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At 11:59am on May 21, 2020, Harry Warner said…

Happy birthday!  I hope the years are being kind.  

At 11:29am on October 13, 2019, Dave Gettman said…


Saw your message to Wayne Dixon. Sadly he passed away in December 2018.

At 2:16pm on June 9, 2017, Wayne Dixon said…

ROB, I was just re-reading your last comment to me, it had to be in 63, I departed for home in may or June 64. I was there when it happened.  Sure wish I could recall.  Old age in effect..

At 4:26pm on May 26, 2017, Wayne Dixon said…

ROB, the one killed was SFC, I had served with him before, but to this day, I can not remember his name.  I went on a bender down in Mark-T after it had happened and was picked up by the local, police. one of our officer came and got me. I inventoried his goods for to be shipped home.   He had a brother also in Germany, which escorted his body home.  To this day I can not recall his name.  I am trying to get the obituary from stripes, no luck yet.

At 10:00am on July 30, 2016, Wolfgang Follman said…

great pictures Rob. Remember those times well.Wolf

At 8:43am on May 20, 2016, Harry Warner said…
Happy Birthday, Rob. Hope all is well with you. Stop in and say hello.
At 2:41pm on October 11, 2015, Wayne Dixon said…

Rob, need to pick  your brain, back a few years in I Troop, do you recall the sgt that was killed at camp Gates, that was caught in between track vehicle he was lining up for alert vehicles at main gate? I have not caught anyone who remembers who it was.  it probably happened before you arrived in the troop.  Just checking.  Take care.

At 11:09pm on September 18, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Hey Rob, I am back!

From the NWC Webpage at www.newworldceltsinc.org is this:

Forming a New Chapter

New World Celts, Inc. conducts business locally through the granting of Chapter charters to groups of 10 or more individuals.  Additional information about our existing Chapters can be found on our Chapters page.  Or if you'd like to inquire about starting a New World Celts Chapter in your area, please email us at admin@newworldceltsinc.org

The New World Celts currently has Chapters in Florida, North Carolina and Japan.

You can contact the NWC Executive Committee on-line through this web-site using the form on our Contact page, or by post to:  New World Celts, PO Box 0362, Dunedin, Florida, USA 34697.

Hope that this will be of help to you.

At 10:57pm on September 18, 2014, Frank L Moseley said…

Hi Rob,

I will have to get the info for you on starting a NWC Chapter and get back to you.

I do know that 10 members are needed and a meeting place. That can be a home, Pub (Irish or Scottish), a restaurant, a meeting room. Most chapters are in a Pub, so food and adult beverages can be enjoyed with the meeting. There are 4 elected Officers and one appointed. President, Vice Pres., Secretary, Treasurer are elected. Sergeant At Arms is appointed.

Will get back to you soon with the info.


At 3:39pm on July 2, 2013, Ivan Stýblo said…

Hello Rob,

thank you for adding me as a friend. As far as the incident at border crossing Waidhaus (it´s Rozvadov on the Czech side) 1965 concerns, I have never heard about it. I did serve on the western border of Czechoslovakia, but I joined the army in 1968. I tried to google up some details, but with no result. However, you may try Google or another searching device as well, if you feel like that. I am also interested in these issues so I´ll try again when I have some spare time.

Best regards Ivan

At 4:44pm on July 1, 2013, Wayne Dixon said…


If you should re-read my post on your profile about the troop, I took a platoon down to BAD-TOLZ, to train with the 10th Special Forces.  I can not find any one who remember the date.  I have photos of our group on my profile that I had taken while we were down there.  If you would look at them and see if you recognize any of  the group which went down. would appreciate it.

On your comment about the black Mercedes, that taxi driver would have been Fritz, I used to use him all the  time, he had a gasthaus in  Amberg on the road to Weiden and a another sgt and I would spent time there.

At 5:21pm on April 30, 2013, Wayne Dixon said…


Greetings, say I need for you to go on my profile in the photos from trip to Bad Tolz with the 10th Special Forces, would you see if there is any of the troop that you might reconize.  If you could enlarge the photos  and see if you might know any of them.  Would appreciate it very much.

At 5:55pm on March 6, 2013, Wayne Dixon said…

Received your request, welcome aboard, there is some still around,glad to have you here.

At 5:51pm on March 6, 2013, Wayne Dixon said…

I don't recall who was CO when I departed, but Moon Mullins was the Platoon Sgt.  You must have some old photos, sure would lov e to see them.  Look in my profile and see some of the photos I have there.  I'll Check with Col. Voke he was Co for awhile then he went to Sqd Hq as the Border Operations officer.  He is on the net.

At 3:20pm on March 6, 2013, Wayne Dixon said…


I was in I Troop when you arrived there, I departed in June 64 for the states.  I served two tour in the same troop.  I have been trying to remember you, the old memory is not like it use to be, that was 59 yerars ago, I was back in Germany in 67, 3rd Inf Div Photo chief and then With Stars and Stripes till I retire 1 Jan 1969.  I'll try to find some old photo of some you might remember.  Who was the CO and Plt Sgt when you arrived in the Troop.

At 8:28pm on March 4, 2013, Harry Warner said…
I was in Camp Gates when JFK was killed. I'm sure our paths crossed at some point. We have a Sgt. Dixon here. He was in I Troop during your time. It's surprising how many of us old fossils are still around. Take your time and look around for a familiar name. If you have any pictures, please post them. If you need help, just ask. Someone will be able to help you.
Toujours Pret
At 7:23pm on March 4, 2013, Harry Warner said…
We must have just missed each other. I left Amberg in August 1964. If you made it to Gates while I was there, I probably sold you something from the PX. Welcome to our friendly group. BS is usually the order of the day.
At 11:09am on May 21, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…

Wishing you many more, from all of us at DragoonBase!!!
At 9:55am on May 4, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…
Rob if you are having problems let me know. Or if you are just updating and re-joining each time you make a change(that won't do). There is a 'Settings' tab under your name on the right side of your page.
Thanks for joining.
At 9:49am on May 4, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…

Colonels of the Regiment

9th Colonel of the Regiment David R. Clendenin 29 Oct 1888 – 2 Apr 1891



This was the third design of the 2d Cavalry DUI, worn from 1924-1931. The sharp points on the ends of the bottom scroll again called for a redesign.


Machine Gun Troop, 2d Cavalry; Adjutant General.

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