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At 10:42am on August 4, 2017, Dave Gettman said…

Hi George. Welcome back! I've gotten way behind on things and struggling as usual to catch up. Good to hear from you again.

At 7:50pm on September 6, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Hi George,

I've been a bit out of pocket myself of late. The wife doesn't work during the summer, when school is out, so more of my earnings have to go to groceries. On top of that, the people I work for cut my hours at the same time period. Any how, school is open again, just waiting for my hours to increase again.

Our weather has been typical, FL, late summer times. Hot, muggy and often rainy. Hopefully, in October , the humidity will begin to taper off a bit. Other than that, doing well.

Hope things are looking up for you and that health and the family are all doing well.


At 10:53pm on August 16, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Happy Birthday George! I hope your day was a great one for you. Sending wishes for many more to come.

At 10:56pm on July 18, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Good evening George,

I've only been home a short while this evening, worked from 1615 to 2115. Had my shower and now relaxing on the computer.

Guess I'll talk aboot the beard first. Starting back in the mid 70's, I would grow the beard during the hunting season and shave it off, leaving the mustache, in the summer. (to please Mom and it itched in the heat down here).  Got married in '81 and the wife likes me with a beard. Long story shortened...Mom died in  '93 and I have worn the beard, year round since then.

Noo the Cav Hat:  (I'm gonna hear aboot this from Dave G) I got mine from this vendor: 

http://www.cavhooah.com/    It's their Cavhooah Pinch Front Cavarly Hat Special and costs $159.99 plus S & H. You get the hat, pre-shaped, choice of hat cord, and a set of Crossed Sabers or Armor Hat pin (if you want the crossed sabers with the 2 on them, you will have to order it separately for $5.00) I originally got the Enlisted Yellow Hat Cord and later bought one of their Civil War style cords in Dragoon Orange.

You can also go here: http://www.secondcavalry.com/cubecart/index.php   Our 2nd  Cav Association Store and look at the ones offered there.

I did find your picture in the one you sent to me. Top row, 3rd in from the left.

I feel sure that we probably rubbed elbows now and then, George. I did go to quite a few movies at the Post Theater. Spent a lot of time in the photo lab at Special Services Club too. I forgot to mention that I grew my first Mustache while at Pond Barracks.

Thanks again for sending me a copy of the Troop picture. Have saved, backed up and printed it too.

At 4:21pm on July 12, 2014, Jesse Kelley said…
At 2:45pm on July 11, 2014, Dave Gettman said…

Added your troop photo to the archives:


At 2:30pm on July 11, 2014, Dave Gettman said…

Looking at the photos of the RCSM's, I think it is the same Dornick (top left).

At 12:22pm on July 11, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Got it George...THANKS!!

I remember quite a few of the men..others not so well. A few names missing that I thought might have been on it. Perhaps they joined the troop later than I remembered.

Since we are all in the Khaki Uniforms, must have been taken in Spring/Summer of 66. Probably not long after I made PFC.

Thanks again for sending it to me.

Two rows above me, is Keith Alsip, a good friend and buddy. He passed in 2005, I think I'll send a copy to his family.


At 11:14am on July 11, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Good morning George,

My e-mail is : frank.moseley2010@gmail.com or mcbooney@yahoo.com either one is good

I really did not know that there was a Troop Picture. I do have a couple of individual pics taken of me around 67 & 68 in Class "A" Greens (studio type shots), but don't recall being given the opportunity to get a copy of a Troop Picture.

I look forward to seeing the picture. Thank you for offering to send a copy to me.


Toujours Pret

At 6:37am on July 11, 2014, Dave Gettman said…


Thanks for the roster picture. I noticed you had a master sergeant named F. Dornick in 1966. The first Regimental Command Sergeant Major in 1967 was Sam Dornick. Surely must have been related.

At 11:07pm on July 10, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Hi George,

Yes, I was with HQ Trp 3/2 ACR from late Feb. '66 to mid Aug. '68. Worked in Sqdn Maint, PLL Section and then in the S-4 Office under CWO Patterson.

Regarding the Troop Picture...didn't know there was one....but would love to have a copy of it. Do you need my E-Mail or home address?

At 7:53pm on July 10, 2014, Jeffrey C Havens said…

Welcome George, I was Atrp 1st Sqdn. mechanic 72-74  Took my track vehicle maint. at Ft Sill.,we were right next to the OCS guys. Hot down there...

At 5:46pm on July 10, 2014, Dave Gettman said…

Welcome aboard, George. Glad you could join us. Frank is over at the Oldtimers group having a sip of Scotch.

Always Ready, Sir!


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