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Frank Graham
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  • Redmond, OR
  • United States

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What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
E Trp (Plt Ldr) S2 (Bdr Ops), G Trp (Commander), Sqd S3, 2d Sqdn - 1966-1968
S-4, 1st Sqdn, Asst S-3, S-4 Regt - 1974-1977
Where were you stationed?
66-68 Bamberg
74-75 Bindlach
75-77 Nurnberg
What MOS or job description did you have?
See assignments above - 1204.
What was your rank/title?
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
Sep 66 - Nov 68,
Jan 74 - Jun 77
Tell us a little about your cav days.
First tour - earned my spurs in three months - border tour, tank gunnery, and ATT - spent 7 nights at home in my own bed in those three months! Served with Fred Rees - now Oregon Nat Gd AG, Bill Crouch retired 4 star Vice Chief of Staff, and Tommy Franks (we were CPTs together in 1sy Sqdn. Tommy Molino commanded C Trp. Many other great trooper too, but the memory goes . . . Lots of border tours, five REFORGERs, many tank gunneries at Graf, a great time on short exchange with the 11th Hussars in the British Army of the Rhine in '67. Learned to be soldier from all of these great experiences.
Tell us a little about you now.
Retired LTC - 26 yrs svc - living in Oregon after two years in Shanghi China and 11 in Montana. Volunteer at the Oregon Historical Society Museum, ride my motorcycle, paint a little, sing a little and enjoy my retirement!! Happily married to Annie for the past five years, two children by first wife, none by second, better not be any be third one!!! Two great grand boys. Life is good -
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At 11:29pm on August 4, 2012, John H. Lawson said…


Sorry it took so long to respond to your message about signing my meal card back in 1968. Yes, I have fond memories of G Troop and Germany. I was leaving just as the Troop was transitioning and receiving a number of new G Troopers from Vietnam. I remember being impressed by how you commanded the Troop during that challenging time.

Best Regards,


At 1:33pm on July 8, 2012, John R. Buckley said…

Frank - been traveling and have not been on the site in quite a long time.

Do you know what happened to Vic Sealy after you last saw him?  I recall that he told me that his Dad was a two star. . . I wonder if he stayed in??

Anyway, after scanning your 'profile information' I see that we've both been married three times.  In my case, two Daughters by the first wife, one by the second and there cannot be by the third - who I met on eHarmony. . . very luckily turn of events.  We've been married just three years now.

I did 4 years active (2 years 'detailed' to the Cav, then to AG, one year with the 8th Infantry Division in Bad Kreuznach & one in RVN {II Field Force}.  Then got out but, stayed with the reserves for 26 more years.  As a Reservist LTC I commanded the 3rd Battalion 16th Infantry here in the Portland area (for 3 years); reinforcing Iceland was our wartime mission {two deployments there}; then commanded a Training Brigade of the 76th Division as an 0-6; then a staff job at 94th ARCOM, and finally to First U.S. Army at Fort Meade, MD - they assigned me to an "all hazards" liaison officer to the Maine ARNG, until I retired with 30.

A question  for you: when we were 'cycling' back and forth to the border, how many months went by before we went up to Coburg?  I had Fox for 6 months; I'm thinking I did two tours at Coburg. Does that fit with what you pulled?

Do you have a direct email I can converse with you on?  

Best regards,

"Jack" Buckley

At 5:57pm on March 6, 2012, Robert W. Whitton said…

Hey Frank, got your note.  Sounds like you had some fun after you left the Pentagon.  I had two tours there 83-84, Comptroller of the Armys Office, then left for Bn Command back in Bamberg, 3-35 Armor, then back to Ft Benning for a short stay, ran one of the Advanced Course companies, then back to Pentagon 87-92, when I got promoted and was the Commander of a Field Operating Agency in the CofS office, and ended up as Deputy for Programs and Installation Assistance, ASA(I,L & E).  Finished up as Chief of BASEOPS group on TF Vanguard, group that reorganized the TDA Army.  Since then, I've worked for a couple of building materials companies, like Lowes, moved several times around the East Coast and finally ended up here in N. Georgia, where I'm spending my time working on ancestry and collecting and shooting Army weapons that I've used in the past.  Still working on getting a tank.  Good to hear from you.  It's been a long time since our first tour in Bamberg.

At 10:01am on February 13, 2012, John R. Buckley said…

If you were in E-troop between Sept. 66 & Nov. 68 - I was across the street as a 1st. Lt. thinking that I was running Fox Troop!

When you did the 'exchange' with the British Army of the Rhine, they sent Lt. Victor Sealey (his father had been a two star in Korea) and his platoon to Coburg where F & i had the duty that Christmas in 1966. I remember him walking through the billets on Christmas day pouring out 'jiggers' of rum from a huge, wicker lattlced jug for his Troopers - and him in his 'dress purples'.

My own Troopers glanced at me with a mutinous look .......so, you led our delegation up to the BAOR?

Lt. Rees served with the 2nd when I was there too; do you remember Bob Whitton, Myron Artist, Gary Avey, Bob Adams - POL Platoon Leader ?

John (aka) Jack Buckley
At 10:22am on October 10, 2011, Les Evjen said…

Hi Frank,

Jack called me after talking to you and told me about this site.  Sounds like nearly everyone from the old 2/2 days made a career out of the Army. Thanks for answering all my queries. Before I forget, the E Trp tailor's name was Alfred Schaad.  He was a great friend and and of invaluable help with the Germans in both Bamberg and Coberg.  My wife, Donna, and I have been married for 41 years.  We have three sons and four grandsons.  We started a manufacturing company in 1977 making specialty equipment for drilling, primarily waterwell.  When we sold the company in 2004, we had equipment in over 50 countries and four militaries including our own Army, Air Force & Navy.

I took our family on a European vacation in 1990 and of course went to Bamberg Kaserne.  The sqdn. sgm gave us a tour and sent us to Coberg where E Trp was serving.  Got a great reception and tour from the CO, Capt. H.R.McMasters!  Who went on to great fame as author and warrior [73 Easting battle - Gulf War I] as you probably know.  My wife and I now live in the foothills of the Black Hill Mountains in SW South Dakota on a small ranch.  I hunt elk, antelope, mule deer, mountain lions and varmints of all kinds.  The climate here is heaven, the surroundings beautiful, and the ranchers proud and friendly.  As you said: Life is Good.  Les

At 8:56pm on April 25, 2011, Speed Thomas said…
Hey Frank,
Been a long time. Just got into this site a couple of weeks ago. Give me a shot|: esthomas3@earthlink.net

Have been in touch with Bill Barry, John Moncure, Dave Bird and Tony Isaacs.

Speed Thomas
Bindlach, 73-75
S-4 & A Troop
At 10:29am on December 27, 2010, Robert S. McCorkle, aka, Bob said…
Hi Frank,  Dee and I are living in Perrysburg, Ohio (Toledo suburb) and enjoying our retirement.  I got out in 1979 and did 22 years with the FBI as a Special Agent.  I retired in 2001 and we went sailing for a few years.  Right now we're hibernating in the cold.  I've often wondered where some of my friends/associates from the 2d ACR ended up.  Please consider attending the 2d Cav Assn reunion in WDC next November.  It's always fun and a great way to catch up with some of those you served with.  If you're in the NW Ohio area give me a call and we'll have some beers and swap lies.  Bob McCorkle  419/351-0546
At 12:49am on March 21, 2010, Chuck Gibeaut said…
One of my jobs was to give the test required to be one of the lucky ones. A couple times I drove out to the squadrons but most of the time we tested at HQ's
At 6:17pm on March 20, 2010, Chuck Gibeaut said…
My name is Chuck Gibeaut. I too live here in Oregon (Tangent, near Albany). I was with HHT, 2nd ACR Nurnberg during your brief absence. I was there 71 - 73. I was assigned to the Special Weapons Office, S-3 section. As an officer I am sure at sometime you were part of the NRAS system.
And I too have spent a lot of time with Gen Rees but our time together was here in Oregon as a full time member of the Oregon Army National Guard. I was in the 3/116 ACR when he was the commander.
At 7:46pm on January 7, 2010, Ray Otwell said…
Frank, I have a picture of G Troop taken 6/27/68. Would you take a look and see if yo're in it? Ray



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