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A Christmas Story for the Children of the World

It was about one in the morning on Christmas Day when little Billy made his way from his bedroom, where he was suppose to be sleeping, to the living room where a Christmas Tree was standing with all his presents below it. With scotch tape in his hand, Billy's plan was to carefully unwrap all his presents to make sure he got what he asked for and then carefully re-wrap them so his parents would never know what he had done.

Now Billy wasn't exactly a “good” kid - he was always getting into some kind of trouble especially at school. He had hardly any friends and those he hung with were bullies much like himself. They picked on other kids by calling them names and then threatening them if they told. He was not a very happy kid and he didn't want others to be happy either. He was also quite selfish and never shared anything with others. But today he had a plan and he thought himself a real smart kid.

When he got down under the tree he noticed a very peculiar box with very weird wrapping AND with his name on it. The shape of this present did not look like anything he had asked for – it was a cube shaped, sort of medium sized and it was wrapped in paper unlike what his Mother used. He knew this because he sneaked a peak in her closet when she was in another room. This paper was also very strange as it seemed to change colors every time he looked at it and the box also seemed to change in size. It was making him crazy so he just had to see inside.

To Billy's surprise it almost unwrapped itself as there was no tape holding the paper together. “Great”' he said to himself, “should be just as easy to wrap it up again.” When he opened the box he could not believe his eyes for inside was a glowing beautiful orb. As he took it out of the box and held it in his hands he was more amazed at its features and feel. Not only was it pleasing to the eye but its warmth felt as pleasant as standing near the lighted fireplace. It felt so good to see and hold this ball that he didn't want to put it down or try to play with it. Fact was, that it was nothing like a ball, although it was round but had no tangible surface. It was like he was holding a small star – a glowing ball of energy that filled him with this amazing feeling of goodness. He somehow knew that by closing his eyes he would get more pleasure from this glowing beam of light – so he slowly closed his eyes as he held his new gift.

What happened then was “totally radical” - words Billy used all the time. It was as if this beam of light and energy enter inside him filling his whole body and mind with all that was good. A different kind of smile adorned Billy's face while his eyes were still closed. And, he didn't want to open them as he was afraid this feeling would go away. For some time, he didn't know how long, he kept his eyes closed and felt the wonderful goodness of it all. It was a feeling like nothing he could explain except that he felt like he belonged – belonged to everything, all that exists.

After awhile Billy knew he had to open his eyes and get back to bed before he was discovered by his parents. As he opened his eyes he was not to surprised to find that the orb was no longer in his hands. He knew it was inside of him and it certainly didn't make him unhappy. On the contrary, it made him feel real good almost like he had eaten just enough of his favorite food. As for his mind, he felt as he had figured out how everything worked and how everything came about. He was filled with wonder, but the wonder was inside and he felt like he was walking on air.

He made his way back to his bedroom and quickly fell into a sound sleep and there he had the most wonderful of dreams. He found himself in a beautiful garden with fruit and flowers like he had never seen before. Oh, he saw fruit, flowers and vegetables before, but not like these. They were good. The smells, sounds and sights were nothing short of magnificent and he could hear the sounds of very pleasurable music, music much unlike what he listened to all the time. We are not sure if he remembered all these dreams but it didn't matter because when Billy awoke that Christmas Morning he still had that wonderful feeling and couldn't wait to share his story with Mom and Dad. There they were, under the tree waiting for him to get up and opened his presents. But something was missing. The box and the wrap were missing from under the tree so there was nothing to show for his experience of just a few hours ago. How was he going to tell them.

“Well Billy, aren't you going to open your presents?' his Mother asked. Billy knew without opening any of them that he was getting everything he had wanted. But Billy, to the astonishment and anger of his Mother and Father, realized that he didn't want to open them and that he truly felt no need for all this stuff. His parents were so overwhelmed with feelings they never had before and didn't know what to make of Billy and his wishes. But before they could say anything Billy remarked, “I have something for you”.

Billy went to his Mother first and held her hand and then gently kissed her on the cheek. Doing this he said, “I love you very much”. Within seconds his mother felt all that was in Billy and was filled with love and kindness. Billy did the same to his Dad who was quite red in the face and about to hit the roof. But before his Dad could say a word, Billy's kiss and love filled his Dad also. Billy's parents asked no questions regarding the new Billy but instead joined in a family hug that lasted several minutes as this divine love flowed through all three.

Finally, his Dad asked, “What are we going to do with all these presents?” Billy replied that he knew what to do and asked his Dad to pack them up in the car still wrapped. His Dad was so in awe that he obeyed everything Billy asked of him. Billy then had them drive him and the unwrapped presents to a house in the poorest part of town. It was a multifamily house, unlike Billy's house and they made their way up two flights of stairs - all three of them carrying boxes of gifts. Billy had no idea where he was going but to his surprise he recognized the boy who lived in that small apartment. Billy didn't know the name of his peer who happened to attend the same school as Billy but he did know that he referred to that other class (Class D) as “the stupid kids.”

The surprise and joy that over took that place and time is beyond anything anyone there had ever experienced. Tears flowed, love was exchanged and all went away filled with a spirit of hope and love. When Billy and his family got home they realized that they gave all the presents away including the ones husband and wife were to exchange. They all laughed at this for they knew their lives were never going to be the same again. Billy and his family had found truth and happiness in the Light.


Billy went on to share his wonderful gift with all that would have it. His teachers were in awe of Billy's knowledge and his new friends couldn't wait to have him come to their homes. The school, the whole neighbor changed as love and kindness to others filled all with the hope and joy for a better World.

Note from the author (anonymous):

Let us remember this time of year that we are celebrating the birth of a child – a child that was filled with the Light and who wish to share the Light with all who would have it. Not of this world, our child was ridiculed and eventually eliminated because the Truth is a dangerous thing to those who find it to radical and threatening. Fortunately, this gift is still open to us if we wish to accept it.

It's not about just accepting him as “our personal savior” but about knowing what he taught and by living it. Find that Light in you with all the love that you can muster up and ask God for help. Through fasting, prayer, meditation and, most importantly, time you will know the Truth and it WILL set you free. With love and kindness, our life depends on It.

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