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At 11:58am on September 23, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…
Wishing you many more, from all of us at DragoonBase!!!
At 3:12pm on September 29, 2010, Chris Krausse said…
Don, That would be too cool. My son is stationed in L.A. Haven't seen him or my grandaughter in over a year. Money is a little tight right now, but I start anew job in Oct. When we were in Germany, Everyone always wanted to come to
Cali. I guess i'm starting to sound like that. I'm sure that Shannon would make
the trip down. I'll let you know when I can.
At 10:28pm on September 23, 2010, Chris Krausse said…
Don you old fart! Happy Birthday. Hope all is well with you in So. Cal ! I hope to make it out there b-4
too long.
At 10:24pm on September 23, 2010, Shannon Ryan said…
Happy birthday Don. I hope work is picking up for you and that you are doing well, Take care Shannon..
At 11:46am on September 23, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…
Wishing you many more, from all of us at DragoonBase!!!
At 7:56am on April 8, 2010, Chris Krausse said…
Thanks Don, Stranger things have happened,but I can't remember when.
At 11:50pm on March 31, 2010, Doug Richards said…
Hi Don all this does bring back a lot of memories I remember you and Mathis wonder what ever happened to Perkins anyone heard from him I remember about half in the photo cant remember everyone Hope everything goes well for you
At 5:19pm on March 27, 2010, tommy covar said…
did I?.what did I do?
At 4:55pm on March 27, 2010, tommy covar said…
hey Berger do you remember me Tommy Covar?....SGT covar then?
At 12:47am on March 23, 2010, Heenan,Thomas J. said…
Thanks for getting back with me, good to hear from you. Yeap, when I arrived Amberg I was assigned to I Troop and within a month or so we went to the border at Camp May. When we returned they sent me to M Company. They said it was because I knew the M-60's and that was right about the time they were trying to decide if MCO was going to CAT. So When I showed up at MCO, MCO was packing up to go to Camp Rotz. When I got to MCO they put me in the 2nd platoon and put me on M66 as Capt.Rowells gunner w/Holmes as my driver and Struass as my loader.. I'm pretty sure Sgt. Sierra was my platoon sgt, and then out of nowhere they put M66 & M65 in HQ platoon and Sgt. Willaims was are platoon sgt.or it might have the other way around, it's been a long time.
Hey, I never thought I would forget his name but can you remember the name of the new guy that comitted suicide at Camp Rotz while he was on gaurd duty. I often think of him.
At 2:31am on February 24, 2010, Steve Wesnoski said…
Yep i remember you. How are you doing? Where are you at?
At 10:01pm on February 19, 2010, Shannon Ryan said…
Hey Don glad to hear back from you I am up here between Sacramento and Lake tahoe in a little town called El Dorado I have been running backhoes and bobcats in the concrete cutting industry pretty much since I got home but this last year has been a bad one not much work. I see you are a electrician I have a few electrical outfits that I dig for When they are doing underground work. But the economy is pretty bad off right now it does not seem to like this hope and change we are going thru.My cell phone# is on my profile page give me a call sometime and we can catch up. Ryan...........
At 8:31pm on February 19, 2010, Sigmund Fertig said…
Hey Don, Welcome to Dragoon Base the home of the Cav Trooper. Although I was in the Cav a few years before you, 58/60 in Bamberg,Nurenberg. We are both in CA. I'm up the road from you in Hemet. If your'e ever up this way look me up.
At 3:23am on February 19, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…
Toujours Pret Donald,

Welcome home Troop.
The DragoonBase here at Ning.com, has
plenty of updated features
(similar to MySpace), lots of sub-groups,
(Officers Club,F-Trp,Amberg,Medics,etc),
and links for “2nd Cavalry Assn.”
News and History Centers.

Robb Russell has posted some tips for
navigating the site(ie,photos,links,ect)
in the Forum.

Please feel free to stop by and read the
latest “Tacoma Dave's ‘Triva Quiz’”,
you can learn some 2nd Cav history,
and you could even, win a kool prize.

If you need any help, you may contact
Robb Russell, or any of the 5 admins listed
at the top of the page, or just yell out,
another member may be able to help you.

And our only wish is to,
‘Keep it clean’.
Use your real name and picture,
(pix from back in the day,work best
for searching for Brothers),
but any picture will do.

And that you please tell all your friends
about, where to find the DragoonBase.

Thanks again for joining Dragoon Base,
and for your Service and Dedication,
to Our Great Country.

Jesse Kelley
F Troop 2/2ACR
At 8:31pm on February 18, 2010, Shannon Ryan said…
Hey Donald Glad to see you made it Lt. anderson just joined upalso I have already talked to Chris He is in Florida now. I am in El Dorado up by Placerville its been awhile add me to your friends list and we will catch up......

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