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At 10:55am on May 6, 2018, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy birthday Wayne I hope you are doing well and enjoying your day. Thinking about you and your family my friend.

At 7:02pm on September 2, 2017, Dave Gettman said…


This is the link to the 2d Cav store. http://www.2dcavstore.com/

Real nice people that own it. I met them at the reunion last April.

At 2:25pm on August 25, 2017, Richard (Dick) S. Rees said…

Wayne, I have not forgotten your email of 2Aug.17, send me your phone # and I will give you a call.

At 7:38pm on May 25, 2017, Rob Gould said…

Hi Wayne

Did I answer your question about the staff sgt killed at Camp Gates? He was ground guiding a 114 into position and something happened to the SFC driving the 114.  I saw most of it. Sad thing was both these NCO were both WWll and Korea vets. Not sure of the date but it was summer 1964 or '65.

At 10:26am on February 19, 2017, Joseph Testa said…

1994 was a typo I was there from 62 to 65

At 4:36pm on July 15, 2016, Dave Gettman said…


Not sure when dad got to Austria, late 1945 I think, and he left March 1947. After the war before coming home he was transferred to the 83d Infantry Division, then the 42d  Infantry Division, and finally the 4th Constabulary Regiment, as a displaced persons officer for all three units, before coming back to the States at Ft. Lewis.

At 8:22pm on July 13, 2016, Dave Gettman said…

Wayne, on the right side of the page there is a column, and at the top of the column is your name. Under your name is a little box with 4 icons. The bottom icon is settings, looks like two little sprockets or gears. Click on that. This will bring up your profile.

Make whatever changes you want, and then click on SAVE at the bottom and you are done.

Hope this helps, my friend.

At 2:33pm on June 5, 2016, Shannon Ryan said…

Wayne, I know that there is a way to go into your computer and reset it back to a previous time, I think it is called recovery. it may get you back to where your files are that you can not find.

At 5:09pm on June 4, 2016, Melvin L. Utz said…


           Do you have or know were I can get a roster of Hq. Company personal, I served in 3rd Battalion  from 1957, thru 1960. Gyroed  from Ft Meade in 57 to Amberg. Sure would like to hook up with some of the old gang.

                                    M.L. Utz

At 8:26pm on June 2, 2016, Shannon Ryan said…

Wayne, I have kept the windows 10 version that they installed and besides things being a bit different it has been working fine for what little I use the computer for. We shall see how it works out.

At 11:27am on May 31, 2016, Jose L Perez said…

Wyne, I hope that your misses is doing OK. I went to Commo  School  in1965 or1966 at Bad Tolz run by the 10 Special  Forces .  When I joined the Army, I wanted to join the Special Forces but I was told that I could not because I was wearing glasses and could not jump. While there, I found that many guys from SF wore glasses. I asked and I was told that they had the glasses after joining the SF. It was dissapointing since  I had two years of Jr Collage so I was qualified to do so. Take care, you and your misses.( Commo chief, I Troop 1964-1967)

At 10:52am on May 6, 2016, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy birthday to you Mr. Dixon enjoy your day and stay, strong we want you healthy and celebrating many more birthdays. 

At 8:21pm on March 6, 2016, Sigmund Fertig said…

Wayne, email is as follows-- sigyisapigy@roadrunner.com thank you !

At 5:28pm on February 13, 2016, Edward N. Voke said…

Wayne -  Sorry, have no recollection of anyone going down to Bad Tolz. Had to be before or after my assignment to I Troop. I was in K as a 1LT when 1LT Jim Dierickx was the XO; CPT Ray Trouve had the Troop; CPT Ron Zeltman took over from him.  I went to I as the acting XO  because the XO had an extended TDY somewhere.  CPT  Tom Senn had the Troop and went to Squadron Staff; I was on the promotion list and took command; then shortly after, made CPT.  In I, we became shy one LT (Viet-Nam was cranking up and Squadron lost more officers than it gained - something like 13 out and 7 in.)  PSG Mateo Arredondo ran 3d Plt and I moved LT Dave Armstrong into the XO slot.   If I remember correctly, 2LT Mellen was one of the platoon leaders.

At 8:37pm on November 6, 2015, Dave Gettman said…

No problem, Wayne. I've got a photo like that haunting me also. I know it's my dad in occupied Europe after the war. The guy who has it on his website can't remember where he got it and quickly quit responding to my e-mails. He argued the guy in question was in civilian cloths, no hat, no bloused boots.

Looks like his service cap is on the kid he is holding. As a displaced persons officer, he wouldn't have had to wear bloused boots. Looks like he has a patch on his right shoulder, I'm guessing the US Forces Austria patch but can't tell from the photo. You can see that even standing on that landing he is considerably shorter than the other guy. Dad was 5'0" tall. I know the shape of my dad's bald head and that little ring of hair, his stance, his short stature, and his love for kids. It's my dad in that picture.

The last picture is definitely my dad on the left, and I think the guy on the right is the other guy in the first photo. I found this photo in his footlocker. You can see the US Forces Austria patch on the one guy.

At 4:07pm on November 6, 2015, Dave Gettman said…

I got that photo off the US Army website under US Army Border Operations in Germany 1945-1983. http://www.history.army.mil/documents/BorderOps/content.htm

Too low resolution. It gets blurry when you try to enlarge it. Heck, I thought it looked a little like you.

At 8:21pm on November 5, 2015, Dave Gettman said…

What picture did you want me to look at Wayne?

At 1:44pm on July 27, 2015, Dave Gettman said…

Thank you Wayne. Coming from you, that really means a lot!

At 11:46am on May 6, 2015, Shannon Ryan said…

Happy birthday Wayne, Have a great day Trooper  and check in more often.

At 12:25am on May 6, 2015, Dennis K. Hansen said…

Happy Birthday Wayne , have a great one my friend.. Prost.. "Toujours Pret"


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