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At 3:54pm on April 24, 2020, David M. Gray said…

Thanks for replying and really great to hear from you. It sounds like you also had a full and rewarding military career. My assignment to G Trp set the foundation for my military career and life in general. In the post Vietnam war military there certainly were plenty of problems. Luckily we had extra duty and the honor of serving on the Iron Curtain. That  kept us in better shape than some of the other units in the mid-late 1970s. I think CPT Lind turned G Trp over to you in pretty good shape and you definately improved on it from there. I came to BK while stationed at the Rock to spend time with Sonja's family in Nuedlingen one Christmas. We pulled through the front gate and guess who was pulling front gate duty...LTC Lind the SCO at the time. I followed "Spinner" to Fort Hood after leaving BK in 1981. He was a trip but also a very caring NCO. I managed to get in his company there for a while. He was promoted to SGM and moved to BDE HQs which he hated. I'm still in touch with CSM (RET) Conrad Cablay, and 1SG (RET) Dana Neal. Conrad and I followed each other around alot after leaving G Trp. We served together on the Rock and in Schweinfurt. I was his 2nd PSG in C Trp and we both were 1SGs through Operations Desert Shield/Storm. He just retired from his Civil Service Job and moved to Mississippi. Dana Neal is also retired and living in the Orlando area. Sorry for babbling on so long....I still miss serving...sometimes.  Hope you have a great weekend. Stay safe and in turret defilade.         

At 5:25am on April 19, 2020, David M. Gray said…

Howdy "CPT" Moncure You are looking good here and just as I remember you in these photos when you were stationed in Bad Kissingen. I didn't realise you served in 1/2 ACR before you came to us there. I served with G Trp 2/11 ACR in a few positions from Jan 1976- Dec 1981. I see that you are a proud lucky 16 member. Unfortunately I missed out on the 3 ACR assignment. I also served in 1/2 ACR as a PSG in C Trp and 1SG of D Co. I was stationed at the Rock together with SSG Cablay also from G Trp 2nd Platoon. He was my Scout Section Sergeant upon arrival to G Trp in Jan 76.  "SGT" David Gray TC of G-22 (Sheridan), Recovery Section Sergeant, eventually filled in as the Motor Sergeant through a tank turn in. Excellent troop and alot of great experiences...I really enjoyed serving together with you. Would love hear where you continued to serve and how you are doing now.    

At 6:33pm on July 6, 2014, Charles J. Awot said…

LT. Moncure,

   I do not know if you remember me. I was a buck SGT. in the second platoon, Lt. Leney was my platoon leader. SFC Rooker was my platoon sergeant.  I was there from 1972 to 1975, and then went to Ft Bliss and was in the 3rd ACR from 1975 to 1979. 

 MOS 11D. 

Chuck Awot

At 7:34pm on March 12, 2012, Lon Myhre said…


I last talked with you on the phone in about 1990.  Saw your picture as you were getting off a C130 when you were with the 3rd Cav ar Ft Hood.  You were detailed to HHT Commo in '73 or '74 for something for awhile and am not sure what.  I was the SGT assistant Commo Cheif and RTT operator.  You had me over for a meal that you and your wife made.  That left an impression as all I ever had before was mess hall and C rats.  Hope all is well!

Lon Myhre  Retired

At 12:58pm on September 5, 2011, Jesse Kelley said…
Wishing you many more, from all of us at DragoonBase!!!
At 9:55pm on April 4, 2011, Speed Thomas said…
A-16, this is A-6, Over.............
Speed Thomas
At 3:39pm on September 5, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…
At 5:49pm on February 25, 2010, Jeffrey C Havens said…
Hey John ,Sorry to bring up bad memories.Those things tend to stick in your head.Overall I have nothing but great memories of my time at the "Rock".I definatley remember when Cpt Thomas took over and turned us all into supermen with his PT .Got to admit I was in great shape back then. I work now as a carpenter and handyman with my partner. Just trying to keep busy.Help with the local VFW and the Masons Jeff
At 10:48am on February 25, 2010, John Moncure said…
Dear Jeff,
Thanks for contacting me. I appreciate your reminder of the star cluster incident--I'm also glad that nobody was injured, especially as I was in the room at the time! Great days, though, weren't they? So what are you up to these days?
At 4:13pm on February 24, 2010, Jeffrey C Havens said…
Hi John ,You probably don't remember me but I was one of your best mechanics.I remember the test you made all us mechs take out at camp gates.I was there when the star cluster got throne into the off. barracks. gladd no one got hurt then! Glad to here you made Capt. I presume Speed Thomas is our old co Capt Thomas.Enjoy hearing about those I knew then Liked your pics Jeff
At 11:12am on February 8, 2010, Bill Barry said…
Randy was my 2d Platoon leader during most of my tour as troop commander there. He took over as troop XO shortly before I went off to Regiment. He was a kind and decent man.

Hope to see you at Fort Knox. Remind anyone else you bump into; this could be a fun time seeing people we haven't seen or talked with in over 30 years!
At 7:22pm on February 5, 2010, Bill Barry said…
Are you planing to attend the Regimental Reunion in May at Fort Knox? Jan Harpole and Bob Godwin are as a minimum for that era. Probably others too. Hope to see you there!

Bill Barry
At 9:35am on January 11, 2010, Jesse Kelley said…

Toujours Pret John,
Welcome Sir, to the DragoonBase, the new Base
has plenty of updated features
(similar to MySpace), lots of sub-groups,
(ie,Officers Club,F-Trp,Amberg,Medics,etc.)
and links for 2nd Cavalry Assn. News
and History Centers.

Robb Russell has posted some tips for
navigating the site(ie,photos,links,ect)
in the Forum.

Make sure to stop by and read the latest
“Tacoma Dave's ‘Triva Quiz’”,you can learn
some 2nd Cav history, and you could
even, win a kool prize.

If you need any help, you may contact
Robb Russell, or any of the 5 admins listed
at the top of the page, or just yell out,
another member may be able to help you.

And our only wish is to, ‘Keep it clean’, use our
Real names/with Pictures, (pix from back in the
day,work best for searching for Brothers,
but any picture will do).

And that you please tell all your friends, about
where to find the DragoonBase.

Thanks again for joining Dragoon Base,
and for your Service to Our Great Country.

Jesse Kelley
F Troop 2/2ACR




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