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At 3:40pm on February 9, 2017, Tom C Morse said…


is it possible to share that M1 photo you got of me and Buldoc. It would be nice to have a full size for my collection.

At 10:12am on July 31, 2013, Floyd M. Dyer said…


I was in the ROC-83 to 86, I am sure I ran into you at one of the border camps.  I believe Bob Wottlin was the Border Inspector when I was there. He took over for Cpt Kruger or SFC Jesse Legette, Then Cpt Ponder was there when I left in may of 86. I am currently living in Georgetown Texas, retired from the 2nd ACR C troop, Ft Polk in 2000

At 12:35am on June 20, 2013, Bill Hembree said…

Did look into it. He was killed in Mound City KS, South of Kansas City in 2008. Had two sons, all were involved with the Scouts. Oldest son shot him through a door inside their farm house. He retired in 1996 as a Major. Buried in Houston TX.

Its a shame a Cav. Trooper died this way

At 10:22pm on June 19, 2013, Bill Hembree said…

What year did that happen , and was he a Civilian at that point?

At 8:09pm on May 21, 2013, Gary L Parkinson said…

dave do you remember me I was in 1st plt as a tc as a E6  then took 2nd plt as a E7

At 10:19pm on March 28, 2012, Michael Milton King said…

Hey Dave

I can't believe I found you. I saw that picture of you and me and it brought back alot of memories.

At 4:03pm on December 15, 2010, Dave Gettman said…

Ryan Meyer, the curator of the museum, was looking over the photos here on Dragoon Base when he spotted that one. E-mailed me to see if I could contact the owner, etc.


The museum is a long way from being open. They are renovating an old German military horse stable for the museum, and it needs a LOT of work. They were hoping to have it done by the time the Regiment returns from Afghanistan. I'm going over this summer when they have all their ceremonies if everything works out.

At 1:47pm on December 15, 2010, Dave Gettman said…

Hey Dave,

Is there any chance of getting a high resolution scan of your CSSR Patrol photo sent to me, and any story/info you would like to add? The 2d Cavalry Museum they are building at Rose Barracks in Vilseck wants to use that photo in their Cold War section.


Tacoma Dave

At 5:15am on March 16, 2010, John Lazaro said…
Yep, a cold one (or two--as in Border Camp limit) sounds good. Give me a call when you get in town DSN 430-7683 or COM 0711-680-7683. Looking forward to it.
At 9:10am on March 9, 2010, John Lazaro said…
Dave, Greetings from Germany (again--hell, I've now got a #8 on my overseas service ribbon (24 years/w/22 in Germany). Still Soldiering on with Special Operations Command Europe in Stuttgart (second time). Yeah, going for 30--why not? Was searching the web for some old pictures of Camp Hof and stumbled upon the Dragoonbase site. So, as would be the transmittion from the reaction force to the BOC during CEOI call-sign/freqency turnover, "request to enter the net, over." Take care and LMK when you're back in Deutschland so we can link up for a beir. John
At 7:45pm on October 15, 2009, Bill Randolph said…
where'd you find the article on Lt Wottlin, sad to hear the news
At 9:43pm on April 22, 2009, DuBois Porchia said…
Hi Dave, no I was not aware! Thanks for the info.
At 12:40am on February 7, 2009, Jesse Kelley said…
Hey David,
Can you spin the picture with the Border Plaque, and add it to the main picture group, if you already havent.
At 10:57am on January 5, 2009, Jeff Boushell said…
WOW!!!! Now there are some names from the past. I remember most and actually have seen a couple of the folks since leaving the Army in 1989. I left the Regiment in December 1986 and went on to assignments with the Central Intelligence Agency at the National Photographic Interpretation Center better known as building 213. Left there and took command of a SIGINT company and later became the oprations officer for the parent battalion (201st MI Bn SIGINIT). Was selected for Major in 1989 but turned it down and left the Army and went to work here in the area supporting clandestine technical collection operations within the Intelligence Community. It was hard to turn down the promotion but it has been a good decision overall; still miss the military and more importantly the people who I had met over the years while serving.

I have kept contact with Colonels Molino and Skidmore and have actually worked on some business initiatives with them both. Have also worked with General Tilleli on a technology development program we have ongoing here now and have also kept in touch with General Wallace (Major Wallace in the 2nd Squadron Days).

It is amazing to think of the quality of individuals who served in the Regiment from the soldier all the way up through the chain of command. Great folks.

Hope you had a great holiday and also have a great New Year!


Jeff Boushell
At 10:33am on December 30, 2008, Jeff Boushell said…
Sgt. Zawicki,

I was looking through the site and found your name. Not sure you remember me but I was the Squadron S-2 and later the Regimental Border Officer for the Regiment. I have fond memories of Camp Hof and Bamberg but more importantly those I served with during my time in the 2 ACR. Hard to believe over 20 years have gone by. Have you kept in contact with others from the Squadron? Hope this note finds you well and enjoying the holidays.


CPT. Jeff Boushell
Now a civilian working as a Government contractor supporting the Intelligence Community in Washington D.C.
At 5:30pm on December 29, 2008, Brian K. Haddle said…
Hey, have you told Gen MacDonald about this web site? I'd love to see him on here.
At 11:24am on December 2, 2008, Tom C Morse said…
Hey David,
5 yrs is long. I remember Dany Carr couldn't wait to get out and he was there for three yrs. (plus his time at Fort Levanworth for some altercation).
At 5:38pm on November 29, 2008, Brian K. Haddle said…
That is probably him. He was the S3 during Desert Storm. But I think that he was the Quickstrike commander prior to that. He was married to another aviator named Anne. I believe they were still together when I ran into him in Korea back in 2004. They were a good couple. I hope that he is still doing well and is still the fine officer that I remember him to be.
At 1:30pm on November 28, 2008, Tom C Morse said…
David, your name sounds so familiar. What platoon were you in? I think we were in the same platoon (3rd) later in my time in Germany. If so, what track did you care for? Also, did you go to Spain with some of us within the 3rd platoon?
At 3:33pm on November 26, 2008, Jesse Kelley said…
Toujours Pret David,
Welcome to the new DragoonBase, the site has plenty of newer features, lots of sub-groups,(ie,F Trp,Amberg,CampHof,etc.) and links for History. Robb Russell has posted some tips for navigating the site(ie,photos,ect) in the Forum. And his only wish that ‘We keep it clean’, and you tell all your friends about the new DragoonBase.

Thanks Again for joining,
Jesse Kelley

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