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There has been a great response to this topic on the Amberg Group page. Those of you unfamiliar with the story; there is some speculation about hidden tunnels and an underground motor pool left over by the German Army after World War Two. Many Troopers have added their knowledge about the plausibility of this story or chimed in on how unlikely it could be. Currently, the former site of Pond Barracks is under reconstruction for civilian use. One trooper has reported that during this reconstruction, a hidden bunker was revealed underground. While I was stationed in Amberg, I was told the story about a underground motor pool that had been sealed off and flooded with water when Allied troops were advancing through Germany. As the story was told, it was metioned that some of the German vehicles were still in place (although flooded) beneath Pond Barracks. Other stories have tunnels that lead from the post to the outskirts of downtown Amberg. Hopefully, we can gather enough oral history accounts to put together a good reason on why these stories have survived since the early 1960's. As I examine photos of the civilian reconstruction of Pond Barracks, it seems as though only cosmetic changes are being made. Could the old kaserne's proximity to Graf and Nurnburg make it a valuable enough asset to build such underground complexes, or is it the hope that there still remains one unanswered question we left behind at the Pond?


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Comment by carl kreitzer on June 23, 2012 at 10:33pm

Mark,the doorway was in the special weapons section room in the basement.It WAS on the wall facing the parade field.Their room was always locked even when they were in there training.I've seen the door,it was padlocked.


Comment by Marty Yurkovic on June 23, 2012 at 5:22pm
I remember that story also back in 66 . Supposedly they found a sealed up doorway under How Battery in the basement facing the parade field.
Comment by Thomas A.Slavens on March 28, 2010 at 8:52pm
I was with HHT a from 78-79 heard the story but the version I got was it was booby trapped but there were vehicles and armor down there that were in perfect working order with the batteries even being charged. Who knows the truth? I was told this by some guy from EOD.
Comment by tom mullins on November 6, 2009 at 12:26am
yes i heard the same stories about bindlach.iwas stationed at the hanger [14 th aviation 1971-1973] which was supposed to go down seven stories to a tunnel to bayreuth for the luftwaffe.the stairs to the right of the building did go to i under ground building but you could not go any further down,all entrances were welded or bricked up
Comment by Anthony Amalfitano on September 5, 2009 at 6:53pm
I arrived in Germany in March of '74, and left in March of '75. When I landed in Nurenberg I heard a story of an underground arms room ful of WWII weapons that was so intricately booby trapped it could not be cleared by EOD. I didn't believe it. I believe if it was found and couldn't be cleared EOD would have blown it in place, rather then leave a bomb waiting to go off. I don't recall any tunnel stories about The Pond.
Comment by curt trood on September 5, 2009 at 5:13am
I remember hearing those same stories when I was at Pond Barracks in the mid-1970's. Supposedly they were filled with water and booby-trapped. As I heard the story, one of the tunnels ran under the EM club.
Comment by Thomas Blaszkiewicz on September 3, 2009 at 9:20pm
Today I got a reply from the Amberg tourist board.My e-mail has been forwarded to the City-Archives to find a possible answer to the under-ground tunnel system.The barracks were built by the wehrmacht. The web site for the archives is militaerarchiv@bundesarchiv.de.I will keep a posting when I get an answer.
Also,today I talked to my old CSM from 1969-1971.84 year old Charles McQuerry, he said the underground system ran under Pond Barracks to the litte airfield down Kennedy strasse in the shape of a cross.It was down that street and way behind Pond Barracks. He said an old German trooper told him that in 1969.
Comment by R Stanbery "Stan". on August 31, 2009 at 7:08pm
I just hope that if anybody goes down there, to remember that the EOD boys need to go and clean it up first!!!!! It was left booby-trapped at the end of the war, I understand.

I did find a hole in a retaining wall off a side street, back in 87 or 88, near the base of the hill, just on the going up side from Pond Barracs. It was off post, but just when you got down off the hill and started back up it towards the stadt center. It was night, we had been out drinking, and so we came up with the bright idea to go into that old tunnell and check it out.
Myself and some former K-troop buddies went into the hole in the wall with chem lights and a metal detector that we brought from the barracs. We found some old concrete stairs that led down into this masonry tunnel. There was a dusty pile of bricks at the bottom and what looked like a dusty string going into it. The metal detector buzzed, so we stepped over it and went on deeper. We didnt know what was in that pile of bricks, but we just stepped over the string and didnt mess with it. You never know?

The cielings were brick, painted white, and had some really old light fixtures in the cieling, all rusted out. There were some old bottles with wire stopper tops, and we went on until we came to a place where it was blocked off. There wasnt much in there, but it did proove that there were indeed old tunnels underneath Amberg in the vicinity of Pond Barracks. I think that most of them were just blocked off and forgot about at the end of the war.

As to the motor poole underneath Pond Barracs, I believe that it might have been there, but probably flooded and ruined. Anything in there would be nothing but rusted out junk by now. I wouldnt go into that place for a million bucks. The place might fall in at any time if disturbed. Who wants to be the last fatality of WWII?
Comment by Richard Spell on August 30, 2009 at 9:55pm
The exact same story was told at Bindlach...
Comment by Sigmund Fertig on August 27, 2009 at 1:06pm
There were also similar stories about the Merril Barracks in Nurenberg when I was there at Comm School in 1958. Hitler supposedly had tunnels running all over the city and it was supposed to go seven stories deep. Merril Barracks is right down the road from Kongresshalle where Hitler was to have the capital of the world had he suceeded. Also uo the road from Kongressehalle was the Dutzendich Lake and Soldiers Field where Hitler reviewed his troops. I have a picture of myself and 3 other guys who snuck into Kongressehalle one day after too many beers and found our way to the roof top and took pictures there.

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