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harold goldstein
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harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Harry, I'm going with Dave's definition. "...if you were awarded a campaign medal then you are a war veteran.  Here is an example....my dad's last deployment before retiring was to Thailand in 1969. This was during the…"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Ernie, I researched the KWVA and they ARE accepting all Veterans as you said.  Most of all who served from 1950 -55. That doesn't mean they were in Harms Way.  Then again, we were all in harms way if the Russians wanted to test us…"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"I agree with you Harry, My argument is that the Veteran's Committee wants to honor the Korean War Veterans and I objected and asked if they were stationed in Iceland or Germany or anyplace other than the Korean peninsular they are not…"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Tom, you're a handsome guy."
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Tom,  what I need for my Veterans Day Movie is the boot camp (Basic) training Pictures.  Gas Masks, Crawling in mud, under machine gun fire, climbing over wall,pushups, etc... What I'm finding on line are the current recruits (2000…"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Dave, what is defined as a korean war veteran?  or a Vietnam War Veteran? If you were in the 2nd ACR in Germany during either of those war years, are you a War Veteran or Cold War Veteran? If anyone has the true definition, (not perception)…"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Good Toujours Pret Morning, Guys Please post your  basic training photo's"
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Happy Birthday Frank,  You're catching up with me real fast. Dave, Is there anyway you can put it in as album of the day on the various 2nd AC websites? I think "DISTURBED" SINGING SOUND OF SILENCE OVER ARLINGTON WAS A BIG TEAR…"
Jun 9
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Great Toujours Pret to all and good health for our upcoming future. Can anyone help me with some basic training pictures from the 50's to late 60's? I am starting on  the Veterans Day 2018 movie"
Jun 5
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Frank, We pray for Cathy and recovery.  Good Health to us all. Problems for oldtimers are scary. Dave, you're in the mail"
Jun 5
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Harry, I coppied wayne's hat and painted out the tank on the left with the cross swords to get the hat I wanted.  I hope you can picture it, but one of the guys went to his house to give it to him. You even said to Dave that it was great…"
May 29
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
May 29
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
May 29
harold goldstein commented on Harry Warner's group Oldtimers
"Sig, you must be feeling extremely proud.  By the way I don't know if I'm taller or shorter then you.  I shrunk to 5'2" now.  Used to be 5'4 1/2" in 57. The memorial day service was the best the…"
May 28

Profile Information

What unit(s) did you serve in with the 2d Cavalry?
hq co
Where were you stationed?
Ft Meade and nurnburg
What MOS or job description did you have?
I think it was 051 or midspeed radio operater
What was your rank/title?
When I left Germany it was E4 at home I got the 3 stripes E5
What years were you assigned to the 2nd Cavalry?
1957 1959
Tell us a little about your cav days.
i gyro'd over as the advance party in December 1957 and worked with the 3rd AC till our guys came over.
Tell us a little about you now.
old and retired
Phone number (Optional).
Name a few buddies you served with that you would like to find.
bob kryger, sam goldstein, a c lewis, owen tussing, charles dixon,

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At 5:51pm on December 16, 2017, Shannon Ryan said…

Night fire Graf.On the BorderCamp RotzDownrange Bergen Mco. First round hits

At 11:24am on November 16, 2017, Thomas Blaszkiewicz said…

At 10:22am on November 26, 2016, Sigmund Fertig said…

At 10:43am on November 16, 2016, Sigmund Fertig said…

" HAPPY BIRTHDAY " My friend, hope your special day is filled with good things, blessings to you !

At 2:34pm on April 12, 2016, Harry Warner said…

Harold, you old SOB, I knew you could do it!!!! WTG!!!

At 10:47am on February 20, 2016, Harry Warner said…
Harold, If you still need stories for your book, I suggest you go back to Day 1 of Oldtimers and start reading. It was very active back then. Some days it seemed like no one slept. I'm sure you could pick up some interesting tidbits to write about.
At 9:13pm on November 28, 2015, ErnieKeel said…

Sorry I left you out Harold. We have a condo on the intercoastal, not to far from you in Stuart. We have been snowbirding it to FLA for the last 7 or 8 years. Can't wait to get back into the sun!  Sgt Goldstein, Specialist Keel reporting for duty in Troop FLA! LOL

At 12:45pm on November 17, 2015, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy belated birthday Harold.

At 1:25am on July 22, 2015, Shannon Ryan said…

Here is a short story as best as I can remember Harold, sometime in 1979, I was at Grafenwöhr with M company it was for either Gunnery training or Canadian cup practice I don't remember which one. I spent a lot of time there, anyways I found myself on battery changing detail for the pop up targets one day, we had plywood targets downrange the same size as a Soviet tank, they would pop up and then we would shoot them down. So they call for a cease fire for the entire impact area while the detail is down range swapping out battery's we drive down range get off the truck and then we would walk around to these targets and they were down in a hole dug out big enough for the target and all the hardware to make them pop up. Well some artillery unit somewhere on base did not get the word on the cease fire, we all used the same impact area tankers and arty. Well I am still here to tell you that you really can hear the round coming in, it landed very close to my position I was down in the hole changing the battery out and was fairly safe but I did feel the earth move and they only dropped the one round before they realized what they did, after we got the all clear I walked over to the impact spot and got a first hand look at what a 155 round can do I picked up a piece of shrapnel about 7inches long that was still smoking and kept it for a souvenir and I still have it packed away some where. No one got hurt that day we were all pretty lucky.  And that is a Graf. memory as best as I can recall. I have some more stories some I probably should not write about, but I may come up with some more later. Toujours Pret.

At 1:35pm on July 17, 2015, Frank L Moseley said…

Ok Harold, will try to relate it as best the memory recalls:

"Squadron Maintenance Mutiny" or "The March On The Orderly Room"

I was working in Squadron Maintenance, in the PLL (Parts Office) in Amberg, 3rd Sqdn 2nd ACR. One of the mechanics, Sp4 J. Chavez, who we all called "Chewy" was to depart Pond Barracks for ETS. Chavez was well liked in the section and a bunch of us wanted to go to the Banhof to see him off. Someone procured a 5 ton truck (I have no idea what reason was given for the trip ticket) and we headed to town about lunch time. While we waited for the train, a few biers (or more) were had and well wishes given. The truck finally arrived to pick us up and return to Pond Barracks. Our timing was off and we arrived just as Work Call Formation was ending. Not a good thing.

We knew that we were in trouble. The Motor Officer, W.O. Oscar Amador-Morales, ordered us all into the Maintenance Office for a well deserved lecture. If his rant had stayed on the subject at hand, things might have gone differently. Unexpectedly, he began a tirade against the two Turret Mechanics with threats and harsh language. (This guy pronounces "Jeep" as "Yeep" and is not always easy to understand)

Because of his tirade and threats to the turret mechs, the whole section got mad and walked out of the office and marched to the Orderly Room in HQ Trp Building.

To say that "Top" (1stSGT Archie Griggs) was surprised and upset is a given. He ordered us to go to the Day Room and wait for him there, we did. I presume he wanted to check the appropriate AR's before confronting us.

When Top arrived in the Day Room, he was not a happy person. (I believe he brought the CO with him, but cannot recall his name). He started off saying that we were in trouble for missing the formation and for drinking (said the Day Room smelled like a brewery), that he could throw Article 15's at all of us [15 to 20 men], but that would not reflect well on the Troop, Squadron, or his records. He then began asking questions as to what caused the situation. As members of the Section began to talk, it became a Gripe Session on conditions in Sqdn Maint under Mister Amador. He listened, thought for a few minutes, said he would look into it. Told us to return to work but not talk of this to others. An humbled group of soldiers walked out and went back to work. In the end, we did get a New Motor Officer, no one was disciplined. A few months later I transferred to the S-4 Office and finished my tour with 3/2 ACR there.

That's the story Harold, as best as I can recall 48 years later.



Colonels of the Regiment

8th Colonel of the Regiment Nelson B. Sweitzer 9 Jun 1886 – 29 Oct 1888



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


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