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Memorial Day Memorial

On this Memorial Day, 2012 I would like to remember and share with you four of my Uncles on the Lavoie side who served their Country during the Second World War, two of which continued on to serve for over thirty years. All four are deceased. From the youngest to the oldest they are:

Sgt. Edgar Lavoie – Served as a career soldier in the US Air Force from the 1940's to the 70's. He fought in three wars. He died a few years after his retirement (discharge) of alcohol related illnesses.

Corp. Robert Lavoie – Served as a medic in the US Army in Europe during WW2. His job was picking up the pieces on the beaches of Southern France. Shorty after the War he returned home and suffered a mental and physical breakdown turning to alcohol so he could sleep. He took a straight razor to his throat in his Mother's home – on the bathroom mirror he wrote in his blood, “Not Guilty”.

Corp. Leo (Sam) Lavoie – Server during WW2 in the US Army and was discharged as a disabled veteran. He also turned to alcohol and died an untimely death in a VA hospital of alcohol related illnesses.

Col. Richard Lavoie – Served his Country in the the US Army for over thirty years from WW2 to the Vietnam War. He was a distinguished and decorated Officer who went on to serve his Country after his retirement in the Intelligence field. He died in the early 70s under suspicious circumstances while he worked for ITT as the founder and chief of security. At the time of his death, he was guarding a fellow employee who was to testify to (illegal) contributions to the Nixon administration by said corporation.

Besides these four dead Veterans I would like to recognize my other surviving Uncles who fought for their Country during WW2:

Raymond Lavoie – US Navy

Camellio Pasquino – US Air Force (will be 90 this coming Sunday)

Al Pasqino – US Army (he will be 88 this Saturday)

Robert Pasquino – US Army

Please – I think it would be appropriate this day to share and recognize those you all wish to honor.

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Comment by Michael 'Mike' Jones on May 28, 2012 at 5:06pm

LT. Johnny Mac Jones US Army K.I.A. 26 April 1972 bnr

Sgt. Tommy Lee Jones US Army , died as a result of Agent Orange exposure in 2000.

CSM Robert Earl Jones US Army ,he is 76 



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