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I was on the east and west German border I was radar operator. Dose anyone remember hearing about an incident of a civilian being shot to death on the border or about a weapon being pointed at a Sargent Smith around October 1971. what it was it was me trying to return fire at the other solider on the other side of the fence, the Sargent jumped in front of my weapon that is how it really happened. Please if anyone can remember hearing or seeing anything please I can be reached at 13475624535 or 17182886029. I need your help.

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Comment by Jeff Jarriel on December 1, 2019 at 12:58am

I know this is old but ten civilians were killed on the Border in September-October, 1971. I have some of their names. The number of civilians shot or shot and killed on the Border in 1971 had rose to their highest levels since 1965. The reason being the new shoot to kill policy put in place in the east in 1970.  Border Guards were rewarded for killing civilians trying to escape with a pass, monetary compensation and a medal. At least two Border Guards were publicly honored, awarded a pass and Medal, on stage, for killing civilians trying to escape. This story should not have been too hard to verify, especially considering our Intel had the names of the Guards who killed civilians and were rewarded, and their names were made available to the public.   

Comment by Dave Gettman on August 18, 2016 at 10:16am


Have you tried checking the Stars & Stripes archives? Maybe there was an article in that newsletter. Another one of our Dragoon Base members recently found an article about an incident he has been trying to find information about for a long time. Now he can finally go forward with his VA claim.

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