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We lost Stone 6 a while back...


A cold ass Reforger, probably 1983...  We slept under our tanks in sleeping bags in the field because it was so cold. But so did LTC Brinkley (Stone 6), the squadron commander.  He slept in a sleeping bag just like we did...  


07:00 day 9...  


Stone 6 stripped off his stanky uniform and stood there drinking a cup of coffee on the back deck of his command tank - in nothing but his underwear.  


He wanted a cup of coffee before he changed into a new uniform, by God.


He just stood there - about 12 degrees outside, drinking a cup of coffee.  My platoon blasted by his tank enroute to our next blocking position - leading the entire squadron.  


EVERY trooper in the squadron saw Stone 6.  Each Cav trooper.  The HQ troop.  The support folks.  And, we all knew he had slept in the snow because WE had slept in the snow - we froze our asses off, therefore so had he.


The squadron commander - standing on the back deck of his M60 A3 like it was a fine summer day.  Coffee cup in hand, not a damn care in the world.  Huge.


His replacement (LTC Richardson) slept in warm gasthouses while we slept in the snow - and was always headed back down the burg to Bayreuth from Bindlach in his corvette while we were still off-loading at the Bindlach railhead after 30 days in Graf.  


Yes, dude, we saw that every time...


Stone 6.  You were da man.  God bless ya...

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Comment by Dave Gettman on June 3, 2011 at 2:49am
Thanks for this Ty. I never met Tony, but I had several conversations with him on the computer near the end. I had a copy of his obituary but can't seem to locate it. He was awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star with V in VN.

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