we don't stop them there, they will come over here. " I got NEWS for you guys, here in Arizona, they are ALREDY HERE ! Our Border is a JOKE and in the Tucson Sector OTM's ( other that Mexicans ) from Libya, Somalia, the UAE, Aden, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others have been caught ! HOW MANY WEREN'T CAUGHT ??? What have they brought in with them ? We won't know that until another attack happens.
Comment by Dave Gettman on July 17, 2010 at 11:24am
I try like hell to stay out of political discussions, but I'll throw my $.02 in on this one.

I've always been of the firm opinion, finish the fight no matter what. We have been committed and we have lost sons and daughters, and their loss should not be in vain. I would rather we fight terrorists on their home soil then on ours.

Lately though with all the sanctions on engagement, it seems as though too many restrictions have been placed on our forces to have any chance of ever bringing the Taliban down. If they won't let us win, why play?
Comment by Dave Gettman on July 17, 2010 at 11:16am
That's where the broadhead came out, James. He was quartered away from me at 11 yards when I shot him. Arrow went in right behind his right elbow and came out his left shoulder. The arrow broke in three pieces with the feathers sticking out the right side, about six inches of the shaft stayed in his heart (I still have that part) and the broadhead end went through the left side and kept going. The meat was fantastic, especially since it was a rough winter and that's all we had to eat. Got about 225lbs of meat off him.
Comment by Harry Warner on July 17, 2010 at 10:52am
Hello everyone,
Time for a healthy discussion.....I am curious to know your opinions of the politics of the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What do you think can, or cannot be accomplished? Should we even be there? Is anything really winnable? And if so, what? I am NOT referring to the dedication and patriotism of our brothers and sisters who are fighting the wars, only the politics of the wars. We have a varied age group here with "older" oldtimers and "younger" oldtimers. I think it would be interesting to see if there are differences between the age groups.
Comment by James F. Burgos on July 17, 2010 at 9:41am
Good shot placement, Dave. Right behind the shoulder. How did he taste ??
Comment by Dave Gettman on July 16, 2010 at 5:50pm
Yup, that's me years ago when I could still hump the hills. Legs and lungs are both gone.

Only elk I ever got. Shot it with a 90lb rated cedar arrow off an 83lb Golden Eagle compound at 11 yards right on the side of a skidder road. Went clean through both lungs and the heart, and he only made it about 25 yards off the road before he dropped dead flat on his back with his horns completely buried in the ground. I was a 5 minute walk from camp straight down the road from our trailer on the last day of the season.
Comment by Jeffrey C Havens on July 16, 2010 at 4:54pm
That you Dave? ,can,t tell with the white face. Have taken lots of game but not one of those yet.Had my chance many years ago,couldn,t get close enough.Can,t afford it now.

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