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A Holiday Message to All the Good Men and Women of Dragoon Base.

At no time in human history has it been so important to understand what we mean when we use the word God.  All of us old timers remember a time when the world was a much better place to live.  Many of us experienced the sixties where love and peace became a reality and it seemed like hope was not going to fail us.  Today, it is totally different - it seems to me that hope is only realized by those who love God.


No matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Islam, Budist, Hindu or of any other faith,  the name of God remains the same: love, wisdom, patience, tolerance, compassion, peace, hope, creator, teacher and all the other concepts that gives our lives meaning.  Salvation (the relief from the suffering of life's disappointments) comes with the realization that God is within us and we are inside of God,  When we change the way we look at the world, it changes the way we see things.


During this holiday season let us stop to reflect, pray and fast.  My wish is that everyone experience the happiness (the kingdom) that God (the good father) wants for all of us.  My teacher says, "Don't let anyone tell you that the kingdom is up there or this way or that way - the kingdom of heaven is within you."   Peace be with all of you and  "love one another as I love you".                Bob Lavoie

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Comment by John G Boyd on February 21, 2011 at 1:05pm

Thanks for the comment - bobby, boy.

You know, I had been wanting to ask, Umm ... Somewhere back you mentioned some of the Schools that you attended. I feel remiss in that I do not recognize the names, but I am sure in your part of the world, they are probably widely known.

But I have wondered often if you ended up with a degree in Divinity, or related. I remember you with a powerful allegiance to to your personal [at that time] Philosophy and ideals. Later on in life as I studied the old and modern philosophers and the theory and philosophy of law, I came away with a realization of the fack that alot of the things that I knew, really had a base in the elders.

I am at work right now and gots ta go

More later/ 


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