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Robert Burns Wadley
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Modeling of armored vehicles, 1956 - 1962
14 Replies

As an avid builder of airplane, railroad, ship, and car models, I am wondering if there are others who enjoy such hobbies.Does anyone remember the M-52 105mm self-propelled howitzers that we had at…Continue

Tags: Models, Military

Started this discussion. Last reply by Robert Burns Wadley Dec 22, 2021.

CW Radio Operators in the 2 A/C
12 Replies

Gentlemen:I took CW radio operator's training at Ft. Knox, KY in 1957.  However, I never had an opportunity to practice that MOS.  I still enjoy practicing my ability with Morse code and even help a…Continue

Tags: Code, Morse, CW

Started this discussion. Last reply by Daniel S. Williams Mar 10, 2012.


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Robert Burns Wadley replied to Robert Burns Wadley's discussion Modeling of armored vehicles, 1956 - 1962
"M-52 crews of the 2 A/C: From the picture in 2017, I have worked on my model, but life has a way of getting in the path of progress. I am close, but I am requesting your help in getting off of top-center. The M-52 was a short-lived armored vehicle,…"
Dec 22, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley replied to Frank L Moseley's discussion STETSONS aka CAVALRY HATS Etc.
"Gentlemen:  These are beautiful Cavalry hats, and as with my own, it appears that there remains great affection for the men and the 2nd Armored Cavalry. I got my inspiration from Sig Fertig, and I think Dave pointed me towards some of the…"
Dec 22, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Hello Dave:  I believe you.  I do not ever recall seeing as many challenge coins in one place, ever.  And, from what I have learned about you over the years, it is my opinion that you have earned the right to all accolades that go to…"
Aug 2, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Dear Dave:  Yes, that is the red/white guide-on challenge coin that I saw. It is amazing that someone has designed these lovely pieces to commemorate our outfit.  That one looks really special with a serial number on it. Does it belong to…"
Jul 31, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Dear Dave: Yes, that is a fine coin to represent the 2nd Armored Cavalry. Thank you very much. My interest was piqued when I saw some challenge coins on a "Mail Call" segment. One of them was a red/white, square, guide-on pennant for the…"
Jul 30, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Hello Sigmund:  Speaking of having things to represent our adventures in the 2nd Armored Cavalry, is there a challenge coin that we can acquire?   Please advise..."
Jul 30, 2021
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Hello Sigmund:  I had not thought much about it until tonight, but please know that I appreciate your efforts to not use Heavenly Father's name in vain. It always amazes me that most people are so careless, and may not even understand,…"
Oct 8, 2020
harold goldstein left a comment for Robert Burns Wadley
"Comment by harold goldstein on June 24, 2020 at 10:10am Delete Comment THE COLD WAR 1958: A YEAR IN A 19 YEAR OLD G. I.’s LIFE We were searching through the woods until we finally found him; a big guy by the name of Elliott. I don’t…"
Sep 13, 2020
harold goldstein and Robert Burns Wadley are now friends
Sep 10, 2020
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Dave Gettman: It is bad that your old computer gave up the ghost. BUT, from my own experience, the stuff on the hard drive is still just sitting there.  I bought a "box" that I put my old hard drive into and my new computer just reads…"
Sep 9, 2020
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"To Harold Goldstein:  My memory for names is long gone and I do not recall anything from your photograph.  My travels were to Bindlach, Hof, Nurnberg, Grafenwoer, Bayreuth, et cetera for border duty and war games. If you ever pumped gas…"
Oct 8, 2019
Robert Burns Wadley replied to Frank L Moseley's discussion STETSONS aka CAVALRY HATS Etc.
"Here is the Cavalry hat I designed for myself.  I am partial to the designation, "2nd Armored Cavalry" as you can see. My hat is from Miller Hat Company. Their work is first rate and their customer support is above reproach. I have…"
Oct 8, 2019
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Thanks for the Fort Ord pictures. I took advanced infantry training there in October 1956 while in the Texas National Guard program."
Oct 7, 2019
Robert Burns Wadley commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"To Dave Gettman: I see your message below, regarding the Dragoon Base Fund. I do not mind donating, but I also like to know where the "need" and the "balance" are. If it is a bottomless pit, I am less excited than when I see that…"
Sep 10, 2019

Profile Information

What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
B Company, 1st Battalion
Where were you stationed?
Christensen Barracks, Bindlach, Germany
What MOS or job description did you have?
630.00 - Wheel and Track Vehicle Mechanic
What was your rank/title?
Private First Class
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
1957 - 1960
Tell us a little about your cav days.
Some of my buddies are listed below. Before I went to mechanic’s school in Murnau, I was generally a driver for the CO or the 1st Sgt. On occasion I was privileged to go out on border patrols. Of course, there were the war games in Grafenwöhr and other areas of Bavaria.

Border Duty:
My MOS did not call for me to be out in the danger zone, but on many occasions I got to go out. It was always thrilling. I usually drove and the corporal I was usually with was a stickler for map details. I did not like him because I was just the opposite. I do remember a snowy day when we both realized that the border stones seemed to be on the wrong side of the jeep. Even if the East Zone soldiers had opened fire, I think that our hasty retreat would have spared us injury.

On another occasion, it was a windy, rainy night as we approached the 50 meter zone. Thinking we were alone out there, we were speeding towards the border without lights. In the darkness, a single red light came on and began to wave frantically. We slowed immediately and turned on our lights to reveal a West German patrolman and his dog. As professionals, we were embarrassed to the max. I think he was just grateful to be alive.

On a hot summer day we were winding our way downhill in a wooded area along the Czeck border. The road was paved and the situation had allowed my favorite corporal to doze off. I decided to have a little fun and switched off the ignition. After sufficient gases had accumulated in the muffler I switched the ignition back on. I was not prepared for the terrified reaction from the corporal when that muffler backfired. Nor was I aware of the danger of drawing attention to ourselves along that stretch of the border. At any rate, responding to his frantic urging, the two jeeps immediately evacuated that piece of terrain. Of course, he was under the impression that we had been fired upon. The only reason I was not dealt with properly was because he would have been in trouble for napping.

Ft. Meade, MD:
I was originally in HOW Company at Ft. Meade, MD. However, after a drag racing incident in the motor pool, I was transferred to B Company. I do not remember if my jeep won, but I do remember when the motor officer stepped out into our path and ended the race. I told the fellow I was racing not to worry about a thing. While the old man was presenting us with our Article 15s, I passed out cold.

While I was learning to handle the M-52, another fellow left the roadway in his and the instructor was injured when his head struck the edge of the hatch opening. Remember that thin “foam” padding placed there for protection against such things? I never trusted it after that.

I remember a time when I was latrine orderly at Ft. Meade during a Saturday inspection. The Exec. Officer was inspecting and MSgt. Cogar ran his own index finger around the urinal bowl and stuck it into his own mouth. He commented that his men kept the latrine clean enough that he could do that without worrying. I wish that he had asked me first.
Tell us a little about you now.
Retired computer programmer/analyst, OTR Truck Driver
Phone number (Optional).
(806) 376-4259
Name a few buddies you served with that you would like to find.
Captain Richard McMahon
2nd Lieutenant Rockwell
1st Sergeant Beamish
SFC Phillip Q. Frisco
SP4 Robert D. Talyor, Dixon, IL
Earl Trimmer
Larry K. Putnam, Minneapolis, MN
Jack L. West, Snyder, TX

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At 2:56pm on September 13, 2020, harold goldstein said…

Comment by harold goldstein on June 24, 2020 at 10:10am
Delete Comment

We were searching through the woods until we finally found him; a big guy by the name of Elliott. I don’t remember if that was his first or last name. He was crying like a baby while reading a roll of toilet paper his fiancée had sent him. It started with “Dear John”. We were on alert and although he was very depressed, Elliott knew he had to work, so his team put him in their jeep and off they went.

I’ll never forget a night I was outside the barracks and I heard the Sergeant screaming my name. There is an emergency at the border because nine of our guys crossed the border into E. Germany or Czechoslovakia and were captured. The company needs me and my team to rush there to open direct communications to D.C. and Ft. Meade on an Embassy Net. We stayed at the Air Force base in Hof, a border town, for over 2 weeks. The Top Brass decided they did not want non commissioned soldiers on this Embassy Net and brought in an Officer Radio Operator and his team. My group and I returned to HQ home base in Nuremberg.

Some days later a Messenger came to Nuremburg to drop off a classified document. Security put him up in the Transient Billets for the night. He was free to walk around our compound. The following morning someone found him dead, shot himself through his mouth and blew his head off with his own 45. He was found in the underground tunnels which Hitler had constructed.

A couple of weeks after, we went on alert again. Rumor had it that we are going into Lebanon as a peacekeeping force. All Vehicles; Weapons, Tanks, Personnel Carriers, 2 1/2 ton Trucks, 3/4s and Jeeps, Radios, and all Personal Weaponry were all cleaned, maintenance performed, and inspected. I burned all my personal letters in fear of other people reading them if I didn’t come back.

In the field, a buddy of mine, name of Avery, was banging his head against a tree. He was teary eyed and holding a diamond ring his girl sent back in the mail with a Dear John Letter.

We (The 2nd ACR) are gearing up for combat. Elliott was on his radio (Morse code) cursing, angry and trying to reach the field troops. I knew it was him as my training was to read handwriting signals. Unwillingly, I reported him and he was relieved of radio duty.

Some days later we found out we were not going to Lebanon. They were sending in the Marines from a troop ship that was already in that area. Almost simultaneously, a U.S. Convoy from one part of W. Germany loaded with provisions and supplies heading to Berlin through E. Germany were stopped by the E. Germans. This was supposed to be an agreed upon safe open route for the Allies. They were stopped and it became a ‘Lock and Load” situation. All three of our Battalions were assembled on the border ready to move in. The E. Germans finally let the convoy continue through. Our troops stood their ground and never let the enemy search their vehicles.

March, 1959 I was Honorably Discharged with a Good Conduct Medal and upon entering the Army Reserves, achieved the rank of Sergeant (E-5)

A close Army buddy from Versailles Kentucky named Sam Alves came to Brooklyn from Germany. He stayed with me in Brooklyn for about a week and then went on to his home in Kentucky. I guess he did not tell his wife he was coming home. He committed suicide there the following week.

Avery on the other hand, met and married a German girl and wanted me to meet her. They stopped by Brooklyn on their way home, so went out to celebrate. I still keep in touch with my roomie, Owen Tussing who lives in Ohio. He became a great grandpa twice now. I speak with another buddy, Chuck Dixon, who lives in Atlanta. We talk every few weeks to make sure we’re both still alive and kicking.

To the best of my recollection, all names, places, incidents, and dates are true and

At 6:20pm on October 26, 2016, Paul Gargis said…

Wadley, I remember when we were in basic trng at Ft. Meade, you faked being out cold or dead or something of that nature, you freaked everyone out incl the NCO's, you got lucky getting transferred to Bravo Company, I moved there after my Summary in 1960!

At 11:03am on May 24, 2014, Sigmund Fertig said…

Good morning Robert and " HAPPY BIRTHDAY " hope your special day if full of fun and good things, tried calling you around 10AM your time. Take care old friend, hope all is well !

At 5:45pm on May 23, 2012, Sigmund Fertig said…

Hi Robert,your pal from Ca.just wishing you the best birthday ever. May it consist of good things. Blessings !

At 10:30am on May 24, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…
At 12:13pm on November 24, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
Hi Robert, hope all is well with you, wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a prosperous ThanksgivingIt is supposed to be a nice sunny day here. This will be our first Thanksgiving where we will be going out for our thanksgiving dinner. the kids (4) are all going seperate ways and Becky is recovering very well from a knee replacement so my choice was to not have her stand on her feet and then have all the mess to clean. She is kind of dissapointed cause we always get together with family. Two of our 4 work in the food industry so they will be working. Take care and enjoy!
At 10:41pm on November 10, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
I Salute you on this vetrans day, Toujours Pret!!
At 10:55pm on July 8, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
turned the radio on and was waiting for the red light to go out, that meant I was ready to send and the antena was loaded. I was ready to hit the key and the back door of the PC opens and there stands the company clerk with a cup of coffee in his canteen cup using the antena which the driver forgot to release in his hand using the antena to stir the coffee. Needless to say I could have fried him and the coffee both. Boy did the driver get a royal chewing from the Com. SGT.
At 10:50pm on July 8, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
Robert, heres a CW story you will like and it's true. My ANGRC-18 was very powerful and I operated with a leg key that cliped on to my upper thigh so i had one hand to send and could receive with the other. It was so powerful that if you touched the antena with a lead pencil after the set was loaded the pencil would ignite in flames. We were on alert and it was the job of the PC driver after we were in position and the engines shut down to let the antena up as we traveled always with it secured to the top of the PC. we had pulled into position and the engines shut down,and I had ( TBC )
At 9:53pm on July 8, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
Robert, isn't this ironic, I took CW training in Nurenberg and operated a CW radio, I think an ANGRC-18 if I remember right. Took 12words per and sent at 13 per. Can't remember my MOS and now vaguly remember my code.



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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