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sure would be nice to hear from the guys from air troop.

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soon as i get one on here have my horse up for stud so thats the only pic i have on the office comp. i,ll get the wife to put some on at the house
hey bob heres one of you and kravic i got some more.. as soon as i find them i'll post some more of them . have a good one dean o

Robert Perry said:
soon as i get one on here have my horse up for stud so thats the only pic i have on the office comp. i,ll get the wife to put some on at the house
yall remember the war wagon I wonder how long that old van stayed in the troop
surely some of our pilots are still out there .sure would be cool to hear from some of them
Can an old guy join in? I was an in-country transfer arriving at Feucht AAF in June '76 when the unit was still Air Cav Troop; there wasn't an aviation squadron then. Units throughout Germany were undergoing the Aviation Reorganization of '74. 2d ACR was being reorganized into an attack helicopter troop. At the same time the AHC (lift company's) were all losing their organic gun platoons too. Air Cav Trp had to go from the old organization of one gun platoon, one scout plaoon, and one platoon of blues (and lift) to having three attack platoons. The Blues (11B's) were disbanded and spread who knows where, some stayed in the troop. The resident gun platoon became 1st Attack Platoon under CPT Ralph Hayles (later a LTC of Desert Storm friendly fire fame); CPT Dennis Trigg arrived in country to take over 2nd Attack Platoon which was made up of the gun platoon being stripped out of the 48th AHC (Blue Stars) from Ansbach (Katterbach); and the 3rd Platoon was made up of the gun platoon from the lift company stationed at Wertheim AAF and was commanded by CPT Chad Richmond, a Cobra qualifed arty captain coming from ground duty at Merrill Bks. The original Scout Platoon was redistributed between the three attack platoons. Each platoon was 4 scouts and 7 snakes (AH-1G). MAJ Matt Serletic commanded the troop and had a '58, Operations had a Huey, and Maintenance had a Huey. Finally there were 3 UH-1M's left over from the old gun platoon.

If the '58's were the sports cars of the fleet, then the 'M' models were the sports sedans of the fleet. They were the smaller 'C' model Huey bodies and tail with the L-13 engine, the 540 rotor system, and dual hydraulics. I was newly minted CPT (1LT - second award) coming out of an in-country Huey assignment into the troop to fly scouts and was assigned to the 3rd Platoon. There were so few Huey current guys, that besides flying '58's we got all the 'M' model time we wanted, just to keep them wet and flying. What an absolute blast!

The UH-1H's from the Blues became the foundation (along with some additional OH-58's to form a separate Scout Platoon to support the ground squadrons) for our sister troop, Support Troop (Air). Both of these troops would later be renamed to Attack Helicopter Troop (AHT) and Combat Support Troop (CST).

Flying was non-stop, with FTX's, the border, and whatever else (the troop had just pulled of the Russian TOW demo - some of our Cobra drivers had more actual TOW shots than almost anyone in the Army). Qualifed as a Weiden Sector border pilot in three weeks from the time I started training. In those days if you wanted flight time in Germany, the 2d or the 11th ACR was the place to be - and I always considered the 2d the premier regiment. Never turn down a mission when your platoon was assigned a mission or when opns called and you could fly as much as you wanted; for a young aviator who had just missed Viet Nam, this was one of the next best gigs. Later came the AH-1Q conversions, some Mod S conversions, and the rest is history. Enough rambling, those are tales for another time. I look forward to hearing stories about other aviators in other times and theaters. The 2d has gotten around. Toujours Pret - Bruce Hill - "Redcatcher 39"
By chance the same Bruce Hill that actually asked to be the POL platoon leader? If so one of the best officers I ran across in all my time in the Army, and that is saying alot. Not sure if you will remember me, but I was the guy who got ran over by the duce and a half next to the hanger.

I was with Air cav troop, Oct. 70 to Oct. 73 WheM I got there we still had 2 beaver fixed wing. 10 58s six cobras and 5 Uh-1 H.. Beavers got tirned in to surplus short aftr my arrival. and M models 3 were ther about 2 yrs later.

great stuff!!!!.went thru the same when I was in the 238th ahc switched over to 2/9 cav.it was great when the hueys went into phase and we could "scrounge" parts off them to keep the G's flying.life was simple back then.
a big welcome bill and glad to have you here.
Damn computer things lol welcome Bruce i was a crew chief in 3rd plt from 80 till 28
Welcome Bruce i was in 2nd plt. (the dog platoon) Hi ya Bob and Pete what you guys up to?? I'm still workin in Arizona on the Hopi reas. . have a good one Deano
I just ran into CSM Matt Shoemake at the ALSE Conference in Huntsville AL. I had not seen him since 1991 at Feucht. He was a PFC back then. I also ran across Jim Harshfield who also lives in Huntsville and FYI Wayne Gayle is in Cullman Alabama.



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9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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