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Darrell W Williams (Willie)
  • Male
  • Cedar Hill, MO
  • United States

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What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
E Troop, went home on emergency 3 months in the unit, when I came back, they transferred me to G Troop. after 18 months, I got tired of my first shirts Crap, and requested a transfer out of the Squadron. LTC Getgood SQ Co told me there was no way in hell he would transfer his Best recon SSG out of Squadron. So He Transferred me to Fox Troop.
Where were you stationed?
Bamberg, 2/2
What MOS or job description did you have?
19D40 Plt Sgt.
What was your rank/title?
E-6 Platoon Sgt.
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
January 1976-August 78
Tell us a little about your cav days.
Man there isn't enough room on this computer for me to tell it all. You can believe this though. There was not a Holiday that the Troops who didn't go on leave, spent in the Barracks. They were all at my quarters, including my Plt Ldr.
Tell us a little about you now.
In January 1978, I sustained a broken neck while at HOF, My old first shirt Trobough, Talked the Sq. Co, into putting a bar to reenlistment, and gave me several options. I was friends with a guy inpersonnel, he put in an option that hadn't been in the first Bar. That option was I could take Immediate Diischarge. Now I am what they call a C2 incomplete quadriplegic. Which simply means, that I get to feel all the pain a complete doesn't After 17 1/2 Years they finally broke down and gave me my 100% disability.
SSG STEVEN RAY CHANDLER RIP, SSG Chandler and I met my first day in E Troop.We shared a room on the third floor. I knew from the day we met, that it was going to be a life long friendship. Little did I know how much impact, each of us would have on one another. In March 1976, I was notified by the red cross, that I needed to go on emergency leave. My wife was having major surgery on her female parts. I requested a $200.00 dollar GRANT, something that I would not have to pay back. They turned me down. I went back to the barracks not knowing what to do. Steve stepped up to me and said without hesitation how much do you need. I told him around 2 hundred. he reached for his wallet and pulled out 2 100 dollar bills.I said Steve I can't take this, I don't even know if I'll be returning. He looked at me and said "Brother, your wife needs you, more than I need this two hundred dollars, take it and go home to your family." On that day I knew I would never lose touch with him.

After my Broken Neck, and my ultimate discharge, I made it my business to know where he was at all times. In 1986, he came to visit me in St. Louis, MO. I was so excited to see him, I just wanted to hug him, so I did. He brought his fiance with him, little did I know, that I was being set up.

Finally, after the first week, he broke the news to me. I had been CHOSEN to stand up for him and my wife was to be the brides maid. He told me that he did not want a traditional wedding. So that put my little scheming mind into motion. After all the blood work and license had been taken care of.

I mentioned to a friend of mine, who was a minister, if he had ever married anyone on top of a steamliner. He said no, so I called another friend of mine who just happened to be the manager on what used to be a big tourist attraction in St, Louis. They had turned the Admineral Ship, into a floating restaurant. So That was where he got Married.

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At 6:54pm on February 18, 2013, Thomas J Meyer said…

Hey Darrell, I remember you from 76.  I was in 1/75th FA then( Sep 73-Dec 76), then to Benning til Apr 78, then back to Bamberg to the Cav. Worked as Cav CIF NCO for the S-4.  Glad to hear you're still Kickin.  Do you remember SP4 Bill Cowers or Cowgers? We coached a kids baseball team together. Oh well, thought I would say Hi. I remember SSG Watters too. Take care, Tom

At 8:06pm on September 29, 2010, Phillip R. LeBert said…
You may not remember me, But I recall you . espesaly when you metioned the broken neck. I damn sure remember Trobough and his primadona ways. Had to
fight tooth and nails to be transfered to HHT to become CSM Smiths driver. Hi to you trooper, Glad to hear about the 100% er. I am still fighting for my rating
increase after 30 years.
At 6:04pm on May 6, 2009, Darrell W Williams (Willie) said…
Sigmund, I looked them up on line last night. The range of numbers start at about three and goes up considerly from there. The Average stars on just the regular Cav Stetson, starts at 4 stars and goes up to 8. I have a 10 star Beaver Brand one that cost me $250.00 dollars. It is I dentical to the Stetsons, except I had it shaped with the brim curled up. I think I will do my Beaver the way Garth Brooks does his and fill the bathtub with Boiling water and just dunk it in there. You can tell how many stars it is by checking the number of X's on the inside of the head band.
Thanks for writing back.
At 5:42pm on May 6, 2009, Sigmund Fertig said…
Hey Darrell I don't know what the stetsons are rated but I just bought one and get a lot of comments from friends and family on how sharp it looks. and being a Stetson the quality has to be good. They don't get any better.By the way i was stationed in Bamberg with How. Co. 2nd Bn. 58-60
At 10:15pm on April 7, 2009, Wayne M. Watters said…
I remember you. You have your facts less then accurate about 1SG/CSM Trobough and your reassignment to Fox Trp. Trobough went from a Trp 1SG to Regimental CSM overnight..he was that good, one of the best SOLDIERS I knew in my entire Army career. He just did not tolerate NCOs who did less than their best. As far as you being the best recon....that honor goes to SSG Matt O'Connell....your replacement.
At 8:38am on February 4, 2009, Dave Gettman said…
They had a major change of command in the regiment and I lost all my contacts. Gonna take a little bit to re-establish them.

At 8:40am on December 1, 2008, Jesse Kelley said…
Toujours Pret Darrell,
Welcome to the new DragoonBase, the site has plenty of newer features, lots of sub-groups,(ie,F-Trp,Amberg,Medics,etc.) and links for 2nd Cav News and History.
Robb Russell has posted some tips for navigating the site(ie,photos,ect) in the Forum.
And his only wish that ‘We keep it clean’, use our real names/with pictures, and you tell all your friends about the new DragoonBase.

Thanks Again for joining,
Jesse Kelley



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