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a few days ago I made my best friend the happiest woman on this world. I found her GI-Dad. He really flipped out, he cried and thanked me million times. He also searched his daughter but didn´t find her. Until me and my nose came along, he had no hope to find her after 27 years. What can I say except the fact that I was "adopted", too? I´m her biest friend, we are like siblings and she was always a part of my familiy, called my parents mom and dad - and I now got a "second mom and dad", just because of helping. They are full of love, they write all the time, they send greets and write me "love, mom" or "love, dad". I never knew such warmth from foreign people before. It´s amazing. They said "we gained not only one daughter but two ones." When I saw his pic, I knew he was the right one. The same with u. I saw you and knew from the bottom of my heart and soul you are the RIGHT one. But.. we see no love. We see no happyness. We see no reunification. And that doesn´t only break MY heart. My dad was shocked to his bones.. no question, he was really happy for my best friend - but then disillusionment hit him like a rock. pff, forget that - hit him like mountains. We know we can´t expect such a warm meeting. Everyday daddy is asking if there are some news. We don´t know what happened once and we are limited interested in. Of course we´ll ask some questions, who wouldn´t - but YOU, YOUR answer, perhaps your voice - is all we want! No matter who fights against it - Thomas is your son! NOBODY is allowed to OUTLAW him because of an 50 year (!!!) old story! Dear Grandpa..I know you´ll read this..if you can´t give answer because s.o. doesn´t want you to - please upload a new pic. I´ll understand - like the last signs.

xoxoxo your you missing grandchild

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Comment by Lisa Schwalme on August 5, 2013 at 9:36am

yes Dave, we all hope for :(

Comment by Dave Gettman on July 31, 2013 at 4:13pm

I'm so happy for your friend, Lisa. I just wish YOU could find what you are looking for.

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