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Jun 28

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What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
'76-'80 Ktrp, 3Sqd Amberg
'93-DrawDown Dco, 1Sqd Bindlach
Where were you stationed?
As stated above, Amberg and Bindlach. I also want to say,on my second tour in Germany, I tried to get reassigned to Ktrp again, but after about three months got redirected to the unit I was supposed to go to in Erlangen :(( 2/81 Armor...
What MOS or job description did you have?
My first tour of duty was in Amberg, I was assigned as a driver of an M551A1 Sheridan, K-34. SSG Colburn was my TC. SFC Wolfgang was PSG. When I was promoted to E-4, I was promoted to the rank of Corporal, and then assigned as the Scout section Sergeant. While in Bindlach with Dco, as E-6, I was the PSG of 2nd Plt until the Draw down which we all thought was not going to happen. Unfortunately it did.
What was your rank/title?
In Amberg, I went from E2-E5. I was promoted to Corporal with only one year time in service. In Bindlach I was a SSG, in the position of Plt Sgt.
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
Amberg '76 -'80
Bindlach '93- Until draw down, not exactly sure what year that was. Its been a very long time.
Tell us a little about your cav days.
At first I could not stand the Cav, but after a few months it grew on me and began to love it. I arrived in Amberg just prior to the barracks renovations. My first room was the old dayroom that was filled with old wall lockers and some old beds. I rearranged some wall lockers and put a bed together, its where I stayed for a few weeks. Cpt Marcy was the company commander, Lt Trahan was XO. He and I had a bit of a run-in. We were on the border, and I was at Camp Rotz back then, I think it became Reed ? After my time. I was a Corporal and was chosen to attend PNCOC/CA in '77. But I was told by my PSG, SFC Brock, I was going to BNCOC. So I was sent back to post to get ready. LT Trahan was rear-D Cdr. He told me I was going to PNCOC. I was sent to HQ to fill out an interview sheet where most of my answers were "No". I was never told I was on a list to go, and it was a huge surprise when I was told. I didn't think I was ready. Anyway, when I got back to the barracks, Trahan chewed me a new A---. He told me I did not deserve to be a Corporal and was going to recommend taking it away from me. I was a spunky guy, so I took the rank off my collar and threw it down on his desk, and walked out of his office. But I did my best to get ready for school. I went to Graf to buy all new uniforms boots and gear. That's where clothing sales was at the time. Other non-Cav soldiers did not like us much out there cause we wore the tanker jacket with all our patches, and the black beret. Then I was sent to PNCOC in Katterbach. I was seriously pissed at Trahan. But I put my mind to doing the best I could, and graduated as Distinguished Honor Graduate. I was told I was the only one at the time who ever aced the leadership section of the course. Anyway, upon graduation back then, the Distinguished Honor Grad was promoted on the spot to Sgt E-5. Returning to Amberg, I found that an E-6 came in and took the scout section from me but I was once again assigned to K-34 as TC. In '78, a lot was happening on the border. In November there was an incident just south of the Bayerisch Eisenstein crossing point. During the day there was a patrol that radioed in a FRAGREP LARUM BELL. A platoon of PS guards came across the border. That night our GSR team travelled out to their OP, because of the activity during the day, they travelled in their APC instead of the usual jeep and trailer. Shortly after they set up, they took small arms fire from across the border. Lucky they were in the APC. The TC returned fire, the entire border went on alert, and we rolled out all of our tanks. The M60s we had just transitioned into from the Sheridans. just to be turned back to camp. Exciting times. Of course November was also Thanksgiving. On thanksgiving Day, I had just come off of a usual overnight patrol. After debriefing it was about noon or so, my patrol team and myself went to the chow hall for some dinner before hitting the rack. While eating, Col. Wagner, Regimental Cdr walked in with the usual entourage, to greet the troops! When he finally stepped up to my table and me, for some reason he knew my first name, back then, it was usually because you screwed up somewhere. Anyway he said he heard I was getting out of the Army soon. I was a short-timer. He asked me what I would do? I said go to school. He said good, he would like to see me go to a school with a good ROTC program and come back as an officer. Then he offered to send me to OCS in January if I re-enlisted right there. I said NO, and told him if I stayed it would be as an NCO. He asked WHY? I said because I could not stand officers. we used to use a CEOI to encrypt radio communications back then, no fancy SINGARS. had to be on the ball to look stuff up in that book. I told Wagner, I could ask any of the officers behind him to look something up, and it would take forever if they could. Then I said, I could ask the same question of any of my patrol team, they would have the answer in less than five minutes. Unacceptable
Tell us a little about you now.
I said it loud enough for all to hear. I thought I was getting out, I didn't care. But I stayed for 22. There is an old saying, "Once Cav, ALWAYS Cav." After my first tour with 2nd ACR, I came stateside assigned to 3rd ACR. I was assigned to 3rd ACR in Ft Bliss, every time I came stateside. During my second tour with 2nd ACR in Bindlach, after the draw down, I was assigned to 11th ACR in Wildflecken. My final duty assignment prior to retiring, was once again with 3rd ACR, and I was with them, when they moved to Ft Carson. I retired in December of '96. Not many soldiers were members of the "Lucky 16 Club" 2nd, 3rd, and 11th ACRs. The three active duty ACRs at the time. I was proud to have served as a Cav Trooper, and would do it all again. After the Army, I drove truck for 15 years with a company called "US Xpress" I quit in 2011, sat on my A-- four years then was asked by a friend to build swimming pools. Did that for 2 years. Today, fully retired at age 65, I work at a motorcycle dealership, building new bikes and ATVs. I own two bikes, an Aprilia RSV4-RF, and a KTM 1290 Superduke. I love motorcycles, and I like what I do. It gets me out of the house, and keeps me active. I live in a beat-up junk doublewide, but its mine.
Do you have a web site?
Name a few buddies you served with that you would like to find.
There were quite a few, but I'm bad at names... Sorry...
But about my website, if you all like really good coffee, you can find the best on my website. It would help me to get out of this beat-up doublewide :)))
Have a Great Day :))

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