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At 3:54pm on June 28, 2021, Maris A said…

Good Day,
How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on:( officialaishacbdd@gmail.com ) for the full details.
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At 11:20pm on January 19, 2021, Jon Moore said…


    My email is lnjmoore@charter.net.


At 2:55pm on January 18, 2021, Jon Moore said…


     I will contact him as soon as I finish this. I am fully retired now. Living in St. Charles, MO. I am a "lucky 13er". After PA school the Army sent me to Ft. Stewart to a Mech Bn. I then went to Ft. Leonard Wood and finished my career as a pediatric specialist. I worked as DA PA when I retired for 13 yrs. Finished up in private practice in 2019. Keep in touch. I fixed my email.


At 2:36pm on July 2, 2020, George H Crump (Chief) said…

At 2:29pm on July 2, 2020, George H Crump (Chief) said…

At 2:22pm on July 2, 2020, George H Crump (Chief) said…

At 2:12pm on July 2, 2020, George H Crump (Chief) said…

Hi David -  Chief here have not heard from you in a while -   just wanted to wish you a happy 4th and to share photos from the rock and Delta company. my wife who is also a German normally goes home to Marktheidenfe every year to visit her family.except for this year,.  anyway I do have a pile of photos of the Rock and of course Tanks.hard to    believe.the M-1 is now 30 years old and retired,- attached a few photos I think you would enjoy - Chief

At 4:11am on May 3, 2020, Jim Ward said…

I got your company picture to post on the portraits page, thanks for sharing it. 

At 3:24pm on April 20, 2020, John Moncure said…

Thanks for reaching out. What a blast from the past! I notice that you live in Nuedlingen--that's where I lived when I was in the Blackhorse! I read your full profile so I can see you had a full military career (I tell people I couldn't decide if I liked the army until I had been in it for 25 years. Ha!). After my Brave Rifles time (86-89) I became the PMS at Davidson College, from which I intended to retire, and even put in my paperwork to retire in '94, but one day Marty Dempsey called me and asked me to be the liaison officer to the French cavalry, which I was quite happy to do. So until I retired in '97 my job was to drink wine and ride horses with and occasional break to give a lecture to French NCOs and junior officers. When I retired we wanted to live in a small horse town in the South, so we moved to Camden, SC. I was "trailing spouse" from '04 to '08 in New Delhi and Beijing. Great stories for another day.

I have divided loyalties from my regimental days:  I learned to be a soldier in 1/2 ACR, but may have had my happiest days in G Troop. I often wear a Blackhorse pin in the lapel of my jacket (my civilian uniform as a school principal).

At 10:27am on April 6, 2020, David Boyce said…

Gotcha. Just let me know when you have your new profile. You can also reach me here too.

At 4:17pm on April 2, 2020, David Boyce said…

Crazy, we have an office in Glendale. Small world. My wife Birgit came over after I got out and we moved back to Arizona.  I really loved Germany and wish our post hadn't closed but progress moves on.  LOL, Funny thing is 2nd Cav is back in Germany now!  I see you made it on Facebook make sure you check out all the pics guys have posted. 

At 7:42am on April 2, 2020, David Boyce said…

Hey Top! Thank you for reaching out.

Doing well living in Maryland. There are a bunch of us in a group on Facebook and we communicate regularly. If you are on or go on Facebook let me know and I can connect you.

Where are you living these days?

Hope all is well.



At 8:52am on April 1, 2020, Harry Warner said…

David, we are equally honored  to welcome you into our  group.  We used to have to crowd around the potbellied stove to take the chill off but time has thinned our ranks.  So belly up to the bar of the Dragoon Saloon.  First drink is on the house.  

At 6:31pm on March 31, 2020, George H Crump (Chief) said…

1SG Gray - even though we did not serve together are pads seem to run together in D CO 1sq.history. First off do you have any pictures you would like to share? Especially pictures of Darlene - Maria the M-24 tank that was rebuilt by myself and the great D Co Maint crew. Please look at my site I think over 100 pictures are posted. From 1972-78 and again on my visit to the rock in 2008. I Arrived in 1972 as a E-6.unfortunately.serving in the Army at that time was not all that great, dealing with the drug problems and racial tension. That's another story. Served as platoon Sgt. made E7 acting first Sgt., then motor sergeant, went on to win the best shop in the VII Corps, not too happy leaving Delta, to take over Sq. Maint.but the Col. thought it was a good idea. And it did helped when I applied for warrant, before I left in 1978 I help process the Sheridan's for the M-60A3. And sat down with planners to build new maintenance complex on the Rock. Okay enough for now, one last thing I also was married to a German lady unfortunately she passed away about 10 years ago.I met another one in 2008 when I was there for the 2nd reunion. Normally she would be home now visiting her daughter and grand kids. Take care and remember to keep your head down and your powder dry. Dragoon for life - Chief

At 7:26pm on March 29, 2020, Andy Josephson said…

I was SFC Gravens TC, until we got the M3's. In Basic he was one of my troop's Drill Sergeant's.  So was Top Cablay & SSG Caminos was my plt Drill Sergeant.  I was his plt. guide & a TC Holdover.  So I was very familiar with all of them.  It was very funny at C Trp. when they kept showing up, shadowing me!  I think we have met. Maybe down in the SOC.   I liked it better when scout's & tanker's stood together in formation.  It was like a divorce no one wanted when we went to J series.

At 2:29pm on March 28, 2020, Jim Ward said…

Hello and welcome to Dragoon Base! We have a troop portrait page here you will enjoy. 


Scroll down and you will find one from 1990 and on the next page is one from 1992.
I was in DCo 85-86. Enjoy finding your fellow troopers!

At 9:55am on March 27, 2020, Steven T. Little said…

Nice to have some fresh info on other 1/2 ACR folks.  SFC Olson and I always got on pretty good.  Thanks for the update.  Do you remember 1SG Dunn from Howitzer Battery?  I see him and his wife every week at church.  We always say hi and give each other a 1/2 ACR "knowing nod".  We used to live in the same neighborhood after leaving Bindlach.

I remember KKMC and losing the M1 engine.  It was SGT Petocia's (sp) tank.  The "V" packs imploded from being clogged up.  That was tough convincing the "ever vigilant" SGT that he hadn't performed proper PMCS.  

Want to return the compliment by saying that, it was always my honor and still is to this day to have served under your leadership, 1SG Gray.

I told D Co. that you are a Dragoon Base member.  If you can, visit us on the Delta Co. 1/2 ACR Facebook page.

Are you and your wife hunkered down and in good shape with this COVID-19 pandemic? 

At 4:05pm on March 26, 2020, Steven T. Little said…

1SG Gray!  Got your message and I must say I'm thrilled to hear from you!  Me and my family are doing just fine.  I read your bio and it sounds like you and your's have done just fine as well.  Good to hear you stayed in Deutschland.  If you want to find us "Delta Dawgs" and you have Facebook, go to: Delta Co. 1/2 ACR.  In the meantime, I'll put the word out that you are alive and well.  Again, very good to hear from you David!




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