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As I look back upon my life it brings me to tears, tears of joy as well as tears of sorrow. Remembering my time in the US Army, especially my time in Amberg, brings me to a bit of sadness because of all that I missed. Here I was surrounded by such a wonderful and diverse group of men I really never got to know. In my immature, selfish, drug induced state I missed a whole lifetime. Hopefully, I have learned in life that people (relationships), no matter how obtuse they can be, are the most important things in life. Kindness, thoughtfulness, as well as patience, tolerance, love and compassion are the keys to divine love and divine wisdom. It's Tom B.'s thoughtfulness that brought me to Dragoonbase and it is here that I hope to make up for something I missed, to reestablish the relationships that mean so much to me. I reach out to all of you with my heart. Bob Lavoie 12/11/10

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Comment by John G Boyd on January 19, 2011 at 7:43pm

Thank you for your "from my heart comments."

I too know that I wasted alot chasing drug highs for far too long.

but, robert, I too am grateful for the relationships that I had with those

men that I felt drawn to in Amberg.

Maybe I thought only that a few guys were "fun" or "crazy" or whatever.

But really I think that it was probably more a recognition of someone with whom

we somehow had some shared values that were more than just a few grams of hash worth.

I know that the basis for the movement was civil rights and the war. And the anti-war movement.

I am glad that I held my views on civil rights and against the war. Not because I want to think, or

feel better than anyone else, but because I believe that I gave the issue strong consideration and developed

my own sensibility and maybe sought out others of like mind. 

Oh, and by the way,

Welcome to the oldtimers part of the site. I am a member too.

You see you are much my senior.

I will be turning 29 in february, and you are in your 60's. RC johnson is too.

Dunno about Schmulling, but I think he was a little older than me too.


I was only 17 when I joined - long story.

And you guys probably waited til you were 18, old enough to be drafted

before enjoying as much as you could stand of the army.

I guess I looked up to you guys.

In your case, I still do.


Comment by Dave Gettman on December 11, 2010 at 10:52pm

Yeah Bob, I'm sure we all left some brain cells in Germany. Glad you had enough left to find your way here.


Toujours Pret, brother!

Comment by Thomas Blaszkiewicz on December 11, 2010 at 3:52pm

BOB,thank you for your very kind words.I had been looking for you for quite awhile.Glad that I connected with you and so are a few other guys.After all these years friends remember friends!Hope my luck finding you beings you much happiness.TOUJOURS  PRET !!  Always Ready!!      TOM  B.


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