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Did some training out there, but pulled many hours of gate guard there when I was in the Unit Police in '88. I know it was outside Amberg near the German's Schweppermann Kaserne. It is still there--I looked when I visited in '06. I remember being told it was an old Hawk Missle site. Does anyone have any memories of this place?

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I have been trying to find that site on google maps, but haven't been successful. Can you tell me how to find it? I would greatly appreciate your help.

I also remember pulling guard duty during the winter and glad that we had a portable heater to keep us warm. Wasn't bad in the summer time.

I remember the rabbits and the jets buzzing the site all the time. One unlucky rabbit was caught by one of the crewman who set a loop snare between the posts of the gate. Really amazing that he could catch anything with it, but he did.

Damn tootin. before your day and as soon as I dig up the decent photois I most certinly will share.
You are darn right there was a Hawk Battery covering Pond Barracks! Tensions were high in 68 when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia. Every summer the damned NG's ( Army and Air Force ) came to Germany for Reforger Training. You guys remember how close we were to the wire, and the Russians had the air space over Pond Barracks well covered. One morning, we were all startled by a C 130 Hercules orbiting the Kaserne. RESTRICTED AIR SPACE! NO TRAFFIC ALLOWED.! Our CO, LTC. Robert Osborn, ran out onto the parade ground with us and ordered Commo. to contact the pilot and tell him " If he isn't heading West in 3 minutes, I will have him SHOT DOWN. ' ! This story is true! How a complete Battalion ( Reserves, of course ) got LOST in Nord Bayern for 3 weeks is another story! If the BGS hadn't found them who knows what damage they would have done.

I had just arrived in Amberg in August of 1968 when Russia invaded Czechoslovakia and remember we were on alert for quite some time. I was in the Hawk Missile Unit and I remember the Russian jets flying into Germany and then flying back in a short time.

I do seem to recall the C 130 Hercules orbiting the Kaserne and it wasn't very long and it was flying of never to be seen again.

Do you remember when a full load of ammo exploded in a tank causing a huge explosion that shattered windows all throughout Pond Barracks? I remember looking out of our barracks and seeing a huge smoke ring rising into the air. Later we learned of the explosion was caused by an electrical short and luckily no one was hurt or killed.

Just another day at Pond Barracks.

ya in the old days there was a hawk battery out in the LTA, dont remember much it was always camouflaged.
HHT Medics did alot of training at the LTA. We even walked to it a time or two under SSG Haiby!!! I think we drove our HMMWV there the 1st day we got...... that was late '87 and all of 1988 ......
I was stationed there from 77-83 spent alot of time on the tac site I remember all the alerts and the reforgers (fall and winter) i think it was the best time of my life. Good food, Good Beer and Great Women what more could a man ask for. I remember the 24 hr shifts on site. I was the FC section chief and the NBC nco of D Btry 2/57th
I was in the 2/57 from 81 to 83. I used to drink with the NBC nco back then. I cant remember his name now, He was an E-5 back then. I was in the Motorpool.
Yea I remember where the motor pool was. Do you remember anyone from d btry. Like Doug Barthel he was one of the MPs or capt sullivan or Lt slaugher, Lt. post . Its hard to remember the names seen so many come and go through there Remember the old 6 lane bowling alley spent alot of time there
Arthur....I remember Capt Sullivan.We never did much PT when he was there,Nice Guy.The names ring a bell but its been so many years. I can still remember faces but not to many names. We were there at the same time so I probably knew you. DBtry was quite smalI.I worked with the MPs when they were short people. I got stuck working the tac site gate for a couple of months.I remember an MP named Mcguffin,can't remember any other MP names.Spent alot of time up on that hill. The chow on the tac site seemed better than the messhall chow. I dont remember going to the bowling alley much,Went the the Em club more. I remember drinking White Russians with the mail room Sgt., Remember him, Bald guy With Glasses? I have some pics,If you want to see them let me know.
yea would love to see them I have over a 1000 i took while i was there but they are all slides so no way to put them up on here I know who your talking about in the mail room but can't remember his name remember sgt Shepard. Well you if you were there when doug barthel was there you would remember he was like the class clown but one hell of a nice guy Another of the MPs i remember is Sevier He was a real big guy probably 6'5 Lt. Slaughter was a tall Red Head but a nice guy he ended up going to Bn Hq to work. Remember Linda I don't remember her last name but she was a black girl real busty her room was right behind the cq desk she was a real caracter too. I remember so many faces but I can't remember there names. If i remember right there was a Sgt wright in motor pool. I was a SSgt when I left there in 83 i was in charge of the fire control section on site.
It was called the Freiholser Local Training Area. Did lots of training there. We used to conduct Tank Crew Proficiency Course training (dry fire tank crew gunnery training) out there. Right after we picked up our M-60A1 RISE Passive tanks we were doing a lot of training to get a bunch of Sheridan tankers up to speed on the new tanks. With the new tanks, we got issued "dummy" 105 rounds for the loaders to practice loading. Since we didn't have a whole lot of targets, we put APC's and such out to simulate targets. At one point on the course, you could see one of the three missle Hawk launchers. We decided that would be an anti-tank missle target for the course. Most times the firing pins were not in the breech of the gun during dry fire training, but on this occassion, the firing pin was in the tank and the "dummy round" was not really a "dummy." It did not have a full charge but it did have a live primer and enough propellant to get the projectile out of the tube. A real 'Oh shit' kind of moment. Nobody was hurt, but there was a lot of screaming and yelling. Everything ceased and all the "dummy" rounds had to be inspected to make sure that they were not live.





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