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Hey fellas,  just looking for anyone that went thru the bradley transition with me.   We had Cpt Bergfelt,  Lt brechbuhl,  1sg Raleigh, Harden,   i still rag on raleigh today on how we were treated while we were there.  being that our families were so close, but not allowed to visit etc.   Anyone there the day that bergfelt had the Lts spying on the guys and trying to catch them drinking beer down in the woods,    they  (Lt's) went running to tell the cpt and he made the Company have a formation, and even  ran everyone out of the movie theater, then walked thru the ranks and tried to smell beer on the soldiers breath,  then out of nowhere came up with a list of names, and made Harden march us all to the Vilseck MP station to take breathalyzers,  first name they called was mine SGT Beaulieu,  Ol brechbuhl thought he had me, so i went in and blew first, and blew zero's that asswipe turned his head and wouldnt speak to me, because he was wrong.   Anyway is there anyone here that was there that day???  It was a load of laughs,   

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CPT Bergfelt had the nickname Heavy Cav. I seem to remember some trouble he got into on the duty train to Berlin one day. Drunk and Disorderly or something. He and some other officers were on the way over to Berlin for a rugby match. Didn't know him all that much though. I remember your 1SG, LT Brechbuhl and Martinelli

He had some drinking issues,  he used to get drunk and leave that black Buick grand national sitting on the side of the road, then walk so he wouldnt get caught,  of course the Germans would tow it in, and he would go downtown and pay to get his car back,  he would pull all this then have the nerve to try and burn his troops over a couple beers, 

I remember Brechbul, that asshole. I always had issues with him when his PLT vehicles were due for scheduled maintenance in the Squadron Maintenance shop. He would always come in and try to throw his weight around and tell me the shop wasn't clean enough for his standards. I told him if he felt that way, not to bring them in and I would bring in the next PLT. Basically, I told him to get his ass out of my shop. I always got a call from LTC Wallace, and he said keep on doing your job.

yea, I remember that transition.  I remember one night having to take SPC Eaton to the shower to sober up he was so drunk so SFC Harden wouldn't find out.  And don't forget the safety brief we had for CPT Bergfelt " don't drink and drive, if you do, just park your car on the side of the road and tell the first sergeant you fell asleep at the wheel and you will be ok"

This is David Alexander.I was with you you at Vilsek for transition.I was on Sfc. Edwards track. I soon became Jorgensons gunner.




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