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A few things I can still recall from my Nuremberg days.

I recall an OH-58 being dropped while being slung by a UH-1H.

I remember an AFN reporter I had talked to about reforger died at a later date. The CH-47 he was in with some french and American parachutist crashed on an autobahn during an airshow at Mannheim?

I recall being put on alert when KAL flight 007 was shot down by the Russians.

I believe one or two of those blivets were dropped while being slung too.

I'm not sure of the truck model. It was one of those triple axle tractor trailers. M-993 or M889(does that sound right?). The truck had a M-113 on a flatbed. The air brakes started to fail and the assistant driver had leaned over to help the driver. Eventually the M-113 broke loose and crushed the passenger side of the cab. The two drivers did survive.

Although I did not get to meet him. George Bush came by to visit the border patrol units.

We had one of our UH-1H's forced to take off and check the weather above the fog by Col Maddox(61st). About a minute later the Huey had hit the top of an evergreen tree and did an emergency landing up near the Czechoslovakian border.It was eventually slung out by a CH-47.

I also found in the Boston Globe about two months after I had rotated to Ft Hood. This article about one of the cobra pilots from feusht had flown into Czechoslovakia with his gunship, and was chased back to W. Germany by some migs.

Well seems I can recall the bad or tragic stuff more then the good so far.

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Comment by Douglas B. Latford "Mongo" on October 26, 2009 at 10:41pm
While flying back n forth from Graff or border trips etc. we would occasionally drop out of the sky-cork screw down and make a LOW pass over a field and drop in quick and land next to a McDonalds that was by the Autobahn, some one would run up to the drive threw window and pick up some pogie bait- run back to the Blackhawk and we'd lift off hard- up and over the A-bahn and be gone in an instant.....Untill there was a DF out that said some thing like whoever it is stop immediately or els!!!!! Oh- well fun while it lasted. UN-OFFICIALLY OF COURSE!
Comment by John M Walker on September 7, 2009 at 1:32am
Hey Carl, our time in the Regiment overlapped. I also recall the KAL 007 alert, as well as the Beirut barracks attack and the Grenada liberation (at Grafenwöhr at the time). President George H W Bush came to the border (Camp Gates) and I got the chance to sit at his table.
Many times your 'Redcatcher' AH-1s would fly overhead on a trace between sectors 18-23 where we patrolled. I always wondered why their radio voices sounded so warbled: presumably the microphone vibrations? Or did the sound like that from inside the cockpit? Just curious!


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